My Last Hundred Bucks: Normal Texas Stuff

Where’d your last hundo go, Briana Wucinski?

$4.93: Starbucks large venti soy latte. It worries me that almost every one of these begins or contains an unnecessary coffee purchase. Then I realize how essential caffeine is to the world and I once again understand.

$15: Gas, because you can’t get anywhere in Texas without a car. Thank you wide open spaces.

$4: I chipped in for tacos with a friend. You also can’t go a week in Texas without tacos.

$25.98: Two bottles of wine I bought for our group of friends. Luckily this was paid back in copious amounts of cocktails at the next bar(s) we attended that evening.

$10: Brewery tour on a Saturday. This was possibly the best money I’ve spent so far, because not only did I get three fancy craft beers, I also got to keep the pint glass. My entire glassware collection has been cultivated from brewery tours’ free pint glasses. I consider it a thrifty bonus to getting day drunk on a Saturday afternoon.

$19: Splitting a very, very large pizza that ended up feeding me for my next three meals.

$24: Spent at various bars on booze that fuels my young 20-something blood. I ended up $4 short at the final bar and my friend had to spot me. Guess I’m out until my next payday.

Worth it.


Briana Wucinski lives in … Texas.


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EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

This sounds like a super fun time. My last hundred bucks was like…ties or something.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

@EvanDeSimone I know for a fact that my last $100 bucks was tires. $130, actually.

alexr (#3,028)

St. Arnold’s? I miss Houston like crazy.

joyballz (#2,000)


halloliebchen (#5,373)

This sounds way fun. Also tacos.

Allison (#4,509)

What a great way to spend a hundred bucks

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

No joke, this sounds like the perfect use for $100 ever: coffee, pizza, tacos, wine and beer.

echolikebells (#3,272)

@LookUponMyWorks That is all I could think of the entire time I was reading it!

jquick (#3,730)

Guess I’m showing my age (and investment account heftiness) that I’m saddened that she blew 85% on food and drink. And that other 15%? That is why I early retired at age 45. Invest in oil and gas stocks.

Allison (#4,509)

@jquick it’s her most recent $100, not her entire salary.

aetataureate (#1,310)

@jquick Nah, just grouchy smugness. I’m happy for your success. I’m happy for Briana’s fun life experiences that cost $85.00.

Ellie (#62)

It also sounds like she got five meals out of it (tacos, pizza that lasted four meals, six if the latte was breakfast) plus a fun & educational activity (brewery tour). $30ish is decent for six meals.

readyornot (#816)

@jquick I always interpreted these columns to be the last hundred bucks of cash which left your wallet. And though I have automatic transfers into employer retirement accounts, a brokerage account, and a high-yield savings account, we regularly spend our cash on food and drink. So I don’t think that’s mutually exclusive with financial prudence? And everyone has different preferences.

eraserface (#1,628)


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