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My Last Hundred Bucks: A Fresh Set of Ears, Comfort, Cultural Diversity

Where’d your last hundo go, Mitchell Sunderland?

$1.05, Argo Tea

$2.50, Starbucks

$50, therapy

$17, nearly 2 pounds of curries and samosas at Whole Foods because after I left therapy I was an emotional wreck

$38, Restaurant Week lunch at Craftbar with this Wall Street girl I eat with sometimes because we were high school BFFs and also I spend time with people who don’t live in my sphere and remember the world is diverse and full of all kinds of people. As far as the food: Waste of money. Small portions. I prefer Chipotle.


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Mitchell Sunderland works at Vice and goes to Sarah Lawrence. He is from Florida.


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OMG the number of times I have gotten Lamb over rice after therapy because I was a wreck is too numerous to count.

andnowlights (#2,902)

My post therapy food of choice is either Chipotle or it was a Wendy’s frosty til the Wendy’s on the way home CLOSED. I walk to/from therapy and the other take out options on my route take too long when I need instant gratification. OH, if it’s around a holiday that features special Reese’s shapes, I stop by CVS and get two of those.

thegirlieshow (#5,285)

Post-therapy snack/coping mechanism: Jimmy Carter smoothie from Boloco.

aetataureate (#1,310)

@thegirlieshow UNNNF that smoothie sounds boss

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