Shopping at Actual Stores Still Beats Shopping Online

Data from the Commerce Department shows that a large majority of our shopping is still done in brick-and-mortar stores even if it feels like online retailers like Amazon have grown tremendously (Amazon has been around for 20 years—is it a Millennial?). It also looks like we’re not that into ordering groceries online—maybe it’s because we like things as fresh as possible and also because we like to see with our own eyes the produce and cuts of meat we’re going to put into our bodies before we buy it, though I’d be interested in hearing about your experience with ordering booze from the internet.


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allreb (#502)

I haven’t done online booze, but I do FreshDirect for food all winter. It’s not as good for produce (though it’s not bad), but meh, it’s winter, the produce around is not that great, anyway. It’s just always so dark and cold when I get out of work that I can’t bring myself to shlepp to the grocery store, so until it warms up I get groceries delivered. :shrug:

qwer1234 (#4,140)

This is insane to me. Why would anyone buy things in a store?

@qwer1234 Cause returning things online is a hassle. So I don’t buy clothes online unless it’s somewhere I can return in a store.

I really only buy things online that are extraordinary deals or things I don’t mind waiting for.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@qwer1234 Usually I don’t want to want 3-8 days to get something, or I need to get out of the house, or I don’t want to pay shipping! Also, returning clothes is a huge hassle, as @forget it i quit said, and if we don’t shop in stores, we lose the retail jobs that, while they don’t pay a lot, are at least SOMETHING!

sherlock (#3,599)

@forget it i quit Wait, how is it any more of a hassle than returning things at an actual store? When I order things online, I can either just leave the box outside my apartment for USPS to pick up, or maybe I have to carry it in to work with me and then drop it off with Fedex of UPS on my lunch break. Either way, it’s not a separate trip the way it would be to go in to a store.

@sherlock I generally don’t trust leaving things outside for pickup, especially since at that point, I’m on the hook for it getting back to the seller. Otherwise, Fedex is a little less of a hassle since they bought Kinkos but UPS is usually a single location miles away from civilization and/or they have horrible hours.

gyip (#4,192)

Is a CSA like buying groceries online? You don’t really get an absolute guarantee how everything is … I suppose it’s always better than the grocery store in that it’s fresh and good, but you don’t get to check it before.

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

Personally, food and clothes are almost always in-store purchases, unless (for clothes) I know the sizing or have tried it on beforehand.

garli (#4,150)

Booze that gets delivered to your house always pisses me off because the FedEx/UPS dudes who deliver to my house are like the SS of carding. I’m 32 and they refuse to give me booze (wine club membership stuff) with out seeing my ID. In my own house that I live in. For some reason that really bugs.

hollanding (#6,076)

I’ve had good experiences with ordering booze through FreshDirect; it’s from Union Square Wines but they pack it into the rest of your order. They sometimes have good sales and it saves me from lugging it up my stairs (I tip them extra). Also, all of it has arrived cold instead of store-temperature which saves a few hours of refrigeration.

eemusings (#6,021)

Mike, that is EXACTLY why I would never grocery shop online.

Also I like to to buy my fresh produce from indie fruit/veg shops. Cheaper, better quality, but also they don’t do online shopping.

There are some things I just would rather do online. Not having the greatest experience with buying glasses online right now, if this exchange doesn’t work out I’m just going to suck it up and pay the big bucks for glasses, service and customer care from a local optometrist.

Eric18 (#4,486)

We’ve been buying things from stores for hundreds of years. We’ve been buying things from the interwebs for less than 20. Not saying we’re going to buy everything online, but give it time and watch.

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