Friday Estimate

Good morning! It’s 10 degrees in this winter that will never end. Let’s do some estimates.

The Academy Awards are on Sunday and I have not seen too many movies this year, so instead I’m planning on having lunch with Adam and Ester, and then the three of us are going to hang out with a baby. “This better feature in tomorrow’s ‘what I’m planning to spend this weekend’ post,” Adam wrote to me (here it is!). I’m also planning working on an interview, doing lots of cooking, and will do a big grocery shop. My estimate is $125.

What are your estimates?


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ATF (#4,229)

Sigh. I really need to stop spending money. Between the trip last weekend and wholly unexpected family stuff this week, I have not cooked a meal at home in over two weeks. But that will not happen this weekend because: moar plans

Tonight: Hopefully a run at the gym. Traveling plus being super sick has meant I haven’t run in almost two weeks and I feel way out of sorts. Then we’re going to the Chezi Henri popup dinner at the Mariposa Bakery. I literally have no idea how much this will cost and I”m paying, so I’ll say $100 for the two of us.

Tomorrow: last day of my parents unexpectedly being in town. We will be bonding. I do not know what this will entail. I’ll say $50.

Sunday: No idea. Possibly seeing my boyfriend’s sister/brother-in-law/baby niece. Possibly going to dinner to celebrate our two year anniversary (which is on Tuesday the 4th officially but that is the birthday of a good friend so celebrating on Sunday might be how we roll). I’ll say $50 for that although I’m pretty sure he’ll pay.

Mostly I don’t actually know what will happen this weekend other than it will involve family and eating out and I just hope to spend less than $200.

PicNic (#3,760)

@ATF is Mariposa any good? I’ve walked by a few times and it seems fairly busy but I’ve read a lot of mixed reviews

ATF (#4,229)

@PicNic I’ve only ever stopped by Mariposa for coffee. I had one excellent latte and one truly terrible iced coffee, so I can’t really speak to what they offer other than to say avoid the iced coffee at all costs. I have a coworker that’s quite find of their bakery products though.

PicNic (#3,760)

@ATF good to know on the iced coffee! I drink it year round, which I know is absurd for New England weather. I know a lot of places like that say they have iced coffee and then just put hot coffee on ice, which is actually the grossest thing imaginable.

PicNic (#3,760)

it’s a non-paid week, so I will be very very cheap this weekend:

dishes (I feel like I am doing the dishes every second of my waking life, ugh) – $0
get caught up on TV now that “my shows” are back post-olympics – $0
sesame chicken from Budget Bytes (thanks for introducing me to that blog!) – $0
putting away laundry I picked up on Monday – $0

brunch! (I know this is a contentious issue here!) – $20
finish a cross-stitch picture – $0
clean my bathroom – $0
probably more dishes, because that’s my life – $0
home-made BBQ chicken pizza with pineapple and onions – $0
putting together my new sewing table I bought like a month ago and has been propped up against the wall doing nothing ever since – $0

buying a cheap mop from family dollar – $10(?)
mopping my kitchen floor – $0
finishing a half-sewn dress that has been staring at me – $0
working on my cat quilt – $0

total estimate: $30

andnowlights (#2,902)

@PicNic I need to sew all the things! I have a list about 12 items long that I want to make, but by the time I get home from work, I’m so tired that any sewing would just be frustrating. Hoping that I can get some sewing done over the three days I’m taking off next week! Including curtains that my mom very generously gifted me the very expensive fabric for- I’ve been putting them off because I’m so scared of messing them up!

PicNic (#3,760)

@andnowlights the hardest thing about curtains is the ironing. oh, the ironing. ugh. I hope you get to make all the things! It really is hard after working all day. I tend to take a lot of classes so I can work in a group and then it’s also sort of scheduled time that I know I’ll be productive in. It can get pricey, so I usually only do one/month, but it is really nice. There’s also a really good community of makers in my city, which is really helpful :)

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

@PicNic Cat quilt – a quilt for a cat or a quilt with a cat design (or both)?

PicNic (#3,760)

@CubeRootOfPi I get that question a lot :) It’s a kaleidoscope quilt pattern for a human (me) made out of fabric that has cats on it (and some other patterns, but I think of it as my cat quilt because of the 2 fabrics in it that have cats

calamity (#2,577)

@PicNic why is brunch a contentious issue??? sometimes brunch is my REASON FOR LIVING, and there is no price too high for that

PicNic (#3,760)

@calamity I feel like I saw an article on billfold recently about the pros-cons of brunch. Personally, I wish brunch was served every day, all day, because I am obsessed! I love diner brunch or fancy brunch just the same (this weekend is a medium-fancy brunch). I also already know what I’m getting (bacon chive goat cheese omelet). #Brunch4eva

ATF (#4,229)

@PicNic I am pro-brunch and pro-bacon/chive/goat cheese omelets. Where is this brunch occurring since I have just learned that you must live close to where I live?

PicNic (#3,760)

@ATF ahaha I realized it too but didn’t know if you wanted that to remain secret because, internet murderers, but yes – it’s Union Bar on Washintgon in the South End! I’ve had other meals there but this will be my first brunch, I think it will be heaven. Pretty much all of your regular brunch spots in the south end get it right though. Have you had the home-made poptart at Tremont 647? It’s so good!

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

@PicNic Fellow Billfold quilters! Yay!

ATF (#4,229)

@PicNic I have not. I’ve only ever eaten dinner at Tremont 647 before. I think the only place I’ve done brunch in the South End is Gaslight and it was divine, as you would expect from that place. I live in the Back Bay at the moment, so my brunching tends to be done in that ‘hood. I went to Forum for brunch weekend before last for the first time and found the food to be excellent but the drinks subpar. North St Grille in the North End (near the Paul Revere house) does an amaaaaaaazing brunch as well if you’re ever in that hood. I suggest checking it out on a nice day as it’s a tiny place so there will be a line for sure. But the food is great and the portions are huge.

But most of my closest friends have come from the internet (true but long story involving the circa 2003-2004 Red Sox blogsphere), so I tend to think internets are good people, not murderous people. :)

PicNic (#3,760)

@ATF I totally get it. I met one of my closest friends on an MBTA bus, you just never know! I love the croque madame at gaslight, so delicious. Brunch at Lincoln in Southie has really good french toast (my neighborhood!). The only 24/7 place I know for diner brunch is Victoria’s near south bay plaza, which is the best 3 am food I’ve ever had. I’ll put North St Grille on the to-do list

PicNic (#3,760)

@Derbel McDillet yes! Such an expensive but rewarding hobby :)

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

@PicNic I lucked out in that I was gifted an older lady’s giant stash of quilting fabric after her death. Probably a good 100 pounds of random half and quarter yard pieces of a rainbow of cotton. Not always the pieces I would have picked myself, but it’s been fun to work with.

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

@PicNic @ATF I was in Boston recently and had super tasty $8 brunch at Masa. Just… throwing that out there.

halloliebchen (#5,373)

My BF will be away all weekend so I can finally catch up on a MILLION HOURS OF TV. So I will be spending my weekend with Scandal, True Detective, and House of Cards Season 2. In between tv binges I will dutifully go to the gym.

Estimate: 30 € for groceries

andnowlights (#2,902)

We are seriously battening down the hatches on our budget because the last two months have been out of control. Beans and rice, rice and beans.

Read ALL the library books (seriously, I went overboard on requests and picked up 14 books on Wednesday): $0
Gas for the car: $40
Going to a barn (!!!!) on Sunday to meet a woman who might let me work in exchange for lessons: $0 + the thrill of seeing horses
Sleeping: $0
2 dance classes at the Y because I missed going Thursday morning: $0 + 600 calories!

So… $40, if I’m good and careful.

halloliebchen (#5,373)

@andnowlights This weekend sounds awesome! I am also on the rice and beans kick right now, so I feel you. May I also suggest veggie chili, pasta w/ marinara sauce and chicken thighs – these are my dirt cheap go-tos.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

@andnowlights Yay, happy for you!!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@andnowlights books + horses, what a great weekend!

Allison (#4,509)

I have nothing planned really for this weekend, and I think I should embrace it, since people will be visiting next week and I’ll be traveling after that.

Going out tonight to a show, $10-15 for drinks maybe?

Saturday: Clean all the things. And oh, my friend was talking about getting a group together to watch the Soldier Field Game in a bar but that’s tomorrow and no one has made any plans that I’m aware of. If we do, $30-40? If not. Free on my couch with maybe a pizza.

Sunday: Clean all the things that I didn’t clean Saturday. Read. Shake my fist at snow.

I’m hoping for a $75 weekend at the absolute max.

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

I’m hoping to keep it a low-spend weekend, considering I’ve be shelling out a lot of $$$ lately.
Lunch today: $11
SIM card and first months’ payment for phone: $45
Laundry: $5
Misc. (probably food and smartphone apps): $20

ThatJenn (#916)

Sounds like a fun weekend!

Honeymoon starts tomorrow. I guess I’ll try to break down what I expect to spend on that, hmm? It’s Saturday-Thursday, so not exactly weekend-length, but this is the most useful place for me to budget for this.

I already paid for accommodations for Saturday-Wednesday so that’s done. Tonight we’ll get groceries so we don’t have to eat out the whole time ($75). I expect to need at least two tanks of gas ($70). I also expect we’ll spend $25 for fancy baked goods and stuff on our drive down, $40 in random snacks and stuff we forgot over the five days, $80 on two dinners out, $20 in random drivethru indulgences between hikes, $20 for miscellaneous canoe launch points and the like, $25 for a glass bottom boat tour, and $30 on going to see the Lego movie on whatever day is the coldest and rainiest.

So that gives me: $360. Hopefully not too much more! I tried to overestimate on most stuff. We have a park pass and borrowed a canoe from friends, so basically all of our outdoors adventures are free, and the cabin at Silver Springs is paid for ($594 paid back in October). Really if we can pull this off for under $1k total I’ll feel pretty good about stuff.

halloliebchen (#5,373)

@ThatJenn Enjoy your honeymoon!! Hiking and canoeing sounds lovely!

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

@ThatJenn Yeah, that sounds like an amazing honeymoon. :) Have a great time!

Stina (#686)

@ThatJenn Have a wonderful time!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@ThatJenn Have so much fun! That sounds like a fantastic honeymoon!

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

Today: I discovered this morning that my boyfriend ate the food I was going to bring for lunch today, and I’m going to be downtown at lunchtime for a meeting, so we’ll say $10 on food trucks. After work, I will catch up with some old work friends over tasty beers. Significant other may show up, so we’ll say $40 (including some food).

Tomorrow: no plans. We’ll probably do a grocery run ($150 — it has been 3 weeks) and Skype with a friend. This may result in me buying plane tickets for multiple thousands of dollars, but that more likely won’t happen for a few more days.

Sunday: Schrödinger’s brunch plans. Brunch appears to be currently both happening and not happening. When we open the box and find out, brunch may cost the two of us $50 because of mimosas.

Weekend guess: $250? Will also be paying rent today/tomorrow, but I refuse to count that here.

AmandaPanda (#4,869)

@Caitlin with a C <3 Schrodinger’s brunch. Sounds like a great weekend!

ceereelyo (#3,552)

Last weekend was so spendy!! Trying to keep it a little tighter this weekend, but I do have to pick up /stock up on some things.

Friday – I’m picking up my mom to come over and hang out so we can talk about vacation – my husband and I are going to Paris in May for our 1 year wedding anniversary, and at the same time, my mom and dad are going to Vienna to visit some old friends and then meeting us for the last half of our trip (which was planned so she can go see her favorite aging Brit-pop star Cliff Richard). I need to pick up stuff to make dinner ($15) – I am at a loss on what to make tho my fall back is a roasted chicken and potatoes. We might also buy the Naomi Watts Princess Diana movie on demand, but I might fall asleep. Also need to pick up my birth control (free) and order my night cream, vacuum filter, and some hair product I ran out of ($40).

Saturday – Run at the gym in the morning. Then I’m FINALLY going for a hair cut. My split ends have split ends. It is really gross and I haven’t gone since September. I was on accutane all last year and it made my hair super dry. It’s pretty long, so I’m going to get like four inches lobbed off the ends (i like wearing it long) and decided I’m going to grow out what bangs my stylist gave me last time. She’s at a new salon and since I’m a first time client they have a $20 off special, so it’ll be $24, and then I’ll tip my girl $20. It’s a steal compared to where she used to work. I’m also going to get threaded ($10 for everything). I plan the rest of my day to reading library books, trip planning, and studying. Maybe laundry ($5) if it’s not too cold.

Sunday – grocery stock up day. I have a long list. Our freezer has a bunch of frozen bananas and chicken breasts. $75. I also want to go to Michael’s and get some craft supplies ($10) for my coworkers baby shower we are throwing for her. I want to make a cute little bunting/banner, and considering that Monday might be a snow day, I’ll have an activity. Finish Sunday off with the Oscars and True Detective, of course.

est total – $197 – lets say $200.

Heather F G (#6,074)

I’m a terrible pet mom and am taking my puppy to a “pet resort” tonight (She’s nine months old and I swear I’ve never done anything like this before, but last weekend I almost got in a car accident on the interstate because I was SO TIRED from getting up with her); that, plus all the treats I’m adding on to make it worth her while–1 on 1 play session, peanut butter Kong, 5-hour romp with puppy friends = around $50.
To offset that because we’re poor while my boyfriend dissertates, we’ll eat dinner at home and then they’re running the trolleys for free on our street so we can mooch off of art-gallery samples of wine and dessert. If we end up at our favorite bar it’ll be $20.
We’ll be networking Saturday night at a colleague’s house so we’ll probably get a bottle of wine. Tastes are simple enough around here so that’ll probably run us $20 too. Dinner is provided though.
Sunday the only thing that gets me out of bed to my English tutoring session is the thought of a latte, which will be $5.

Total: $95. It seems like so much!

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

@Heather Funk@facebook Not a terrible pet mom! Puppies are HARD. A little time off will make you feel much better about her the next time her nose is in your face at 5 AM. Plus if your “pet resort” is anything like the place I take my dog it’s basically fancier than any hotel I might stay at, and they’ll let you bring her own bedding and toys so she doesn’t feel too discombobulated.

Heather F G (#6,074)

@BillfoldMonkey Thanks, I feel a lot better about it then! It does look pretty swank, and she and I are similar in that our definition of a good Friday night involves ingesting large quantities of peanut butter. We did the math and realized that the last time we’d gotten up later than 7 was this past November when we took a mini-vacation to New York and were like, “JUST. ONE. DAY. PLEASE.”

Allison (#4,509)

@Heather Funk@facebook I volunteer at a shelter and am constantly saying “puppies are jerks” because they ARE. They’re the cutest and the sweetest, but also the jerkiest. Get your sleep.

riotmute (#4,454)

My week was ruined when I discovered the check I was going to be writing the IRS for my 2013 taxes – much more than I thought. So I’ve been cheap all week long, feeling a bit better this weekend.

Fri – Lunch ($5) & Dinner date ($40)
Sat – Haircut ($25) & coffee ($3)
Sun – Brunch ($15) & book ($20)

Gotta be very careful this month as I have multiple birthdays and an anniversary – always something it seems

lemonadefish (#3,296)

Friday: staying in I think.

Saturday: Mardi Gras parade, need to pick up something to bring to after party – $10?
Touch up groceries for my mom’s visit – $25? (spent $222 on Tuesday! Insane.)
Probably go out for lunch or dinner – $30?

Sunday: Mom arrives; work on the house. If we go out or need supplies, she’ll probably pay.

Total: $65ish.

Elyse (#5,328)

Friday is typically take out and staying in for a movie, so no more than $20 there.

Weeks ago I bought a $25 Groupon for $70 worth of food at this nice Italian restaurant near me, so I made reservations to go this weekend. It’s BYO, so aside from a bottle of wine that my boyfriend will probably pick up($15? $20?) and the tip ($15) I think I’ll come out of Saturday not spending too much — less than $30.

Sunday – Gas, $45. I’d like to be way more careful this weekend than I was last week, but who knows. I only just found out my cousin’s coming into town and I’m assuming I’ll be taking him out.

Total: $90, tops? I hope?

kentuckienne (#4,294)

I’m on a roadtrip this weekend to somewhere a little warmer, so doing this estimate from the road!

I’ll estimate my share of gas at $50 and that I’ll spend $125 on meals out. I’ll allow myself up to $50 on shopping, since I plan to hit up Charleston’s open air market and such.

$225 max!

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)

Big Shop weekend for me too, although I think I might try to make this Vegetarian Week, so I’ll spend a little less than I might otherwise. $65? My other plans mostly just involve hanging out at people’s houses, so maybe a bottle of wine and some snacks, $20? But then something always comes up, so I’ll say $100 max and try to stay under.

Stina (#686)

Friday: Maybe Fish Fry $30.
Saturday: I am attempting to make homemade yogurt from fat free powdered milk using this: methodology (the heating pad method). Crossing my fingers that it works. Plus other household duties.
Sunday: Oscars maybe a little work in the morning.

calamity (#2,577)

The estimate doesn’t start til you leave work right? Because … in the past half hour I have ordered concert tickets for me and two friends, a bouquet for my mom’s birthday on Sunday, and a glittery Beyonce tank top.

Anyway, tonight I have a prepaid yoga class and DESPITE THE FACT that I called Sephora yesterday (it was my 1 Thing!) about the free birthday gift that is supposed to automatically show up in my cart whenever I place an order during my birthday month, it’s STILL NOT THERE. I tried in two browsers on this computer as well as their app, and I’d try on my phone’s browser too except none of the “Sign in” links will work. I am not schlepping out to Georgetown in this weather, so tonight after my yoga class, I have to call and annoy them again. And I was hoping to purchase the other $102 of products in my cart before I had to be accountable for them here!

Anyway, those are my exciting evening plans. Tomorrow I’m going to another yoga class, shelling out $15 for a few groceries, and despite a long gchat earlier this week w/ a friend about how sick I am of going to the same places over and over and how I will die alone, it looks like I’m going to a house party full of people with the wrong sexual orientation for me. $10 for something to bring there, I guess.

$15 for takeout or some Target nail polish on Sunday and yet another yoga class, because I’ve already paid and I have to fill up my days somehow.

Total costs: $142 and my eternal shame over how whiny this is

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@calamity Clear your cache?

Stina (#686)

@calamity “how sick I am of going to the same places over and over and how I will die alone.”[unsolicited advice/]Internet dating. Seriously. Just to date around. Even if you don’t meet that special someone you’ll gain storytelling material. Reject obvious red flags and horrendous mis-matches but don’t stick to “your type”. It totally forces you to go beyond your usual ways to meet people,but move to meet in public soon. Don’t spend 20 zillion years talking online first.[/unsolicited advice]

calamity (#2,577)

@Stina Yeah, I’ve been using OKCupid – unfortunately I don’t really have the temperament for dating around in that meeting and dating just one new person at a time pretty much wipes me out mentally/emotionally. Trying to counteract that natural tendency, but damn does it exhaust me. I feel like I’m meant to be a serial monogamist, but my terrible romantic luck is negating that possibility, haha …

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@calamity I feel this. Everyone is like “get out there! Go out with loads of dudes! That’s how you find the right one!”…but I just can’t? Don’t seem to have the mental/emotional/physical capacity.

calamity (#2,577)

@LookUponMyWorks Haha I know. I mean, I might be capable of more if I quit going to yoga and taking French classes in the evenings and generally doing all the things that are supposed to be making me an interesting person that someone would want to date in the first place (and that, you know, make me not hate my life). Sounds like a plan!

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

@calamity Ugh, I get severe relationship inertia because dating is EXHAUSTING. It sounds like your “do cool things that I like” plan is a good one.

calamity (#2,577)

@Caitlin with a C I mean, they make me hate being single somewhat less, but considering they’re French class and yoga class, there’s next to no possibility of meeting guys there and they take up time that I could be using to date (or at least, to let myself emotionally recharge after a date). It’s a false dichotomy, I know, but it feels like my choice is between “do fun stuff and be a cool person and die alone!” and “give up the things you like to do in favor of forging a connection with another human being!”

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

@calamity Obviously you need to find a yoga and/or French class full of matchmakers. Man, I don’t even know. I am lucky because my dating life is just “coexist in an apartment with my significant other” most of the time, but… life’s busy. Maybe we need a Billfold dating service?

lizil (#2,780)

Today is PAYDAY! But it also means I pay for ALL the things. Tonight I am getting dinner with a friend (~$12) and paying rent ($515).

Saturday: It is supposed to snow overnight (ugh) so hopefully I will only be going out tomorrow to pick up a library book (free! yay!) and get my brows done ($30 including tip…this girl is fantastic so I don’t feel bad about it). Then I am planning to hunker down and marathon more of House of Cards with the bf and read.

Sunday: no plans but I need some new pairs of tights so ~$20? My car insurance is automatically paid on the 2nd of each month but won’t go through until Monday, so I’m not counting that.

Not including rent, $62. Will probably get some groceries or something, so let’s just round it up to $100.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Welp. Spent all my money last night when I locked myself out…while the stove was on, with a pot of soup bubbling away (and the pup and kitty were inside with the smoking pot of soup!). One tearful hour with a neighbor + calls to multiple locksmiths and 911 (in case our alarm system went off) + $200!!! = finally back into the house and able to turn off the stove and throw the smoking pot out! Dog and cat were fine – a little freaked but ok. I think the whole ordeal took at least 5 years off my life….seems like the cortisol is still pounding through my blood.

This AM I made an early trip to Home Depot for a new door handle/lock (the deadbolt is fine, but the doorknob and lock below were ruined by the locksmith)and also had a new key made: $30

I had to go to the doctor (but paid for my FSA), and then I bought a breakfast sandwich and coffee because if ever there was a morning for egg and sausage and hazelnut coffee, this was it! $3.50

So, I’ve already spent $235, I will need to keep this weekend cheap.
$40ish for dinner and drinks date, $20 for groceries, $20 for liquor (if ever there was a week for the hard stuff, this is it). If it ever warms up, the dog and I will go out for a long walk. Otherwise, I hope to take to my bed and not get out until Monday morning.

ETA: $15 for a bottle of wine for my sweet neighbor who was so wonderful last night.

Stina (#686)

@LookUponMyWorks Oh Hon! I’m glad that nothing reaaally awful happened but that still sucks. Internet hugs to all involved.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Stina Yeah. It could’ve been so much worse. Thats what got me.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@LookUponMyWorks Oh man, what a scary thing! I’m so glad nothing terrible happened, but just the thought that it COULD have is so scary. Be gentle to yourself this weekend!

boogers mcgee (#4,474)

Oh man, I need to have a cheap weekend. Hopefully that’ll happen since I’m heading to the parents’ place to do my taxes and other thrilling adventures.

Friday: Hopefully nothing, and I will try to remember to grab a piece of pizza that’s been sitting in the work fridge for a few days to much on while on the bus to DC.

Saturday: Doing my taxes and having a (hopefully not) awkward conversation with someone about life and that sort of thing. My mom and I would normally go shopping or something (suburbs! malls! outlet stores!) but I reeeeeally shouldn’t. We’ll say $50 just in case something happens, but I hope it’s $0. Plus however much I end up having to pay in taxes, but hopefully I’ll get a return this year or else I’ll have to yell at our benefits office (yell = call up and ask super nicely why I’m not getting taxed enough; I’m the worst at yelling).

Sunday: taking the bus back up to NYC in the afternoon, and then will probably head to the gym for swimming fun after that. It’s awesome to finally have a workout that I really enjoy doing!

Total: around $50, but hopefully $0, but realistically it’ll be $150. Sigh.

Tickets to the fiery foods festival for two, $36.55 and all of my patience and energy. I now loathe ticketmaster with the energy of two million dying suns. Otherwise, I am getting over an illness so, hopefully a fairly quiet, non spendy weekend.

BATS! (#2,770)

I’m moving tonight! Yay!

Friday: I have no dishes, but my new place is one block over from my favourite poutine shop ($10).
Saturday: I have a couch being delivered some time tomorrow morning ($20 for the delivery guys, because if they can figure out a way to get a couch up the narrow staircase, they’ll have earned it). Then I need to go shopping for all of the things (the sum total of my kitchen possessions is a toaster, an espresso machine, a frying pan, 3 mugs, and glasses for whisky, wine, and martinis. So, probably $400 to get the other things I need).
Sunday: Working. I will expense lunch and make soup for dinner. Probably a fancy coffee in there somewhere ($6).

Total: $436. Possibly more, all depends on how gung-ho I get about shopping for housewares.

EmilyAnomaly (#4,238)

@BATS! good luck with the move!!! I’ve had very good luck getting kitchen things at Goodwill (if you don’t mind slightly used)

BATS! (#2,770)

@EmilyAnomaly Best of luck to you too! I have sourced kitchen things from goodwill in the past, and might try that again this weekend. I have also been having great luck with antique shops, which can be surprisingly inexpensive for things like casserole dishes and cutlery.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@BATS! good luck with everything!

EmilyAnomaly (#4,238)

Moving the big things this weekend! High of 14 today, high of 3 tomorrow so I think we’ll try to get the bulk of it done tonight. My SO and his roommate are helping me.

Apartment things like TP, entry rug, thing to catch the hair in the shower drain, etc, $100
Dinner for my moving helpers $40 (I assume will have a few beers with that)
Last of the utilities in the old place $105
Total: $315.00

Marille (#5,933)

Last day of the month means it’s PAYDAY! I’ve transferred $80 to my savings (I was naughty and borrowed from it), plus $37 for gas on the way to work, because it was seriously the miracle of Hannukkah up in my gas tank. Coworker lunch to celebrate the end of busy season: $15 ish (hopefully). On the weekend, it’s brunch with my bestie (and my BFF, Bloody Mary): $25 including tip. I’d like to get a manicure ($20), but I might not, and then I’m going to a student-produced show my friends are putting on–that’s $5.50, but I bought my ticket in advance. Sunday I’ve told myself I’m going to church, so that’s free…and at some point I need to do my grocery shopping, which is typically $35. All in all, that comes to…$180, but some of that is savings, so I guess really $100. Here’s hoping!

RiffRandell (#4,774)

Well this has been a rough week, mercifully I am going up fairly early on Saturday to run the clock at our alumni hockey game and thus escape some of this stress. There is a party after, so I will have free food and (more importantly) drinks. Will hope to spend about $15 on breakfast, road snacks and will maybe sit at a bar to watch an NHL game on Sunday. I will need to grocery shop ($30, I wonder if Aldi sells stamps?) and will hopefully not need gas.

sariberry (#4,420)

Yay so happy it’s payday today.

I just paid rent, but we’ll leave that out of the calculations. I’ve already spent $7 on lunch today. Tonight, I’m excited to make this dish I’ve been wanting to try, creamy chicken curry. After dinner we’re going to our neighbors for dessert, and bringing ice cream we already bought.

Tomorrow is a friend’s birthday party in the evening and it is HIGHLY important that we resist taking a cab. So provided that we leave on time, and take the subway, the only expense might be buying some drinks. $25?

On Sunday, it’s grocery shopping time ($40). I think some other costs might come up so I’ll add another $30. Total = $102

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

Friday – stopping at Aldi on the way home from work, maybe $40; watching Vikings and Portlandia recorded last night,drinking beer already stocked, and eating Chicken Yakisoba from Budget Bytes,$0 (groceries for dinner from Aldi trip above)
Saturday – attending free stream water quality monitoring training, followed by dinner at a Venezuelan place, maybe another $40?
Sunday – Snowstorm! Maybe I’ll make fudge with ingredients on hand.

So hopefully a total of around $80.

umlauts (#977)

Trip to Duane Reade because I just cut my hair short and I need short hair supplies (clips for the gym and such), also, batteries: $20
Cash for my vacation cash savings cache: $20
Yoga at the gym: $0
Finishing a painting: $0

Maybe the City Museum of NY: $10
Dinner out and about: $40

Oscars!!!!: $0
Grocery trip: $70

AmandaPanda (#4,869)

This weekend is exciting! I’ll be travelling for work this week, but I’ll estimate the “at home” part of the weekend.

Friday: Out to dinner with work people (work pays) and then home to snooze and pack for the trip.

Saturday: Brunch at home (use up leftovers + things that will go bad while away) $0, train to airport ($0 prepaid), airport dinner + wine because I HATE AIRPORTS ($25). $20 for amusements for the flight (wifi? a new album? a book? who knows! haven’t bought it yet!)

Sunday: Conference / $40 for nice dinner with people I like.

Total: $85 + angst in travel.

sharongracepjs (#5,107)

Third weekend of penury in a row, thank you Con-Ed. This is what I’m expecting:
Tonight – maybe stop by Battle of the Breweries in my neighborhood, but I’m not a beer drinker, so I’ll only go if my friends go and only spend if they have wine available as well. Or snacks? $15-20?
Tomorrow – yoga ($5), either wine or baking supplies for a coworker’s game night ($10)
Sunday – Maybe yoga? ($2 – this class is donation). Maybe meet an out-of-town-friend for drinks? ($10).
So looks like we’ll be in the vicinity of $50 for the weekend. Hopefully less.

Aunt_Pete (#693)

FRIDAY: Six pack of beer to bring to a house party. $8. And its freezing out so I’m just going to go ahead and admit that an Uber home is going to happen. $20.

SATURDAY: Running 12 miles and dropping off a million things at Goodwill. Painful and free. Probably will buy my guy lunch as a thank you for driving me. $20. Six pack of beer for another house party. $8.

SUNDAY: Brunch with friends. $30. Small grocery run (moving soon so trying to use up the pantry). $25. Oscars.

So $111 I guess. Cool number!

lp917 (#5,916)

Friday: Was going to be a free friday, but I have to re-purchase some pork to make crock pot pulled pork (Note to self: discounted meat is discounted for a reason- on the front it was all red and fresh, opened it up and the back was green. GREEN.) $10

Saturday: Probably hide out in a coffee shop to study and avoid LA drivers who panic when it rains and end up driving like 100 year olds who got their licenses a week ago, and Saturday night maybe a movie/ happy hour at my favorite bar that does happy hour every day from 5-9 including weekends. $35

Sunday: Doing budget bytes, so I don’t really need to buy groceries because I bought enough stuff for four recipes last week, but I’ll probably still pick up a few things at trader joes. Hopefully doing something outdoorsy for free, or going to the gym which is paid for already. Hmm. Maybe I’ll do money-free sunday instead.

Total Estimate: $45.

This being my first ever Friday estimate, I do not look forward to doing my Monday check in when I am confronted with how decidedly wasteful I actually am. But that’s why I’m doing this, right?

readyornot (#816)

Friday: so behind in prestige shows, my husband and I are going to finish Top of the Lake tonight. Also eating chicken tortilla soup that’s already made, so $0.

We both have to work a ton for the rest of the days this weekend, but I hope we can do just a couple of relaxing things.

Saturday: planning to go to the Calder exhibit at LACMA, but we’re members so $0. Possibly food truck bibimbap, $20. If we make it to pub trivia, another $40, but otherwise, just food at home.

Sunday: breakfast sandwiches, $20, grocery shop, $100, a run, $0, and then Oscar viewing, probably will get $20 of wine for this.

Total: $200

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