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You Can Now Live At Disney World

Good news for adult humans I will never understand or relate to: for as little as $1.7 million dollars you can now buy a house on Disney park property. The gated community called Golden Oak is now under development, set to have 450 houses completed in the next couple of years.

Apparently, this little business venture is doing quite well. Of the 100 houses that have been built so far, they’re nearly all sold, to people like this:

Gina and Paul Rice, of Warrenton, Virginia built their Tuscan-style, five-bedroom, 9,000-square-foot home, complete with fireworks viewing tower so they could see the nightly fireworks displays.

‘If there’s a single image that you think of with Disney, it’s those fireworks,’ says Mr. Rice, 60.

‘It’s just a very cool way to remind yourself you’re rolling in the belly of all this stuff.’

They didn’t request for any Hidden Mickeys to be included in the design of their house but ended up with 13 anyway with a head and ears molded into the fireplace and even also in the swimming pool.

Perks (which translate to roughly $12,000 in annual fees) include “park passes, door-to-park transportation, extended hours for visiting attractions such as the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and a 17,000-square-foot clubhouse with a restaurant and concierge.” Something to think about!

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PrettyNicola (#692)

One of my fantasies is winning the lottery and then just spending a year living in various Disney parks around the world. I recognize that I am a crazy person, but I love Space Mountain so much that I really don’t care.

Renleigh (#2,110)

@PrettyNicola I feel you on that fantasy. I have a friend who just got an internship with Disney and she’s going to be moving down there in January. I’m insanely jealous.

PrettyNicola (#692)

@Renleigh Oh I am sure it is a terrible place to work and they exploit their workers like no one’s business. But going to Disney and staying on the resort is the closest thing I have ever come to feeling like a rich person. Plus I was with a young child, so everyone called us “princess” the whole time. My experience was very different going back as a chaperone for teenagers a few years later.
I just feel like, these people are spending millions on a home and homeowner’s fees and eventually taxes (unless there are no taxes because Disney is private land? I don’t know), and for the very generous estimate of $1000 per day for a single person, you could stay at a hotel with a built in cleaning service and people to cook for you and you could ride the rides and watch the fireworks, and in a year you would still spend less than a million dollars. Plus, if you got bored, you could go to Disney Paris or whatever.
I would not turn up my nose at one of these houses if I inherited it, but I guess my Disney dream just doesn’t involve property taxes.

Renleigh (#2,110)

@PrettyNicola My friend’s a comp sci person and thus not working actually at the parks, so that’s a lot of the appeal. Being an imagineer sounds like a dream to me.

My fantasy that involves buying this house involves being so foolishly wealthy that the property taxes are pocket change to me, but honestly I do think it would be more fun to get to try out all the hotels and parks around the world.

PrettyNicola (#692)

@Renleigh That is cool then. My dream is to work in their archives, but I majored in Digital Libraries instead of archives, and they probably have legitimately respectable librarians/archivist in charge of their archives…

I highly recommend Carl Hiassen’s old reportage on the Disney corporation (which used to seem like a more sinister threat back in the 1990s somehow).

By the way, when did one-day park tickets become NINETY FIVE DOLLARS? My wife really wanted to go while we are in Florida but not for $95/ea.

Meaghano (#529)

@stuffisthings Dang. 95 dollars it simply too many dollars! That is absurd.

hotdish (#1,868)

Holy crap, you guys. NINE THOUSAND SQUARE FEET?!? I can excuse 5 bedrooms, and 1.7 million dollars… but that is the size of 4 large houses PUT TOGETHER. Do you think they’ll air condition the entire thing? I just… I can’t. I can’t even.

PrettyNicola (#692)

@hotdish This all just reminds me of the final scene in Queen of Versailles, when you see the fireworks of Disney exploding through the window frame of their enormous, incomplete house.

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

I went to Disney ALL THE TIME as a kid–we lived two hours away, Mickey Mouse was my favorite, and it was easy. I still love Disney, but now that I have fled the country’s penis it saddens me that I cannot visit as much as I did when I was younger.

However, I AM GOING TO DISNEY IN JUST OVER FOUR WEEKS. I will go to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. I will ride Haunted Mansion A ZILLION TIMES. I will see Captain Eo, maybe three times consecutively, and I might WEEP WITH HAPPINESS. I AM GOING TO GET A CITRUS SWIRL.

It has been over 5 years since I have gotten a Disney fix and this year, no lie, I started having dreams about being at Disney, trying to get to my attraction of choice, and failing.

Yes a ticket to the park is SUPER EXPENSIVE (the best value is to get a multi-day pass because it gets cheaper with every day you add), but the happiness it buys me is SO WORTH IT. People who do not like Disney are sad people.

(To get right to the point of the post however–wow that is super cray and also interesting, but if that is how people want to spend their money then okay. You do you y’all).

Meaghano (#529)

@TheDilettantista I am from Florida too! (Tallahassee, but my parents grew up in Miami / Ft. L) One of my favorite childhood memories is when my parents surprised us and took us to Disney on the way home from our grandparents (we always used to drive by on the way home to Tally and beg to go). They had this elaborate ruse about my dad getting paged by work (90s) and that he had to go into the park and use their pay phones. Ha, and somehow we bought it. We were so sad riding the trams knowing we wouldn’t get to stay. Then my parents were like, Um, JK, we’re going! It was amazing.

Anyway I haven’t been probably in ten years, but get this: my dude has NEVER BEEN. And hates the idea of it (crowds, money, etc). I can’t wait until I can one day force him.

WayDownSouth (#3,431)

@Meaghano That will change when children are involved. I had never visited Disneyland and had no real desire to. However, our daughter really wanted to go, so when we next visited the US, we went. It was a great time and we’ve been back twice more. When our daughter wants to go on the better rides, we’ll have an even better time…

TheDilettantista (#1,255)

@Meaghano FIX THAT NOW your dude will LOVE it because it is the best and also very fun to go with your significant other. It is also really fun as an adult because you can appreciate the amazing detail that the Imagineers put into the park. The last time I went was in 2008 with my parents and sister for my birthday and we just had the greatest time together. I lose my mind when I am in the place. It is also a fascinating location if you are into the general Psychology of How and Why People Do and Buy things. Like I know i am being expertly pandered to but that doesn’t make me want that Mickey Mouse pot holder any less (for reals though I need a new one, my current one is burned and sad).

Tallahassee boooooo I’m from Sarasota and went to the University of Florida so Gainesville FTW. But yay fellow Floridians!

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