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Too Busy Counting Their Money to Care That You Hate Them

Think about the companies you love to hate: cable TV providers, cellphone carriers. It turns out that some of the most-hated companies out there don’t care that you hate them because they’re too busy going home to count all the money they’re making. From Bloomberg Businessweek:

For all the usual complaints—such as “I hate dealing with this company” or “These guys are the worst at customer service”—about the usual suspects from the ranks of cable and Internet providers, airlines, and banks, it turns out they just don’t have much incentive to care. The companies you hate are making plenty of money. In fact, the scorned tend to perform better than the companies you like…

Your contempt really, truly doesn’t matter to these companies, with no influence on the bottom line. If anything, it might hurt company profits to spend money making customers happy. For cable-TV providers, an industry whose customers famously have few options, happy users could be a waste of money and bad for shareholders. And so many of us angry subscribers are also the shareholders through, say, our retirement accounts.

It still pretty cathartic to get it all out, though. Now if only I could figure out a way to break away from Time Warner Cable’s hold on my neighborhood.

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aproprose (#1,832)

This is how I feel about Chicago’s new privately-owned Ventra CTA fare system. They have no incentive to care because we HAVE to use their service, regardless of its suckiness.

faustbanana (#2,376)

@aproprose I can’t WAIT to see who’s getting rich from the ridiculous undertaking that is Ventra.

Eric18 (#4,486)

@aproprose Chicago and its aldermen seem to be a glutton for crappy services and financial deals.

WhyHelloThere (#1,398)

Huh. I hated my cable and internet provider so much that I canceled my cable, got AppleTV and subscribed to Hulu Plus and Netflix, and switched to a different internet service provider. Now they call me several times a week to ask me to come back. If they don’t mind that I hate them, they’ve got a weird way of showing it!

pizza (#599)

I feel like I live in a bizarro world with time warner cable. I call up about every 6 months or so threatening to cancel and they give me really steep discounts and free codes for on-demand movies. I’ve only had one bad experience with them and about 10 good ones. 2 months ago my cable was skipping and my DVR didn’t work so they gave me 3 weeks credit, 2 free on-demand movies, and $5 off my bill for the next 6 months.

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