The Cost of Training for a 5K


• 5K entry fee: $25
• New running shoes, obviously: $100
• Maybe those Nikes all the cool kids have: +$50
• New running clothes, for motivation: $50
• Maybe from Lululemon so they last, I deserve quality: +$200
• And better socks, I read that socks are almost as important as shoes: $20
• How much are Lululemon socks?: +$50
• I’ll need an app to tell me how to train: $4
• Or maybe I should hire someone to train with me, you know, like a trainer: $100
• And I need to buy the Daft Punk album to run to: $9.99
• And obviously also Beyonce’s entire canon: $50
• I should also start taking regular yoga classes to stay limber: $20
• And I should get a treat after the race, which is in a month, but I should plan it now. Maybe I get a massage! A haircut! A newwwww outfit!: $200



• 5K entry fee: $25
• Shoes I have: free
• Clothes I have: free
• Socks I have: free
• 1032840 articles on the internet that tell you how to train for a 5k: free
• Music I have: free
• Stretching in my living room: free
• Working towards a goal and achieving a goal as adequate motivation: free
• Just doing things and not planning them out to be perfect: free
• Putting one foot in front of the other on pavement is the easiest exercise why are you making this so complicated: free
• I’m going to go running right now as soon as I finish this post: free
• Just as soon as I’m done: free
• Okay I’m going: free
• Bye: free



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Laurabean (#3,040)

Love this! I just ran a 5k in cut-offs (sweat pant, classy I know) I’ve had since high school. And I got a free cliff bar and a magazine, so I basically came out ahead.

Vicky (#2,266)

@Laurabean My personal best 5k time is from a race where they handed you a beer as you crossed the finish line.

kstohl (#3,094)

i’d say if you could spare $2.99 the get running app is really great. plus a nice british lady lets you know when it’s time to run vs. walk. but it’s a 9 week program so if you’re on the fast track to 5k it may not be right for you.

Meaghano (#529)

@kstohl I did this too! I think it is definitely worth it, mostly in the sense that you feel like you are playing a game / checking thing off a list instead of having to re-motivate yourself to go run every couple days. Plus the lady is super nice and cuts into your Beyonce right when you’re about to give up to tell you you only have 30 more seconds

hopeyglass (#3,298)

go Logan! Also new Daft Punk is terrible workout album. Just download 8tracks and go nuts with their free playlists.

pinches (#3,520)

If you volunteer at races, you can sometimes earn credit toward races so you can run for “free”!

BillfoldMonkey (#1,754)
swirrlygrrl (#2,398)

@BillfoldMonkey That man is gross. Also: they should update the headline because I’m also super offended by the fact he discourages seatbelt wearing as well.

aetataureate (#1,310)

@swirrlygrrl Seatbelts are just yoga pants for your waist and diagonal chest-stripe. They don’t work for some women.

aetataureate (#1,310)

Be careful about the shoes because that could actually be a big deal? But if you already have real running shoes and aren’t getting stress injuries or anything then nbd.

garli (#4,150)

@aetataureate I wouldn’t super worry about shoes for a 5k. Maybe a marathon? Unless you already have some injuries.

aetataureate (#1,310)

@garli I don’t want anybody going for daily runs in Chucks or something is all.

honey cowl (#1,510)

@garli Even for a 5k the right shoes are pretty essential.

ATF (#4,229)

The only thing I ever spend money on as it relates to running is on sneakers. But even then not more than a $100ish usually and I wear them for far longer than I should (going on 2yrs and well over a thousand miles on my current pair).

But my running pants are cotton leggings from old navy, my shirts are various race tees, my socks come from wherever I decide to buy socks, and my sports bras usually come from the Champion outlet because Champion sports bras come in cup sizes and I’ve got big boobs.

Oh, and the occasional race fee. But then I joined a running club (free) and can usually snag a free bib through them.

ellabella (#1,480)

@ATF except ugh, once you’ve gone synthetic you can never go back. Exercising/sweating in cotton is the most disgusting feeling and I can’t stand it now that I’ve switched. On the other hand, my exercise clothes have lasted 6+ years once a week each and going strong (don’t use the drier), so they’ve earned their keep.

Allison (#4,509)

I love me the Zombies, Run! app. Because I get the bordest while running. Last night I was on the machine just grumbling “I want to go hoooooome” for half an hour, but I also wasn’t listening to an episode. Probably a mission would have helped.

@Allison Yes! This is the best. Until you realize, while you’re running from zombies, you’re also muttering under your breath, “No, zombies! I’m gonna kill you! I just picked up a medical kit, I’m awesome.”

DarlingMagpie (#1,695)

I’m all for running in what you got. I think all in all, I’ve only spent 150$ on my running wardrobe.

New shoes, $40 (crazy Puma sample sale), winterproofed Nike leggings, $50, (I’m in Canada yo) Champion sports bra $25, Fleece running jacket with pockets $25, Zombies Run! app – $5?

And when it’s warm I just wear whatever sweatpants/shorts/concert tshirt I have in my drawer.

ceereelyo (#3,552)

i agree with the shoes, but with a 5K you should be fine!! go Logan, go! There’s a great (and free!) training guide called from Couch Potato to 5K. I love running 5Ks and do a couple a year. My favorite one out of my alma matter is next month and the entry fee is basically a toy for a kid in New Brunswick, so I usually go to marshalls or home goods and pick up a couple of good things for not too much. Going to take the leap and start training for a 1/2 marathon for next year!

dotcommie (#662)

i think of that scene whenever i run (rarely these days)

EM (#1,012)

Wheee! I started running regularly in April and only recently bought warmer clothes to run in because it’s chilly out here. When/if you decide to get them, the GapFit line is surprisingly great, and they are perpetually having a 35% off sale for some reason or another.

Running is great because it is cheap and you can do it anywhere. It sucks for like two months and then you’ll be like “huh not so bad, body.” Good luck with training!

honey cowl (#1,510)

Oh girl, just wait until you actually start running marathons because $$$$ALL OF THE DOLLARS$$$$. Signed, one happy but broke runner.

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