The Rise of Part-Time Work

The rocky recovery since the Great Recession has been marked by fewer full-time jobs, lower wages, and the rise of part-time work. “Since the end of 2007, the number of employed workers who work part-time but want full-time jobs has increased about 4.3m, or more than 70%,” Brookings pointed out recently.

The real-world dynamics of living on part-time work, however, aren’t told in the statistics. Some take part-time work because they can’t find full-time jobs; others, because they’re going to school; others yet, because they fell into the part-time life and liked it better.

Our own Logan Sachon interviews a handful of people who are making it work with part-time work, for the Guardian. She talks to customer service reps, an adjunct, a swimming coach, and a guy who works for a distillery. Go read it!

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LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Go Logan!

shannowhamo (#845)

I am DEEPLY insulted that Logan has not seen me mention in the comments on here that I work two part time jobs and think that I would be a great subject of a piece like this! (jk, not offended, but I even work in Plano, TX like one of the ladies in the piece!)
But seriously, I have a masters and have 2 part time jobs in my fiel (librarian) and it blows, I’ve been doing it for 5 years. Jobs have opened up but nothing ever lined up just right, there are at least 10 other people working at my public library that have their library degree but are working part-time or in “para-professional” non-librarian positions (or both.) No health insurance, sick days, vacation days and also more generally I feel very rushed all the time, going from place to place and not being able to really hunker down and get shit done. What’s even more ridiculous is that now since I’ve been doing it so long, I’m making in total more than an entry level full time position so I will almost certainly take a pay cut when (if?) I find a full time job.

morsels (#5,843)

Nice piece! At my company,, we are #ReinventingWork for Millennials by connecting companies with short term high-end consultants. We believe that talented independent consulting professionals who are passionate about the work they do, should be able to easily connect with high impact organizations that need expert help. Neither party should have to spend an exorbitant amount of time or money to find each other.

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