Here Is Your Open Thread

Speaking of cartoonists at The New Yorker: Have you read Roz Chast’s cartoon about caring for her parents at the end of their lives? It is lovely, and you can read it here. (The Getty photo above is Chast with Sally Field at an event.)


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birdofparadise (#6,109)

I got a call for a job interview today and the guy wanted to know how old I am and if I was married. When I told him that those weren’t legal questions, he pretty quickly got off the phone with a “Okthanksforyourtimebye.” Feeling like I dodged a bullet….

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@birdofparadise Ew. Good for you for speaking up.

That cartoon is like a punch in the stomach. I’ll be sobbing quietly in the bathroom if you need me.

AitchBee (#3,001)

@TrotskyHoldsMyiPod Yeah, that was rough…

Aunt Scar (#5,377)

So, what’s going on with Logan? I miss her pieces!

madrassoup (#929)

@Aunt Scar: Me too. I am starting to worry that the post about no longer doing “1 Thing” was a sad, sad hint. Don’t leave us, Logan!

Susan Tidebeck (#5,691)

This picture reminds me of the FLYING NUN VHS VIDEOTAPE that I found (among many other things) when I cleaned up my own parents house for sale in 2010. It has been an amazing journey and I will miss them forever.

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