Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping

My high-risk situation? The mecca of teen shopping: Forever 21. Chandeliers hang from a gold-painted ceiling, pop music is blasting, and there are racks and racks of dangerously cheap clothes. On a recent visit, inside the dressing room, I played back in my mind the six questions Benson suggests her patients ask themselves before making a purchase.

“Why am I here? How do I feel? Do I need this? What if I wait? How will I pay for it? And where will I put it? And if you can answer those questions, preferably in writing, to your satisfaction,” Benson says, “it’s probably not a compulsive purchase.”

Youth Radio took on the question of, How do you know if you have a shopping problem?, and talked to a psychologist about compulsive shopping.

“Where will I put it?” is probably the question that has prevented me from buying things the most, though I’d still really like to have a Kitchenaid stand mixer.

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EM (#1,012)

“You can never get enough of what you don’t really need” is an excellent thought to consider when spending money.

Mockingbird (#4,524)

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer is never a impulse purchase: way too expensive. I held a bake sale during Bay to Breakers (I live close to the Panhandle in SF) and made enough to buy myself a beautiful standmixer and have never regretted the effort i needed to put into getting it. So many baked goods. Well now i’m fat, but besides that, no regrets.

WayDownSouth (#3,431)

@Mockingbird what do you like about it? It sounds like something that we’d use. Thanks

garli (#4,150)

@WayDownSouth Just for background I’m the kind of person who would happily spend my last dollars on kitchen things. I have and love a kitchen aid stand mixer.

Any time you’re making bread, cake, cookies, biscuits, …anything with a dough you’re happy you have one. I also use it for pancakes, waffles, and whipped cream.

Things like, creaming butter and sugar together, which were a huge pain in the ass are now easy. You can throw them in and leave it alone while you measure dry ingredients.

If you don’t already cook those things, or want to cook them, I’d save your money.

WayDownSouth (#3,431)

@garli is this mixer similar in build and/or quality to that $400 blender which was discussed a couple of months ago? My wife bought one of those and she LOVES it.

Thanks for your help

garli (#4,150)

@WayDownSouth Ha, the Vitamix? Yeah I have that too.

Honestly I do not know the current quality of a stand mixer. I was super lucky to inherit mine, which was built in the 1940’s apparently. I’ve heard the current ones don’t last as long, but don’t have any experience with a newer one.

inspector_tiger (#2,651)

So, I have a Bosch Mixer and it is great, and considerable cheaper than a Kitchen Aid. It can do the same things, but it is nowhere near as nice looking as the Kitchenaid. I got it because my grandma and mum have used the same model for the last 50 or so years. There is one problem: you can buy crazy attachments like shreeders, ice machines (which I want) and juicers (which I already have), so the buying theoretically never stops…

Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

@Mockingbird I love mine for making pizza dough/ciabatta/any bread that has a wet dough that would be really tough to knead by hand. I use mine all the time. I would definitely recommend the “professional” ones where the bowl lifts to the mixer, instead of the mixer flipping down onto the bowl, especially if you’ll be making bread. They cost a bit more, but can handle thicker doughs.

The two questions that get me to put a lot of clothing and shoes down are –
1. What will I wear this with? Need a minimum of three outfits for approval.
2. Do I already own something like this? I.e., how many damn white button down shirts does one person really need.

Although a third question for me personally might be – how many pairs of pajama pants does one person really need? MANY THE ANSWER IS MANY.

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