Minimum Wage Numbers, Here and Elsewhere

Bloomberg Businessweek has a fun graphic looking at the minimum wage by the numbers in the U.S. and a few other countries.

The Irish minimum wage is equivalent to $11.70 U.S. dollars, while Australia’s minimum wage is equivalent to $14.31 U.S. dollars. In Australia, Labor leader Bill Shorten said last month that 1.5 million Australians relied on the minimum wage, which is a strong safety net to prevent the creation of an “underclass of working poor.”

“Labor does not support a working poor as we see in the United States,” he told reporters, which sounds like a pretty sick burn on us.


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moreadventurous (#4,956)

I had no idea the US median wage was that low. $16.70? That’s crazy to think about.

The Guide (#5,991)

Not only that, we in the US work more hours on average than many other countries.

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