Our Adult Wardrobe

Logan, do you have a similar memory? Acquiring some grown-up clothes that made you feel like an adult when you put them on?

All the Drama of the Super Bowl, None of the Sports

Odd Job of the Day: TSA Agent

Oh man, Politico published a long confessional essay from a guy named Jason Harrington, a former TSA agent who’s now headed to grad school to study creative writing. It is, uh, definitely worth a read!

A Videogame You Should Play

Here Is Your Open Thread

Two years ago, Mac McClelland wrote a piece for Mother Jones about her time working as a “picker” in an Ohio warehouse. Many people don’t realize that when they order products from a website, the order is often filled by third-party logistics contractors. Radiolab revisited the story this week along with additional commentary from Brad Stone, a reporter for Bloomberg Businessweek and the author of The Everything Store, a book about Jeff Bezos and Amazon. (Warning: There is some profanity and many mentions of dildos, which I felt compelled to mention here since Radiolab has been getting some guff about it).

Budget Super Bowl Snacks

Throwing a great Super Bowl party doesn’t have to mean shelling out for expensive, brand-name snacks.

The President Swears There is Nothing Wrong With an Art History Degree

On a trip to Wisconsin this week to talk about his proposal to revitalize American manufacturing, President Obama took a little swipe at art history majors.

Batgirl c. 1973 Discussing ‘Equal Pay For Equal Work’

The National Archives resurfaced this video from 1973 in which Batgirl explains the concept of “equal pay for equal work.” Would the U.S. Department of Labor air a video like that today?

The Cost of a Trip to Iceland

I was fine with having no immediate plans of traveling internationally, but I still wanted to get away for a week—I had vacation days to use up, and a bit of money in savings I could use on a planet ticket. I eventually found flight on the Icelandair site for $605, taxes and fees included. It was more than I’d hoped to spend, and the trip would be from Wednesday to Monday, but most other date ranges I clicked on had flights in the $800 range, so I took it as a sign to bite the bullet. After the trip was booked, I chatted with my friend online: “I think I’m going to Iceland in October?”

Elementary School Kids Have Their Lunches Thrown Away Because They Were in Debt