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Julie Ann Horvath was the first female developer at GitHub, a hosting service for software development projects, and she recently quit over allegations of being harassed at work. At the Daily Dot, Aja Romano writes about “How to Suppress Women’s Coding“:

Make sure that demeaning women is built into the foundations of the educational system that prepares them for STEM fields. Make sure you let women as a group know how little you value them when you hire men to build more products that men like. Make sure to pepper your speech, at the most fundamental level, with sexist (and racist, queerphobic) slurs.

Build products that remind women that they’re objects for your consumption, then proudly display them at tech conventions. Make it clear that whatever women are doing around programming, it can’t possibly be worthwhile or comparable to the truly important work of their male counterparts.

If she manages to get hired despite your best efforts, make sure that you pay her less than half of what men make—49 cents to every dollar men earn. Revise your opinion of her upon discovering that she’s a woman. Openlybelittle and reject her professional credentials. Turn professional conversations with her into opportunities to ask her for sex. If she says no?Ban her from your tech conference.

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