Monday Check-In

Good morning! What a beautiful, warm weekend it was here in the city. Let’s check in.

As you can see from the photo above, some pals and I went out for beer and barbecue at Mighty Quinn’s and ordered to share among five of us: a pound of brisket, a pound of pulled pork, a smoked sausage, a brontosaurus rib, a serving of burnt ends, and some french fries, coleslaw, a bunch of pickled things, and sweet potato casserole for desert. With a pint of beer, my share was $32. Afterwards, we went to a bar where I spent an additional $14. I ended up postponing brunch the next day and ran errands instead ($12 for cleaning supplies, and $10 for laundry), and then spent $59.87 for groceries. My estimate was 130-ish and I spent 127.87.

How did your weekend go?

Programming note: Meaghan is somewhere warm for most of this week, so our pal Ester Bloom is guest-editing.


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CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

Reusable grocery bags (thanks again for the recommendations; went with Baggu and one IKEA blue bag): $25
Smartphone accessories: $43
Food: $16
Concealer: $15
Ammonia testing kit: $12 (the things I do for this betta)
Returned item: -$21

This was about what I estimated.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@CubeRootOfPi Fish supplies are so expensive! If you take your water to petsmart, they’ll test it for free! I got my students an aquarium and take their water to be tested every two weeks, but I also do a lot of partial water changes because I know my tank is overstocked.

wiresbetweenus (#5,310)

@CubeRootOfPi You are going to love your Baggu bag like you’ve never loved a reusable grocery bag before.

PicNic (#3,760)

I had estimated $150 so of course went over.

Friday I ended up meeting friends for dinner/drinks – $65

Saturday night my friends party didn’t end up costing anything – I made my costume from things around the house and brought her a bottle of proseco I already had in my fridge. – $0

Sunday morning I was hungover and had no food/coffee in the house so went to dunks – $6. On the way back picked up my laundry – $25

Sunday afternoon peapod delivery – $115 (30 over budget)

Sunday night I still didn’t feel that great so got delivery, which ended up being really gross and mostly thrown away – $18 (only regret of the weekend)

total: $229. I’m exhausted.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

The boring part is that I spent $1 on forgotten butter to stress bake (THANKS US HOCKEY) or $1 on stamps to mail my taxes, though I need many more stamps in the near future. The important news here is that I am no longer living in a world where onions appear in my bathtub.

The Costs of a Clogged Drain:
A month ago: $3 on store brand Draino for a sluggish drain.
3 weeks ago: $6 on real Draino for an even worse drain.
2 weeks ago: $2 on a holistic attempt at using baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. Impressive show, drain still clogged.
This weekend: $0 unsuccessful plunging attempt. $2 on discounted store brand Draino, still not working. $0 crawling into a cupboard where I believe I see the pipe connecting my kitchen sink to my tub and jiggling the pipe. $2 on a final bottle of Draino left in overnight. SUCCESS! And in an act of apology to mother earth I cleaned my (onion free) tub with baking soda and vinegar. The fact that my landlady got a plumber the VERY next day after refusing to do so previously? Priceless.

Allison (#4,509)


hooray for an onion free shower though!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@RiffRandell I’m so glad you are no longer soup!

ThatJenn (#916)

Your estimates are so spot-on so much of the time, Mike. It’s amazing.

First to find the estimate post… ah, there. Friday was $0 as expected. Even though I was wiped out from the drive to Tallahassee and back, I had a great board game night with friends and whooped everyone at Lords of Waterdeep twice, keeping my undefeated status. (The first time I was only playing against my husband and when others arrived and we set up two tables, his only request was that he play “whatever Jenn isn’t playing.” My work here is done.) Then I watched a bunch of half-drunk people try to finish a very long game of Settlers of Catan because they realized halfway through that they didn’t remember how to determine who wins.

Saturday we spent $10 on breakfast & snacks, and later I got $37 worth of gas (which will technically be reimbursed by my workplace since I used that tank for my work trip Friday, but I’m counting it anyway even though I forgot to estimate it). I didn’t end up needing to get turtle food because I got it earlier. We geocached basically all day, including a cache in, trash out event where we got to cut down invasive laurel oaks in a pine forest (I need to spend more weekends destroying things, that was fun!). We came home and watched Buffy and drank cider and put together a Lego castle. Best Saturday night ever.

Sunday, we cleaned our room, all day. Still not done but very close. (We are deep, deep slobs and haven’t cleaned it since we moved in four years ago.) Six bags of stuff to give away, lots of recycling, and four trash bags later, there are actual flat surfaces again! That aren’t made out of stacks of clutter that happen to be flat! Next step: get rid of a bunch of books. I broke some blinds in the process of cleaning, so I went to Home Depot to buy more for that and two other windows that need them, plus appliance paint because our chest freezer’s top is rusting, which was $39 but I paid with a gift card, so for me it was freeeeee!

Total: $47, of which $37 will be reimbursed later. Estimated $96 because I thought the hardware store would cost me much more and that we’d have lunch out, but we didn’t! This is good because next weekend kicks off six days of honeymoon which won’t be too expensive but also won’t be cheap.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@ThatJenn I do two totals when I get reimbursed for something because it’s not REAL money that’s being spent… right?

samburger (#5,489)

$70 application fee for THE BEST APARTMENT. It was the first one we liked enough to go see, and we knew we wanted it as soon as we walked through the door.

Obviously we celebrated with pad thai ($9). Also did a grocery shop ($30) and picked up booze for the week ($14).

$123 in all

Stina (#686)

@samburger [Kermit flail] Yaaaaaaaaaay! It must be a huge relief for you.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@samburger Hope you get the apartment!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@samburger Oh man, I’m so glad you found a place. Apartment hunting is the absolute worst!

halloliebchen (#5,373)

Friday night I puppysat and the puppy made a big hole in my leggings, so instead of getting 20 € my friend threw in an extra 10 for new leggings (+30). Saturday I went to the gym and bought a power bar (-1.50 €), then had dinner at my place with a friend who paid me her share for the concert tickets (+12.50 €) but then I spent all that money on partying (-40 euros, + one brutal hangover). Sunday I treated bf and myself to hangover-curing pizza and soda (-20€) So all in all I spent 20 €. Not bad!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@halloliebchen puppies, partying, pizza – what a great weekend!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Wahoo! $100 weekend and it was super fun to boot!

Date on Friday night was delightful, and was a total of $42 (dinner, drinks, more drinks)

Saturday I went hiking with a friend and celebrated the reappearance of the sun. I bought a sandwich for $7, and gas for $16.50, bringing me to $65.50. Then I bought wine, for $8.80, bringing me to $74.30.

Sunday I went for a run, had brunch ($14.50), started my taxes. We had so much fun on Friday that the fellow and I decided to go out again, to a museum and movie (he paid). I bought batteries and Easter candy (Robin Eggs for the win!) for $8.90.


Stina (#686)

@LookUponMyWorks “Friday night was delightful…..We had so much fun on Friday that the fellow and I decided to go out again”

halloliebchen (#5,373)

@LookUponMyWorks drinks drinks and more drinks sounds a lot like my weekend too :)

andnowlights (#2,902)

@LookUponMyWorks I hope you brought that wine ON your hike! ;)

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@andnowlights haha, wine was definitely post-hike. Maybe next weekend we’ll take a proper picnic!

AmandaPanda (#4,869)

@LookUponMyWorks Robin eggs are the best. Sounds like a good weekend!

kentuckienne (#4,294)

I ended up right around my max budget for the weekend, but I’m good with it. I have a full tank of gas that will probably get me through mid-March and I ate so much wedding cake this weekend that I can’t be upset about anything.

Friday: $25 to fill up my gas tank to get to out of town wedding. $0 for the best rehearsal dinner I’ve ever been to. Also priceless: crashing at 10 pm on a Friday night.

Saturday: $17 on super discounted sale clothes at Macy’s, $2 on popcorn and diet coke at Target, and $2 on pack of gum at gas station on the way to wedding.

Sunday: BF bought recovery breakfast pizza, I filled up the gas tank again ($35), made a grocery trip ($62), and bought ink for my printer ($13, love the recycled cartridges).

I think that equals $156 but I think I’m still waking up.

@kentuckygal “Recovery breakfast pizza” my favorite meal

kentuckienne (#4,294)

@polka dots vs stripes it’s probably mine too, and is usually the sign of a great weekend!

goldsold (#6,032)

I estimated $110 for drinks and meals (can’t grocery shop because I am moving on Friday).
Friday: $18 drinks
Saturday: $11 Lunch, $3 on drunk Mcdonalds, $18 wine; then I decided to go shopping for new clothes since I am going from a business profesh job to one where I can where jeans/casual everyday. I spent $196 total on 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of workout capris (I know, that is not for my new job), a button up, 3 pullovers to go over button-ups and a jacket. I also bought a pair of safety boots for work but I used an Amazon gift card.
Sunday: $15 lunch; was treated to a goodbye dinner by a family I am close with
Total: $261, definitely underestimated.

Allison (#4,509)

I had a great weekend. Friday I spent a whole $2 because one of my favorite bands keeps giving away their music for free, but I threw some cash in the tip jar, friend bought our 9:30pm dinner at Five Guys since I bought the tickets to the show.

Saturday I woke up and cursed the names of David Poile and Brian Burke (and yearned for Dean Lombardi’s Yandel power point) before heading out to the shelter. $7.50 on chai and a muffin on the way there, $19 at the grocery store on the way back.

Sunday I baked and didn’t bother going outside, but still spent $5 on a book for my kindle.

So I stayed under $40 but didn’t do a real grocery shopping excursion. And I can’t even feel that virtuous because I have spent so much money this week, but always in that Monday-Thursday period.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Allison Live music, Five Guys, and volunteering…this sounds like a great weekend.

Allison (#4,509)

@LookUponMyWorks it was pretty great! especially with a fully do nothing Sunday.

echolikebells (#3,272)

Friday didn’t go quite as planned. $4 on bus fare, $5 on one drink.

Saturday was just dinner to the tune of $18 and a late night nail polish purchase at $22.

Estimate was $102-$112, actual spending came in at $49. I have yet to go grocery shopping or buy gas, and both of those were in my estimate, so once those are done, I’ll be pretty close to the estimate. What I didn’t spend out on Friday, I spent on nail polish Saturday.

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

Estimated $70 or at most $75, spent $69.32. Not all of it went where I’d originally planned (didn’t need to buy gas; bought an adorable tea pot instead, etc) but: woohoo! Accurate estimate, under-budget finish.

Mike, an entire serving of burnt BBQ ends sounds like my personal paradise. I would spend $32 on that alone.

Stina (#686)

I didn’t estimate because I had no idea what we were doing. But on Friday the weather combination of 55mph winds and icy roads caused us to stay in and huddle together for warmth.

On Saturday we went to the the Milwaukee Auto Show ($22 for 2) and $15 for parking. Then we went to a buffet place on the way home $17.96.
Sunday was cleaning, cooking and some work from home.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Stina I’m shivering just reading this. Hope it warms up soon!

pterodactylish (#2,321)

$25 on groceries, $14 cab, $15 on prosecco.


WalkinOnBy (#3,585)

Mostly good, relaxing weekend! I was so pooped from last weekend and the workweek.

Pizza and beer to watch Canada trounce the States in hockey at work $0, also killed my hangover with a hair of the dog…
Dinner with family. Lots of baby playtimes (ugh so cute).
My brother drove my most of the way home, where we hung out, caught up and I got my mail
Watched a movie when I got home

Epic laziness. Spent the whole day and night in bed, except to eat. It was good. Watched a weird movie and a terrible movie.

Got my butt in gear to watch Canada win gold. Ate waffles and bacon, drank coffee. Brought Kahlua.
Caught up with friends and drooled over the Swedish team.
Went to my dad’s for a late lunch and got to take home leftover cream cheese and tabbouleh $0
All the errands: pharmacy $28, groceries $26, picked up my yoga mat, ate dinner, workedo ut, drew and bed!

Total: $54

Stina (#686)

@WalkinOnBy “Canada trounce the States in hockey” Ouch! The tender spot. It has been rubbed. I make a rude gesture in your general direction (but not in a malicious way).

andnowlights (#2,902)

Workout pants: 14.19 (but returning them cause I found some I liked more)
World market for Zappo’s chips for the husband and shortbread for me: 6.60
Old Navy (more workout clothes): 53.53
YMCA (pro-rated): 11
Birthday card and M&Ms and cash back for the flea market: 47.17
Lunch Friday: 8.26
Costco (more workout clothes, treats for my students): 98.96 (65.94 will be reimbursed)

Total spent 239.71
Real total after returns and reimbursements are done: 159.58

Overshot by 34.58 but that’s really okay since the Y was way less than I was expecting (plus I didn’t have to pay a sign-up fee because of my employer)

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@andnowlights WOW, $11 for the Y?! Per month? Niiice.

Let me know how your workout pants work; I’m still interested in finding pants that I can run in that don’t fall down!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@LookUponMyWorks Ha ha, I wish! That’s only til the end of February because I chose to have it drafted on the 1st of the month. It’s going to be $49 a month (including $9 a month for parking because it’s downtown) and I honestly have SO much guilt about it, but I think it’s necessary for me at this point. I love going to classes and hate running in midtown (which is where I live) so it just makes sense right now.

@LookUponMyWorks I have a couple pairs from Champion I really like!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@polka dots vs stripes Oooh, thanks. I’ll look at those.

goldsold (#6,032)

@andnowlights I bought workout clothes from Old Navy too! They had some really cute capris for $17, moisture-wicking and everything. Someone at the gym asked me if they were from Lululemon

andnowlights (#2,902)

@goldsold Yep, I totally took advatThere was a girl at the taco place on Saturday that was decked out in head to toe Lululmon. I simply do not understand that whole thing. Do you KNOW how many tacos you can buy with that money and still have some leftover for Old Navy workout clothes? They hold up really well (for me, anyway) and they’re cheap.

boogers mcgee (#4,474)

Estimated $143, spent about $120 if I’m remembering everything correctly.

Friday: Ended up running late to meet my friend for the acoustic show, so had to hop in a (SLOW) cab once I got to Manhattan; $12. We opted not go to to another bar afterwards, but since I was in Union Square, I decided to randomly go into Whole Foods in an attempt to satiate a mango craving. Ended up spending $38 and not even getting any mango.

Saturday: Went swimming early (free! and healthy, yay me), then picked up laundry and dry cleaning; $28. Decided to not do anything during the day due to a big birthday celebration that night, so I just cleaned up the apartment and threw out some junk. Kept it fairly responsible at the birthday celebration. Spent mostly cash but I think it was about $9 at Radegast for a tasty beer, oops oh and another $12 for a sausage sandwich which I stupidly couldn’t resist. Another $15 at the next bar (I hate splitting checks) for a decent but not spectacular cocktail.

Sunday I kept it low key, hung out with my cousin and bought some spinach dip for munching, $5. She generously bought us both green juices and I forced myself to drink it despite being super gross. I really never realized what a strong taste celery has but now I know never to make the mistake of adding it into anything ever at all. Swam again later that night and made food at home, both free!!

andnowlights (#2,902)

@boogers mcgee ” I decided to randomly go into Whole Foods in an attempt to satiate a mango craving. Ended up spending $38 and not even getting any mango.” that is the story of my life when I go to the grocery store!

I estimated $120 and went over (of course).

I estimated $50 on bike commuting clothes but ended up spending $70 – two pairs of pants instead of one (but they each fill a hole in my wardrobe so I don’t feel too bad) and two reflective leg straps. I estimated $40 on gas and spent $32, and then spent $12 on bagels (unplanned) and $37 on misc stuff at Marshall’s (unplanned, but also didn’t spend the $30 I estimated at Target).

Total: $151.

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

I guessed $111. Friday, I spent exactly $9 on a sandwich, $5 on coffee, $22 on dry cleaning. I was only right about Friday because I had already spent all that when I made my guess. Otherwise, I spent $36 on beer and $1 on two songs from Frozen on Amazon, because augh why are they stuck in my head?!

That brings us to a total of $73, which is deceptively low because I also spent $82 on cell phone stuff, $150 on new glasses, and $65 on medical things immediately surrounding this weekend.

And… hellooooo, Billfolder coworker who just walked up behind me while I was guesstimating.

goldsold (#6,032)

@Caitlin with a C I have been making large purchases on Thursdays and Mondays just so I don’t have to include it in my weekend estimate ;)

ceereelyo (#3,552)

So I estimated a figure in the low hundreds, and we totally overspent by A LOT but this weekend was fun (although tiring) and we are being saints for a while.

Friday – I decided that I wanted to pull the trigger on buying our plane tickets to Paris for our first anniversary. I had to call our Chase card in order to get them to put the purchase through on XL airlines. I have been tracking the air fare and it wasn’t going up or down, and if anything I thought it might have because I was reading Euros vs. US dollars – $1700. We ate dinner before heading off to CT for husband’s race – $50 at this sushi place we do not like very much but it’s on the way, so purchases like this make me :( because it’s a lot of money for food that it meh meh meh. $5.00 for Dunkin Donuts, and then we made a stop at his parents to say hi in North Jers, but then it turned into an hour (but my MIL got me this really cute stuffed owl out of the blue because she knows how much I like owls!) and then we got to CT at like 12:30 to our little motel room, which we paid for – a reasonable $55.00 for a clean space to lie our heads.

Saturday – $7.00 for breakfast at Panera next door. Race time. husband ran his personal best, even though he felt like he was struggling the last two miles – less than two hours, and by sub two I mean 1 hr, 59 minutes, 39 seconds! Still counts! Ate a delicious lunch prepared by students at the school that hosted the 1/2. Drove home and had to buy overpriced gas on the Merritt – $50 and Gatorade and iced tea – $5.00. While husband ran, I made plans with friends for that evening since I realized I didn’t defrost anything before we left and we were too tired from running and driving to do anything. This dinner made up for our subpar dinner the night prior at our favorite Indian restaurant-sports bar, discussing True Detective to DEATH with our friends on a triple date – $60.00. We also were in bed and out by 10 pm so it was a good end to a busy day.

Sunday – laid low and I went for a run since the weather was so nice, I would get scolded by my coworker I’m training with if I told her I did not. Went for groceries and spent more than budgeted because my husband is ravenous all the time and I need to alot that into our budget – $60. I watched Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and drank Bailey’s spiked hot chocolate all afternoon, until we made dinner from our groceries and then tucked in to True Detective, which I let him watch live vs. the Downton Abbey season finale, because that is what true love is.

=$1942 but we’re going to FRANCE! I can’t wait. I’ve been planning this in my head for years. My parents are meeting us too for our second half as they are visiting friends in Austria, so it’ll be a nice little ‘family’ trip too.

Elyse (#5,328)

This weekend was a doozy.
$10 on used records
$16 on snacks and random garbage I can’t remember at Target
$20 wine

$154 for an eye exam and new frames (cost of new supply of contacts TBD, gulp)
$45 to fill up on gas
$16 pizza pie
$70 for a tv stand and storage bin at Ikea

Nothing! I stayed at home to avoid any and all shopping temptations.

TOTAL: $331. Yikes! Help!

sharongracepjs (#5,107)

My weekend was quiet and restless. But I’m okay with it. I’m ready to take March by storm.
Friday night had a bestie over for dinner. We split the grocery and wine bill – my share was $27, not too shabby considering we fed and boozed four people, and I have leftovers and random groceries for this week.
Saturday I went to yoga ($2 donation) and got a sushi snack after ($5) as I have apparently pavlovianly conditioned myself to do – this will be a problem if I start going to yoga during the week, which I hope to do.
Sunday I met friends for a very late (by my standards) brunch ($31), with a long sunshiney walk before and after.
That makes $63 total for the weekend, which is close to my estimate of $60, more than it should’ve been and less than it could’ve been. My budget is very tight right now, so I should’ve skipped brunch when my plans to host on Saturday changed, but on the other hand I said no to a spontaneous trip to Boston, which would’ve BROKEN the bank, so I’m giving myself the win here.

lizil (#2,780)

UGH.Wanted to keep it under $100. Did not do that.

$27 for birth control on Friday. Don’t remember what we did for dinner that night, but it was at home. Oh, my monthly donation to our local NPR station went through, so $10.

Saturday: BF paid for breakfast burritos and we had sandwiches for lunch. Then I was feeling cabin feverish and went to the mall because I am a responsible adult (not). $2.11 on a bottle of water at Starbucks because the mall was a sauna (or I had a fever, I don’t know), $83.94 on PERFECT jeans from Levi’s (I didn’t have a single pair that fit or without a huge hole), $54.98 at Sephora restocking on foundation and eyeshadow primer. Went to Trader Joe’s afterwards to pick up some soup, sorbet, and cereal because I am catching whatever illness bf has ($9.96)

Sunday:Breakfast burritos again, I paid ($6 for four)
went out to lunch but bf paid, then went to the store to pick up stuff for dinner ($12.03)

So, all told plus my half of utilities ($32.78)…$238.80

WOOF. Not letting that happen again for a looong time. At least I am getting paid Friday!

I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been in a winter funk, but I wanted to come by and say I spent (gulp) $300 this weekend on a gorgeous leather bag because I FINALLY GOT A NEW (really awesome) JOB!!!

I had the money saved up for whenever I found something new, so it wasn’t totally crazy. The rest of the weekend was $0 because my parents took us out to dinner, then my boyfriend took me out to dinner, and then I drank lots of champagne and my sister-in-law brought over some wine. It was a big party.

Allison (#4,509)

@Madeline Shoes pulling the trigger on a planned/saved for purchase is awesome! especially when it comes with a new awesome job!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Madeline Shoes Congratulations!

la_di_da (#1,425)

Friday, $10 to pick up groceries for pad thai and now I have fish sauce for the foreseeable future. Saturday, singing with friends FREE, brunch and city bakery $40, as planned, and walking the highline FREE (it was gorgeous out on Saturday!).

Sunday, coffee and pastry, my Sunday morning splurge, $6, but here’s the kicker: $120 for Turbo Tax (because 2 different state incomes)plus I now owe the government $1,500 ish in taxes because of a buyout from my apartment last year. I mean, I knew it was going to be about that, but it doesn’t stop my bank accounts from getting super sad.

$176 for the weekend, which isn’t too far off my $120 estimate. Plus $1,500 scheduled to be paid at the end of the week.

BATS! (#2,770)

As predicted, my weekend consisted of work, birthday dinner, and work.

Friday: I ended up taking my girlfriend out for dinner, because I was two beers in and getting hungry by the time she was done homework and ready to meet. A truly delicious dinner for two with wine and cappucinnos: $90 including tip.

Saturday: I must have had some kind of breakfast, but I can’t remember what it was. Let’s say it cost about $9 though. My family took me out for dinner. I did not eat lunch, to the best of my recollection.

Sunday: At the office. I had a breakfast burrito and coffee ($13, which I will try to expense), then another coffee ($4.50), and then I bought groceries ($20) and did laundry for the first time in weeks ($8. I didn’t do *all* the laundry because I didn’t have enough loonies).

There were also a couple of cab rides in there, but I am going to expense those. Total: $135.50 to $144.50, depending on what the accountants say about my expenses. My estimate was $80.

annecara (#1,914)

I didn’t estimate this weekend, which frankly is for the best, since on Saturday my husband sat down and said, “Let’s just buy all the stuff that would make our lives easier that we’ve been putting off buying.” So that was $750+ that I wasn’t planning to spend, but I hope will indeed make our lives easier.

rorow (#1,665)

@annecara what is the stuff that will make your lives easier? I’m curious!

annecara (#1,914)

@rorow A runner for our entryway, a storage chest for our front room so that we actually have a place to put stuff that isn’t on top of other stuff, bedding for our guest room, and pantry shelves. We also started the process of calling contractors to get estimates for work we need done on the house, which is free so far but will add up later.

moreadventurous (#4,956)

I estimated $150 but that was really based on nothing.

Friday: I took my friend to a concert for her birthday. I bought the tickets like 5 months ago, so it felt free. We went to happy hour before the show, where I spent $15 on two whiskeys and a pulled pork sandwich. I had a beer at the show, $5. BUT, at the end of the show, I saw the same Person From The Past I’d seen Thursday which is weird because I haven’t seen this Person in like 16 months. This time, my gut reaction was to avoid, so I did a lot of awkward hiding, $0 and a bit of dignity. Whateverrrr, it was fun, generally, and we biked around to and from everything which was nice.

Saturday: The funk continued. I watched the Olympics in my pjs all afternoon instead of studying for the GREs. Then it was a bigger birthday dinner for the same friend, $25. We went out dancing afterwards where I was really sleepy and then really awake and then really sad, $15 on whiskey and whiskey and beer.

Sunday: Still in that funk. I read in the sun in my front yard all day with a six pack ($9) and then got thai take out ($11) that I ate in bed while watching Thelma and Louise. Also, I now am having some allergy time from of being outside all day, because of course.

$60 which is a-okay with me. I’m also going to spend $100 on therapy tomorrow which will probably be a good thing.

AmandaPanda (#4,869)

This weekend went about as expected (and was just as mediocre as planned).

Friday: $20 for groceries on the way home. Trains were all cancelled so I took the bus home from work (bus is not bad, just 3x as time consuming as the train) and as a result was grumpy when I got home. So $10 for a broccoli rabe hoagie and old bay fries (YUM).

Saturday: $1300 for the termite treatment. HA. And they were late. It was stupid. But now it is done. Along with laundry (prepaid) and large amounts of stress cooking.

Sunday: Gas to get to funeral ($30) and suburban grocery store run ($42) to get bulky/heavy/liquid things that are easier to transport with the car. I also bought wine for some time ($35).

So $1300 + $137. Not so bad. I have all the foods + wines I will want at home for awhile, but the termite thing gets my goat.

rorow (#1,665)

I did not estimate because I was in LA and sick, and now I am home and sick yet still managed to spend a ton of money.

Saturday – drove up to Whistler and splurged on the Scandinave Spa for the bf and I, because we’re both fighting colds and we deserve a eucalyptus steam, damn it. $150. It was sort of free though, because I used gift cards that I’d exchange air miles for? Sort of free? He then paid for drinks and sushi.

Sunday – 4 am hockey game, and a gold medal breakfast. $0. Also met his parents (PRICELESS?!) then home to nap. Took parents out for dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday, which cost me $150.

Total: $300. Still need groceries and to do laundry, but it was a very lovely happy weekend.

wiresbetweenus (#5,310)

$36 for groceries
$42 for flowers and plants (to make my apartment less winter-y)
$20 for dinner (boyfriend paid the bill, I paid the tip)

$98 total.

Blackbird (#2,196)

Yay, check-in time.

Friday: Went to the doctor ($15 copay, and $3 for parking). Found out my ears are clogging up because of allergies, which is a lame cause but much better than many of the alternatives. Went and bought claritin ($25.73, as I bought some other things with it). Then I had people over for board games ($0). We finally got to play The Resistance: Avalon and had an *awesome* time.

Saturday: Productive day, and not a lot of money spent. Went to the coffee shop ($7) and then spent the rest of the day doing writing and game design work, with a splash of Pokemon X playing.

Sunday: Went to the bakery in the morning for breakfast ($8), and then headed off to play in a Fate Core RPG game for the afternoon ($0). Afterwards I went grocery shopping ($5.49 at Whole foods for GF steel-cut oatmeal and $51.99 at Trader Joe’s for the rest of what I need this week).

Total: $116.21, juuuuust over my $113 estimate. (I did forget I needed to pay for parking at the doc’s office, and the claritin cost more than I thought it would.)

I still didn’t order the new phone, though. I know it’s a worthwhile long term investment, but plopping down that much money all at once is a scary thought. (Of course, my current phone made a case for it by randomly inserting 8’s while I was using the calculator. :P)

erinep (#4,236)

I didn’t estimate because my Friday got derailed in a happy and anxious way because I found out that I landed an interview for a new job this week. So I spent much of Friday freaking out because I haven’t had a real interview in about 7 years and I didn’t have anything super appropriate to wear. I made an appointment for that afternoon to get my bangs trimmed ($5 tip) and then met my bf at Five Guys for dinner ($9) before we headed home to the pup. After a morning Y visit I went shopping on Saturday for a suit. and shoes. and pantyhose, ugh. I live for comfort and once I find something I like I get three and I have been able to skate on “professional casual” dress for far too long. After three hours and 5 stores and a stress-induced Fazoli’s run ($5.50 and shockingly no post-meal regret) I got all of the above for about $150, which my parents paid for as an early birthday present. I then went home and crashed for 2 hours. Snugged with the pup and watched movies and had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner while the bf went skiing.
Sunday I spent $30 on groceries and $30 at Target for a new sweater and yoga pants. And $15 at the bookstore on one of those portfolio folders with a notepad to take to said interview. So about $85?, outside of the clothes my parents paid for? Not too bad.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@erinep Hope it goes well!

eemusings (#6,021)

OMG, Mighty Quinn’s! /drool.

I paid $1k for the privilege of getting my wisdom teeth yanked out. Spending this week recovering.

readyornot (#816)

I forgot to check in. Oops!

Friday – re-up for roundtrip on the Expo Line to downtown ($3), sushi ($20), and drinks at the new Ace Hotel roofdeck bar (friend treated). That place is fab, and the LA Dance Project was fun!

Saturday – breakfast at home ($0), house supplies at Home Depot ($15), Baldwin Hill stairs hike (free, but made me want a green juice, $8), Netflix at home.

Sunday – lunch with cousin ($53, her birthday treat), groceries ($75), walk while having phone chat with parents (free), so much work catch up and a few chores around the house.

I estimated $180 and spent $174. And then my husband came home from ten days away and all was right with the world.

calamity (#2,577)

Super belated, but better late than never, right?

Friday: Yoga class, and a $2.50 piece of coffee cake on the way there. Went to a friend’s birthday party, then unexpectedly went out to a bar. I think I spent $30.

Saturday: Yoga class, then $25 for my share of booze for our house party.

Sunday: Yoga class (I was on a roll!), $7 at Chipotle, and spent the afternoon at the park people-watching and reading.

Total: $54.50 – well under my estimate of $100, solely because I didn’t visit Sephora.

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