Ugly Christmas Sweaters Selling Like Gangbusters

Thanks to stars including heart-throb Justin Bieber, boyband Union J and The Saturdays pin-up Rochelle Humes wearing the once naff tops, Asda is on course to sell ten million in the run up to the big day.

The supermarket chain revealed armloads of novelty jumpers with reindeer, Santa and penguin motifs were flying off shelves and will make up a third of clothing sales this month.

Sales are already up 200% year-on-year with £3 million splashed out on the woolies in one week alone.

“Customers are loving reindeer this year,” said Helen Low, the chain’s head of design.

The ugly Christmas sweater has gone beyond something you look for at thrift shops to wear to parties as a joke and into a big money-making business, especially in the U.K., which is celebrating “Christmas Jumper Day” tomorrow in some form or another.

A quick search on Amazon for “ugly Christmas sweaters” brings up a line by a company called Tipsy Elves, which is selling their sweaters for $65 a pop. I think I’ll stick with my very boring, very plain sweaters this year.


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I still regret getting rid of the amazing (possibly homemade?) thrift store sweater I used to have, which was pale green and featured a giant hot air balloon & seagulls design, a front pocket, and turtleneck collar w/button.


andnowlights (#2,902)

It is NOT because of Justin Beiber or any of those people I’ve never heard of (I am old) that Christmas sweaters are popular. That’s been a thing at least since I was in college! I know that’s an article being quoted, but I feel outrage whenever someone tried to attribute something fun to JB.

We totally had a couple of people wear ugly Christmas sweaters to our work holiday party, and it was adorable. Goodwill was the procurement source for all of them.

gl (#5,458)

@andnowlights …I have not heard of any of the others either. I’m old toooooooooooooo. (Or we are both young and they are just not that famous.)

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

I may or may not be waiting for the Metallica Holiday Sweater (aka “The Sweater That Should Not Be”) to go on sale after the holidays. It’s currently $75.

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