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The Evolution of Understanding How to Get a Job

Kids don’t think about jobs, what is a job.

If you wanted a job, you just got it. Like say if you wanted to be a doctor, you just grew up and then you were one. Manifest destiny.

Job fairs. You have to print your resume on nice paper with a watermark. Wear sensible shoes and black pants. Smile. Firm handshake.

Monster dot com.

Craigslist. No attachments!! Personalize your cover letter, show your enthusiasm. And refresh all the time because you have to be in like, the first ten to apply or forget about it.

You stalk people on the internet and then ask them for informational interviews and then you meet them for coffee and they’re so impressed with you they give you a job.

Okay forget Craigslist. It’s all about specialized job boards. They hide the jobs so only the best people can find them. Look harder!!

Make your resume POP! Use those InDesign Skills. Add visual elements. Make your personality shine through. Vamp up your cover letter. Shine on. Consider a sexier font.

Make your cover letter really boring. Use only language in the job ad. Undesign your resume. It’s a numbers game. Apply to everything.


Who do you know that can give you a job. Who. Think harder.


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EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

#10, always

alarwyn (#5,973)

This is SO TRUE. Though I would switch 6 with 9 (then it would describe my life/progression perfectly, as I’m struggling somewhere between 6 and 10).

garli (#4,150)

10 is what gets me the best jobs in my life.

HelloTheFuture (#5,275)

True fact: I have gotten the majority of my jobs through temp agencies. Because all of the other ways are SO DANG HARD, but with a temp agency I can ace all the tests and then they do the “finding jobs” part for me. If you’re good at your work and fit in well, the real job offer often follows — happened to me twice.

meatballsub (#5,401)

I’m at a contract job right now that *might* go FT (no one has said a word yet but it was mentioned at the beginning of the assignment). I hate this contract job b/c it’s in finance, I’m not a numbers person, the work is very boring/confusing, and most ppl treat me like dirt here (giving me menial tasks like manually dl’ing 900 PDFs). On the plus side, the pay is decent for contract work and the office location is nice and my immediate supervisor is easy to work with most of the time. I was just offered a FT gig at a marketing research firm that I temped at last year. The ppl there are mostly nice however, the pay would be really low and in my gut I know I’d still be looking for another FT job while there. Do you guys think it’s worth taking this FT job anyway since the contract one is kind of a dead end and projected to end by April?

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@meatballsub I think you should take the FT job – sounds like there’s a lot of known variables there already, and even though your starting pay would be low, a raise might be in the near future – if that’s work you’d actually want to do/is in your field. If not, maybe keep looking…but remember it’s easier to find a job when you have a job!

meatballsub (#5,401)

@LookUponMyWorks Thanks for your input! That makes a lot of sense and it’s very true that looking for a job while completely unemployed is very difficult. HR ppl tend to think something is wrong w/you which is pretty unfair but that’s how it goes.

yrouttasight (#2,967)

I have found nearly every job I’ve ever had (save for my coffee shop jobs) on Craigslist. No joke. Same thing with apartments.

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