The Cost of Getting Strep Throat 2x in 1 Month

$30, copay to get rapid strep test (positive)

$15, antibiotics

$20, bottles of regular water, cartons of coconut water

$150, two days missed work

~two weeks of living life, not to the fullest, just a regular amount (January)~

$10, hot toddy (medicinal)

$15, elderberry syrup because of reported immune strengthening functions, why is my throat hurting again this cannot be happening to me

$22, colloidal silver to spray on throat and kill stuff?????

$6, gallon of vanilla ice cream for throat numbing capabilities

$10, ibuprofen (ran out)

$30, copay to get second rapid strep test in one month (negative)

$16, lidocaine-laced mouthwash as consolation prize for no drugs

$30, throat numbing coughdrops (2 kinds), coconut water, vitamin water, regular water, throat spray

$100, 1.5 days missed work

~two days of fever dreams about what could possibly be wrong with me, will I ever feel better, ever, is this the new normal, is this just how I feel now, I need to move back to Virginia, they may as well come get me now~

$15, antibiotics after the doc called and the lab test came back positive for strep




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qwer1234 (#4,140)

OOooh girl, twice in one month?! Brutal. Hope you’re already taking probiotics and bathing in yogurt, or this is going to turn into “The Cost of Getting Strep Throat 2x in 1 Month, and then, Also a Yeast Infection.”

Jk about bathing in yogurt. Don’t do that, that’s weird.

Tatiana (#194)

aw man, feel better! this sounds awful.

Dancercise (#94)

Logan! Throw away your toothbrush! Get a new one! Your toothbrush can reinfect you with strep!

Markovaa (#1,509)

Likely you hadn’t really kicked the first bout of strep. I hate to say it but the ONLY thing that kills strep is a Zpack (or two), sleep, and time.

It sucks.

mbl (#5,203)

Oy….sweety….I’d be happy to make you some nice chicken soup.
I’ll come to Brooklyn to see my DD who lives on Park Place near Bedford…then I can bring you the soup. :)
Sorry….automatic response… Mommy mode.

pterodactylish (#2,321)

Take probiotics! This ain’t no joke, it could ruin your ability to eat normally if you don’t repopulate your gut flora and fauna funtimes. I had to be off dairy for YEARS over like, two rounds of close together antibiotics!

I went through this last year, only in the end they gave up and I suffered through without antibiotics. My fever finally broke and I was so happy to be sweating! I think we’re definitely starting to see more antibiotic resistant strep. Luckily I didn’t have the type that can give you scarlet fever so it wasn’t dangerous, just miserable.

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