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French Café Enacts Rudeness Tax

Owners of the Petite Syrah café in the south of France were fed up with rushed customers coming in to order coffee and forgetting their manners, so they decided to take action.

In a feat of brilliance, they edited menu prices to hit customers where it hurts: their fancy French wallets.

The new menu prices (translated for your convenience) include:

“A coffee” €7
“A coffee, please” €4.25
“Hello, a coffee, please” €1.40

Although Pepino admits he’s never actually had to enforce the price scheme, he says he has noticed a difference in his customers’ behaviour.

“Most of my customers are regulars and they just see the funny side and exaggerate their politeness,” he said, adding “They started calling me ‘your greatness’ when they saw the sign.”

“But people are more relaxed now, and they’re smiling more. That’s the most important thing.”

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andnowlights (#2,902)

I love this, in theory, but it seems like the people that order it rudely at the most expensive level will also be the rudest arguing about it! On one hand, it makes people nicer on a shallow level, but on the other, it could increase the occasional level of abuse on the coffee shop employee is subjected to.

fennel (#2,494)

my cobbler here in the US seems to do this! He knocked $10 off the quoted price when I exclaimed spontaneously at what a good job he’d done with my shoes, and knocked off another dollar when I didn’t complain about paying cash because he didn’t want to accept credit — and told me to go buy a coffee and have a good Christmas!
i wonder if this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often than we think, in general — maybe not so much discounts, but: the rudeness surcharge.

aetataureate (#1,310)

@fennel Plus people tend to throw things in for you — not cash discounts or anything but nice perks, free add-ons, etc. It’s one of those cases where the people who deserve it most are the people who expect it the least, they’re just being themselves and having manners.

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