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1 Thing Actually Is All Around Us

Thursday is a great day to do that 1 thing you don’t want to do but also don’t want to continue thinking about doing.

Yesterday I had to stay late at work and I had a headache and all I wanted to do was fall into bed when I got home and I opened the door and my roommate was scrubbing the bathtub. Shit. It was my turn to scrub the bathtub, and I even bought new bathtub scrubber stuff earlier in the week, but you know, that was one task and actually scrubbing the bathtub was another and why do today what you can do tomorrow, is my motto. Also I’m a terrible roommate, never live with me. Anyway at first I was like, “Ahhh please stop! Put all the grime back! It’s my turn,” and then she was like, “That’s impossible I’m just going to finish cleaning,” and then I was like, “… I’ll help?” And then I went into my room and had a quiet moment and realized the last thing I wanted to do at that moment was clean anything and also, logistically, how do you help someone clean a very small bathroom, you don’t, so then I came back out and said, “Actually, I am very tired but I will clean the kitchen and vacuum the house tomorrow. Thank you for cleaning the bathroom. Namaste.”

So that’s what I’m doing today.


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echolikebells (#3,272)

I had a one thing picked out, which was to find an auto insurance policy now that I’m going to be the main policy holder instead of my mom, compare rates, blah blah blah. But I did that already! (And my payments didn’t increase despite switching one car from a ’99 with a value of $800 to a ’14 with a value of like one year of my salary and increasing the policy accordingly, because her credit sucks and mine doesn’t suck as much, so that is good!)

My new one thing is to make zucchini bread. This is somehow more of a feat than I thought it would be. I thawed some zucchini I froze this summer yesterday and didn’t feel like baking but now I have to! Or it will go bad!

OllyOlly (#669)

I will just brag that on my day off last Wednesday I made both a haircut and a gynecologist appointment, which I had been meaning to make for weeks (…months?). I get so stressed about both getting a haircut and picking the right doctor. So I will take this week off.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@OllyOlly I think that’s fair. You did TWO things that day.

Meaghano (#529)

@OllyOlly Last year my only real new year’s resolution was to go to the damn doctor, and it took me til about October to do it. I am a big fan of Zocdoc for this reason. Like the Seamless of making doctor’s appts.

Stina (#686)

@OllyOlly I wasn’t putting my annual gyno appointment off, but had entirely lost the thought from my mind that I should make one, until I read your message. And then I made one, so thanks for the reminder!

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

My one thing for this week is to finally purchase and send some Christmas card. This is a nicety i’ve been putting off since I graduated college but I’ve started receive more and more each year from far-flung friends I’m finally going to cave and buy a box of cards to send out. I also need to gather up addresses. Unsurprisingly in the age of text and email I don’t actually know many of my closest friend’s mailing addresses.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@EvanDeSimone That is the last remaining “grown up” thing I have not done (other than buy a house or have a dog). I’ve even gotten a lamp repaired. I just… don’t want to do it!

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@andnowlights I don’t either but the guilt is getting overwhelming.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@EvanDeSimone @andnowlights Ah, you guys, it’s fun! Plus then you don’t feel guilty when people send you cards!

EvanDeSimone (#2,101)

@LookUponMyWorks I compltely agree with half of this.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@EvanDeSimone Ha, fair enough. Just think how excited your great aunt twice removed will be to get that card!

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

I need to buy plane tickets for that family thing in January. Self: don’t forget! That’s only a few weeks away.

gyip (#4,192)

I need to start knitting that baby sweater present. It shouldn’t take long (I always say that), but the baby’s due in January SO YEAH.

andnowlights (#2,902)

My one thing is to go shopping for everything I need for my work Christmas party. My boss and I are catering it ourselves and I plan on doing the bulk of my cooking tomorrow night so it’s all ready to be baked and reheated on Saturday.

It’s going to be awesome, but it’s also going to be SO MUCH WORK. I love my students and they don’t get home cooked food very often, so it’s something we wanted to do for them, but it’s requiring a lot of planning since I have 2 other things to do on Saturday.

Allison (#4,509)

I did Things yesterday (made a big dinner that shall be lunch for the rest of this week/most of next AND put that plastic on the sliding glass doors so maybe my living room won’t be a refridgerator) so today I’m just kind of stressing about what to put on my Christmas list to give to my aunt. TECHNICALLY this gift is from a ten year old so “Target gift card” and the ilk seems boring. But at least those are easy for me to pack and bring home.

oh, also I should email my buddy about swimming with dolphins in Akaroa, but it’s like 5:30 am where she is.

sherlock (#3,599)

@Allison Ahhh are you talking about that 3M window insulating plastic sheet thing? I am obsessed with it. I am not entirely sure whether it works or if it’s just a placebo effect, but sealing up my windows each winter is a very, very important ritual for me.

Li'l Sebastian (#3,297)

@sherlock It 100% helps, and it’s more effective if you put some kind of temporary sealant over any cracks in your window-area (like where the wooden part at the bottom of the window touches the frame) to stop drafts, because the plastic is about creating medium-temperature air between your warm house and the cold outside, and it’s more effective if cold air isn’t sneaking in.

Allison (#4,509)

@Li’l Sebastian is THAT what it’s doing? as someone from California who is new to this technology, I assumed it was just magic.

Stina (#686)

Today I had to go encourage/nag others to do their one things and turn them into me. And I started a work report that I’ve been putting off.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

Today’s one thing was going to be finally ordering everyone’s Christmas gifts. But I signed up to host trivia instead. So +$50, but I’ll be doing that on the weekend instead. Oops.

allreb (#502)

I started my really big One Thing yesterday after weeks and weeks and weeks of procrastination, which was to call a specialist doc and ask if she can see me. But I got her voicemail and now we’re playing phone tag, so hopefully I will have this settled by the end of the day.

greenhumble (#3,010)

My one thing for today was to try to update my health insurance policy for 2014– done! Bonus for hauling it to Walgreens to pick up safety pins for piecing a quilt I’m making.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

1. Be brave

2. Use bravery to contest a parking ticket online (mean notes from The Authorities scare me)

RiffRandell (#4,774)

One thing is to get ready for Texas forever! Aka prepare for a brief trip (that last $100 this morning was timely!) to the great state of Texas.
Thing 1: Go to the library, pick a book, pay a fine for the last book (that I returned in the dead of night to avoid the shame).
Thing 2: Paint my nails.
Thing 3: Pack.

Allison (#4,509)

@RiffRandell library fines are basically donations! FEEL NO SHAME (what I have to tell myself ALL THE TIME)

RiffRandell (#4,774)

@Allison 20 cents down the drain!

notpollyanna (#2,841)

I need to resemble a productive member of society: I need to to my laundry. (I do it by hand because I am weird and there are no machines in my building. This is way better than going to the laundromat, I swear.) I will also put my currently soaking beans in my crockpot to cook. I will not let my beans soak until they ferment and I have to throw them out because I never got around to cooking them.

Earlier today, I emailed my student loan servicer to ask how to apply for cosigner release. Based on what they told me last year, I should be eligible. I am more excited about this than my parents, but it would be super cool if I could put a confirmation letter of cosigner release in my parents’ Christmas cards. Super cool!

RachelW (#2,605)

My one thing is to start writing thank you notes for wedding gifts. My original goal was to get them out before 1 month had passed. My new goal is two months. If I can write 10 tonight, I will consider that a success.

Also – this post is A+ because it includes both a reference to Love Actually and a picture of Nick Miller frowning.

honey cowl (#1,510)

My 1 thing today was to go to my dentist and gyno appointments. I went to the dentist and got such bad news that it sent me into a sadness/panic spiral and I skipped the gyno! #adulthood

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