Monday Check-in

Good morning!

We are officially on our holiday schedule and will be sporadically posting stories and resurfacing some popular pieces, but I wanted to do a Monday check-in today so we can maintain our spending accountability for the weekend.

This weekend I borrowed a car and filled it with $25 worth of gas so I could visit some of my friends from secondary school, and some friends from college living in Los Angeles. I picked up some goodies to bring with me before meeting them ($31.27), and stayed up late catching up with everyone (free).

On Sunday I picked up sandwiches for lunch with my family ($20), and then dropped by Target for gift wrapping supplies ($15.93). My estimate was $125, and I ended up spending $92.20.

How were your weekends?

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AitchBee (#3,001)

Estimated $130 (I think?); spent $190 (gulp), but the overspending was mostly on my mom and her boyfriend’s Christmas gift, so I’m not beating myself up about it.

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

I did not get to do Friday estimate because last week was a workpocalypse. (I work at a retail bank so we were dealing with a debit card nightmare. THANKS TARGET!)

Basically I estimated that I would spend some money and I did that. Fortunately all my Christmas shopping is done so it was not terrible. On Saturday I went to a friend’s Christmas party in Astoria. I brought a bottle of wine $15 and some cookies which I said I made but actually were from my mother. ($0) My mom sends me a huge surplus of cookies and then I shamelessly pass them off as my own because if I ate all of them myself I would die.

On Sunday I saw American Hustle with a friend who received free tickets from her boss. This was awesome and a fun time. I bought some candy for like $5. American Hustle, if you’re wondering, is mostly a movie about hair. I would like to make a sequel about Jennifer Lawrences updo going on a date with Bradley Cooper’s man-perm.

Weekend Total: $20ish

ATF (#4,229)

I think I had no real idea on Friday. So this is how it went –

Friday – grocery store, $26. Then home for the night after a quick run at the gym.

Saturday – prescriptions and miscellany at cvs – $30. Baked lots of cookies – $0 additional cost and one massive backache. Some additional christmas shopping – $180.

Sunday – jingle bell 5k, brunch, beer hall cost me $30.

annecara (#1,914)

Friday: Post-caroling overpriced dinner and drinks for me and my husband, $50.
Saturday: Two tickets to see The Book Thief, $20. Post-movie dinner and drinks were $90 and well worth it.
Sunday: $17 for pizza.

Estimated Total: $205
Actual Total: $177. Except I spent twice as much on food as I’d estimated and didn’t do any Christmas shopping, so I’m less happy about coming in below my estimate than I could be.

Ellie (#62)

I had estimated $144-$160. Actual:
Friday, nothing. I went to a party and brought a nonalcoholic beverage that I already had in the house.
Saturday, $9.55 on a Christmas gift, $11 on lunch, $11.50 on another gift, $32.83 at CVS (largely unforeseen, but useful), $22 going to a cultural show. I also went out for drinks but my boyfriend paid.
Sunday – $45.68 for a new mouthguard, $30.79 on two more presents and some copper cleaner for my mom.
Total: $192.66. Not bad! I need to buy one more small present, mail cards and mail one package, but those are my only remaining holiday expenses.

I estimated 300, 150 for car repair, 50 for groceries, 100 for presents and storage stuff. It worked out to be 81.95 for the car, 170 thereabouts for presents and what not, and another 100 or so for groceries and some dog stuff. Ugh. I have a spending hangover. I’m going to figure out the actual dollar amounts in a minute, but I needed the succor of the confessional before I could start my day.

@TrotskyHolds MyiPod
Auto: $81.95
Groceries (including a lunch because I ran errands all day)$100.61
Presents and storage stuff: $169.86
Dog Stuff for upcoming trip: $17.39
Lost bet that involved buying alcohol: $18.17
Total: $387.98

But Christmas comes once a year, blah blah blah, and I did some pet sitting, which helps me feel a little better about hemorrhaging money.

charmcity (#1,091)

Every year, I think carefully about a consumable or event-based gift I can get for each of my family members – tickets, a donation, a bottle of nice wine, etc. And I get it and then the weekend before Xmas my stack of printouts looks so pathetic and freak out and decide I need to go out and get “just a little something for them to unwrap” and it all goes haywire. In summary, I spent like $200 on yoga pants for other people this weekend.

kentuckienne (#4,294)

My goal was to spend under $100 and I spent just $13 on Friday to take fun airplane bottles of liquor to a friend’s Christmas party. Being home, sleeping, seeing family, and eating food bought by my parents has been good for the soul.

My husband’s out of town, so I spent my weekend… Home Alone. Very fun, but also lonely!

On Friday night I dicked around (that’s the technical term) at the gym, ate leftovers for dinner and watched She’s All That on Netflix. Why did I do that? I don’t know. It wasn’t the best idea. $0.

On Saturday, I wrapped Christmas gifts, bought a few extra cards & a last-minute gift ($17) and ingredients for my contribution to the family potluck next weekend ($17, including a bottle of cheap Chardonnay that was my entertainment for the evening). Stopped at Sticky Fingers for lunch ($12) and bought an iced latte on my way home from the grocery store ($4.40), mostly for the novelty of drinking an iced beverage in December. Spent my evening drinking Chardonnay (again, iced) and making vegetable stock.

Yesterday I was lonely and bored so I offered to buy my sister lunch ($27, including tip) and then we hung out for a while at my apartment. She drove me to my parents’ for Christmas tree decorating, and then back to the Metro because I have work today :(

But I’m going back home this evening :)

Weekend total: $79.40

Stina (#686)

@cuminafterall I’m working too, but I’m in a fleece and jeans and the drive was unbelievably easy this morning.

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

@Stina At work too! But no one is here and I am in comfortable clothes…it is raining though so, wash. Easy drive however.

WalkinOnBy (#3,585)

Hmm, expensive weekend!

Dinner with my dad & cousin. It was really nice just the three of us to talk honestly and share a good meal and some drinks. I spent the night at my mom’s since she wanted me to house-sit.

Laundry at mom’s (woohoo, so much space to hang things to dry!)
Costco: $142
Maxi: $28
Canadian Tire: $50
$50 of all that will be paid back by roommates, the rest is useful things for the next 3-4 months, and foods.

Laundry, freelance work, walking through so much snow.
Date $14 for our drinks

Total: $234, or $184 when I get paid back by roomies.

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

Spent way too much because I had to take one of the cats to the emergency vet this weekend (he’s fine) and also last minute Christmas shopping, so not even going to tally, but I don’t care because I JUST GAVE NOTICE AT MY OLD JOB and I HAVE A NEW JOB YAAAAY NEW JOB!!!!

Stina (#686)

@TheDilettantista Woooot!

samburger (#5,489)

@TheDilettantista congrats and good luck!

wallrock (#1,003)

I dropped a good chunk of cash ($190) Friday after work when I stopped by the winery near my office, justified internally because a) it’s nice to support local businesses, and b) it’s cheaper by the case. That will make for several gifts and a little left over for me. Saturday I picked up a new camera for my sister, pricey ($350) but she’s had a rough year and a kindergarten teacher needs to take plenty of pictures while the kids are still adorable. I also bought a sandwich for lunch along with some licorice for my father ($11). Sunday was a snow day and I barely left the couch. My only accomplishment was watching the entire first season of Breaking Bad.

Stina (#686)

“but I wanted to do a Monday check-in today so we can maintain our spending accountability for the weekend.” I’m sorry? What is this “ac-count-abil-ity”? Huh? Sorry….. Have no clue.

Aaanyway I estimated $52 on supplies/food which was right on, except I had not predicted the quick lunch before blizzard out $20 and five bags of salt for water softener $25. And the shoveling…oh the shoveling was right on as well(the glamour of home-ownership I tell ya).

samburger (#5,489)

Eloping was surprisingly affordable (and really really lovely. Thanks for all the good wishes last Friday!)

I estimated $657, and we spent $658 without feeling even a little like we were skimping on anything. The whole thing, including filing fees, was <$800.

AmandaPanda (#4,869)

This weekend was pretty good and involved a LOT of TV.
Friday: dinner at home, netflix
Saturday: went to see Saving Mr. Banks (sweet & free) and lunch for the three of us after ($36)
Bought a tree ($5 which was a nice surprise), drank wine ($30/3 bottles so more for another time), ate gingersnaps ($0, pre bought), and decorated it.
Sunday: $26 on some groceries, eagles, naps.

Total $100ish. Pretty good.

calamity (#2,577)

Friday: $90 of presents ordered from B&N (free two-day shipping!); dinner at home; hung out with the guy I’m dating at his place.

Saturday: $10 for a breakfast sandwich, muffin for later, and cookie for my little brother at Le Caprice; metroed out to Alexandria for said brother’s birthday party (free pizza! already had his present); $28 for dinner out with a friend.

Sunday: $23 for Chinese delivery.

Total: $151, which was under my estimate. Good job, self

BATS! (#2,770)

Friday: $0, I think. I just stayed in and watched Beavis and Butthead Do America on Netflix (it has held up super well!).
Saturday: coffee and french toast for breakfast ($14), another coffee later ($4), a car2go rental ($32 – and I will likely never use car2go again because they were dicks), chinese delivery for dinner ($30), and I went approximately halfsies on a bottle of bourbon ($20). Shopping was $50 (for a birdhouse), $115 (for derby supplies), and $20 for spices.
Sunday: I worked. I bought a sandwich ($7) and later some wrapping paper ($6).

Total: $298 if my math is right. I was under my estimate, but I didn’t buy groceries or finish my christmas shopping. I don’t really need groceries this week, though, what with Christmas and all.

sariberry (#4,420)

I estimated $117, spent $80. Woot!

A lot of small things came up that I didn’t budget for, but I over-budgeted for others, so it all worked out. On Friday, I spent $11 on lunch and $10 on getting my eyebrows threaded.

On Saturday, I went to a friend’s holiday party and bought pumpkin bread for them for $5. I also bought a $3 coffee. That evening, went to the bar to see a friend; spent $9 on drinks and split a cab back, $12.

Sunday – brunch, and I paid for my friend, but it still wasn’t much ($25). Took a walk on the Highline, bought water – $2. Also bought the paper and a banana – $3.

All told – $80. So I achieved my goal of staying under triple digits. *pats self on back*

37crosby (#4,160)

Low-key weekend in the run up to Christmas (which is not celebrated in the country where I live, but I’m off work on the 25th).

Friday night: $6/cab to and from bar; $12/overpriced vodka soda at bar
Saturday: 66 cents/bus to and from gym; $5.50/froyo after the gym; $6/frame from Ikea for framing secret santa gift; $2.50 cab to holiday housewarming and $2.50 cab home.
Sunday: $10/haircut, $3/loaf of whole wheat bread and a bottle of salt.
Total: $42.16

RiffRandell (#4,774)

An entire day late to the party- but I need this accountability!
Friday: $0 on the Christmas party, some priceless dancing. Had to pass up on lunch because I was in a time crunch at work- so several $$ avoided.

Saturday- $30 on gas, hour of driving, surprisingly quick trip through BWI and onto my plane! $7.50 on food, which I semi regret (Note to self: bring more snacks)

Sunday- several nice meals on my parents dime, $60 on my mom’s yoga top!!! But hey, she’s paying for my yoga classes, so I can deal. $97.50, a tad bit more than my $50 estimate.

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