Friday Estimate

Good morning! TGIF and all that—let’s do some estimations!

I’m not planning on spending much money this weekend because I dropped some dollars last night at an old roommate’s karaoke and drinks birthday bash, and some pals and I are planning on getting away from the city next weekend, and I’ve set aside money for that. But I am seeing About Time this weekend with some other pals who enjoy sappy Richard Curtis films/Ben Folds music/Rachel McAdams/time travel. My estimate is $75.

What are your estimations?


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Apollo Banks (#2,521)

This is going to be an expensive weekend as I’m picking up a new car (YAY!) and getting my bi-annual hair cut. My estimate is £500.

Caitlin with a C (#3,578)

Today: I am meeting a friend for lunch ($15). After work, I’ve got a birthday happy hour/all evening extravaganza at some bars I really like, so I’ll guess $30 (SSO is coming too). After that, we’re catching a movie with friends (not Thor), but the tickets are already purchased.

Tomorrow: we have tickets to Nerd Nite. I would love to also do some things downtown during the day, like check out a museum or go to the Christmas market at the Czech Embassy. Maybe $50 because I have no idea what’s going on?

Sunday: Friend is in town visiting, and we’re getting brunch. $25, just in case.

Monday: no work! This counts as weekend. Friends time, possibly with ice skating or something? $30?

I have no idea what’s going on, basically, so my arbitrary guess is about $150.

sariberry (#4,420)

I realized I’ve been going about these estimates wrong – I think ahead to what I will do this weekend, and then estimate what I’ll spend doing it. This method ignores a big spending culprit: spending money online, my big weakness.

For eg, I am very guilty of buying random things on Amazon when they pop into my head. I’ll be cooking and think, “why don’t we own a pair of tongs?” and then there’s $10-15 spent that I hadn’t estimated.

I don’t have many plans this weekend except going to visit a friend who lives in the neighborhood, but I plan to make a Movember donation – can’t forget about that. So, $25 for Movember (but a worthy use of my money).

Today, I’ll prob spend about $5 on lunch, and there will be a small grocery shop this weekend, maybe $25. And I’m going to add a SMALL amount – $15 – for online purchases. I’m hoping that by saying that amount out loud, it will prevent me from spending more online this weekend.

So total = $70.

amirite (#2,677)

It’s a long weekend in my province, and even though I probably won’t do anything on the Monday, it means that I’ll probably be doing more on Sunday than I normally would, so I’m expecting a bit of spending.

Tonight I’m going to a friend’s birthday, and bringing along my new favorite winter drink: a thermos of ginger tea, lemon juice, and whiskey, all ingredients I already have ($0). There’s a roller derby tournament on this weekend that my friends and I will be live-streaming, I will contribute snacks ($15). And Sunday night is date night, we are staying in and watching tv, I will also be providing snacks for that ($10).
Other than that, it’s the usual suspects:
Groceries: $60
Farmer’s market: $30
Laundry: $4
Maybe a coffee and snack or something: $8

Total: $127

echolikebells (#3,272)

Tonight is the first event of gala weekend where I work, so I will work late tonight and work a lot tomorrow.

Tonight: Maybe a last minute shopping trip because I don’t feel like my outfit is quite what it needs to be for the event. $50 maybe on cheapish heels and a necklace. I need gas, so $30.

Tomorrow: Probably sleeping in before I get ready to work the real deal gala. Free drinks and food when I’m finished working though, so no money on alcohol this weekend! Saturday should be free, unless I end up needing a taxi home. So we’ll say $7 as an estimate for my half of a maybe-taxi.

Sunday: Dinner out somewhere cheapish. $10.

Estimated total: $97. Even when I work, I’m spending too much!

sea ermine (#122)

My goal is $50-60. I’m suuuuper broke so I started a no spending between Monday at 9am and Friday at 5pm rule to try and reign things in. And so this weekend I might be getting drinks with a friend, and I will be buying a weeks worth of groceries and I’m hoping to do that for under $50 (my goal is $20 for drinks and $30 for food).

Allison (#4,509)

Three day weekend! Aw yeah. And it’s going to be pricey.

Tonight: spend no money? at least nothing planned.

Saturday: I kind of want to make ALL the food. But probably just bread and something with real food? So some grocery shopping necessary. $50

Possibly a Target run because I really need to buy new bras. But I don’t want to spend money. Also new sheets?? $150?

Also I should move more empty bins to storage so I have a place to put my Sunday plans.

Sunday: Finally buying a dining set. (I’ve only been putting it off for 10 months but then there’s that Thanksgiving thing happening) $500ish

Monday: Volunteer with the puppies! So like $8 for snacks there/back. Maybe I will make pie.

Total: $708 ouch which makes me want to say “guys we’re just going to eat on the floor/couch ANYWAY”.

sharongracepjs (#5,107)

@Allison What is Nerd Nite?!

Allison (#4,509)

@sharongracepjs something in DC probably, since I think you meant to ask Caitlin with a C! although this reminds me I should also budget $20-30 to buy food for my bestie who is driving me to the store to buy said dining table.

sharongracepjs (#5,107)

@Allison OOps, I did! Ack, TGIF…

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Tonight: contra dance? Movie? Retreating to my hermitage? $10-$14 or free

Will probably have a coffee out: $2
Still on the hunt for a good cardigan or two: $40

Market and grocery store, need some basics and wine, so it’ll be pricey: $60
Christmas shopping?: $100?


planforamiracle (#4,034)

@LookUponMyWorks oooh tell me about your contra dancing! I really want to give it a try. I do balfolk in Toronto which I think is similar..

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@planforamiracle It’s American folk dancing, to a live band. Lots and lots of fun! You dance in long lines facing each other or in a square. You sometimes switch between partners and neighbors and typically move up and down the long lines. Super fun, fast, a little nerdy but super enjoyable.

I’ve never heard of balfolk, but it sounds intriguing!

planforamiracle (#4,034)

@LookUponMyWorks Cool, that sounds really fun! Where do you go to do it?

sharongracepjs (#5,107)

This weekend might be very budgety, or very spendy – I may pay off my credit card balance and/or buy a plane ticket to a wedding during the holidays. (Both things will happen eventually…)

Tonight: $40-50 – drinks and apps with a good friend I haven’t seen in a few weeks
Saturday: ??? Nothing planned, but I might take coffee to the park or go to the movies in the evening so let’s say: $25-30
Sunday: $10 – creative writing class at the local bookstore, $10 miscellaneous Rite Aid.

So that’s $90, plus possibly $500 for the plane ticket.

I haven’t done this in awhile (because usually I don’t spend any $$ on the weekends because I’m trying to pay down my loans so if we go out, my boyfriend kindly pays!) BUT I have an extra paycheck this month, so I’m allocating the following:

$150 for new work clothes since JCrew Factory is having a sale and all of my favorite ones are getting faded and pilly
$75 to pay off an outstanding bill at my allergist
$75 on makeup replenishment at Sephora
$20~ on a nice lunch for today
$30~ on a bathrobe that my mom asked for for her birthday

so…$350ish? Agh that stresses me out but I’m making some well thought out clothing/makeup purchases I’ve been putting off for awhile!

Hmm. This afternoon I’m going to Sephora to buy a new eyeliner (splurge! Probably $25) and need to grab some things from the hardware store ($5ish). Dinner/drinks with a friend ($30?), then home. Working Saturday, and will either go shopping for suits with my man (I’m sure I will spend money on something, out of boredom if nothing else) or call it a day. Need some groceries, say another ($30). Am going to take $120 out of the ATM this afternoon and see how much of it I can still have on Monday morning.


I just remembered where I left my eyeliner, so I no longer need to do the Sephora run! I feel like I’m ahead of the game already (though I should also admit that I also just remembered that there is a sale on at the store where I buy a lot of my clothes, so I might grab a few things, which will cost more than the eyeliner would have

Liz (#504)

Oh man, I spent way too much money last night. General debauchery and my friend’s band’s show resulted in me blowing like $50, which is a lot for me.

My plans for the weekend are not too bad, so hopefully I’ll get away without spending TOO much.

– Coffee shop because I need to do work and can’t concentrate in my own house, $4
– Beer to take to friends house even though I probably won’t even drink it myself, $10
– Dessert for potluck, $0 (already made cookies!)

– Probably another coffee shop, more work, $4
– Movie ticket? Possibly, $10

– Grocery shopping for the week, $50

Total: $78, still probably too much. Maybe I’ll hold off on the movies, despite my irrational love for superheroes.

Liz the Lemur (#3,125)

Tonight: Games. Maybe another byob social gathering. $10 or so.
Tomorrow: Day-drinking hot chocolate social bike ride. Need to make cookies – I think I have everything. Also need to get non-gin booze for spiking. $15-25. Late night happy hour in the evening – $10. Maybe making dinner with a friend.
Sunday: Climbing, $0. Groceries probably – $40? We have all the staples, just need some veggies. And I need to call my parents. That’s free, but just want to hold myself accountable.
Estimate: $85 total.

annecara (#1,914)

Tonight: Buying wine to drink and as a hostess gift, $30.
Tomorrow: Dinner at a friend’s, $0. I’m going to try to keep the inevitable online shopping I will do under $75.
Sunday: No plans unless we get pizza, $15-20. May stop at the grocery store, probably under $25.

Total: $150 max.

boogers mcgee (#4,474)

This is my very first attempt at an estimate, but it seems like a nice idea to have some clue what I’ll end up spending over the weekend. So here goes:
Today – already bought an unexpected breakfast sandwich, $5. Drinks at bar where friend’s band is playing tonight, $20
Tomorrow – fancy weekend coffee drink and fancy farmer’s market muffin, $10. A ton of laundry needs to somehow get clean (insert internal debate over merits of doing it myself vs dropping off), $15-$20. Dinner and a nice drink with friend who’s in town, $45. Possible bar-hopping afterwards, $40. Must resist taking a cab home.
Sunday – another fancy weekend coffee and muffin, $10. Wandering around Brooklyn with a cute boy for the rest of the day, let’s say $40 for all food emergencies that are bound to arise.

Why are even low key weekends expensive?? About $190 if everything goes according to plan (nothing ever goes according to plan).

boogers mcgee (#4,474)

@boogers mcgee Oh man, I forgot that I still need to buy two different wedding presents! They will most likely be in the form of money/gift cards but I have no idea how much people are supposed to spend on this. Maybe $75 each? So tack on another possible $150 if I decide to finally get around to this.

umlauts (#977)

Going to see MARIA BAMFORD, which is already paid for, so it doesn’t count.
Veggie burgers & beers before the show: $30

I intend to MAKE BREAKFAST instead of getting spendy brunch/bagels.
Going to Comic Arts Brooklyn, where I will make up for my frugal breakfast by spending a lot on comics: ~$80

ANOTHER MetroNorth ticket to see the not-in-laws: $23.50
Realistically, a six-pack to unwind after a day of relativing: $8.00

I estimate 141.50. My guess is I will go over, due to buying more comics and/or impulse drinking and eating in Williamsburg.

Bonnie St. Clair (#2,949)

@umlauts Ooh, have fun seeing the Bammer!

CubeRootOfPi (#1,098)

Next week is going to be a high-spending weekend, so gotta keep it low this week. So:
Laundry: $4.50 to $5
Groceries: $45
Takeout: $12

andnowlights (#2,902)

I feel like I’ve been hemorrhaging money the last 3 weekends. That’s got to stop now or January will be a beast when we go back to austerity mode. I have no idea what we’re doing other than going hiking with my friend and her kid, though. I really need to clean all the things, and some other things around the house.

Aiming for under $50, but I’d REALLY like to do $0!

fivetoolmike (#5,164)

I’ve still got plenty of leftovers and groceries from the week, and I’m going to do my best to not eat out at all while my partner and roommate are out of town (unless I find someone to buy me dinner). I’m going to spend about $30 on beer, and maybe $40 on groceries for next week.


kentuckienne (#4,294)

Another weekend with few plans – yay!

Friday – I will go to the grocery store so bf and I will eat breakfast at home this weekend and have snacks for friends to come over on Saturday ($35) and we might go out to eat ($30?)

Saturday – no plans except friends coming over for college football! I want to waste some time at the mall and this could involve some early Christmas present shopping. I’m going to estimate $50 for the whole day, might include a Starbucks treat.

Sunday – no plans. I want to do a quick grocery trip to get juice fixings for the week, $20?

$135 for the weekend.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

Three day weekend! I’m so pumped. I need it.

Today: I’m treating myself to buying lunch instead of eating more homemade chana masala, $10. (Grilled cheese from Melt Shop and tater tots, a Friday tradition in my department). I’m also going to place an order for like $150 worth of bras from Nordstrom’s semi-annual sale, but I’m only planning on keeping $60-80 worth (aka, 2-3 bras), so I’m counting it as $60-80.
Tomorrow: Going to clinic escort, which means I’ll spend $5-7 on food and coffee in the wee hours of the morning to fortify myself against horrible angry people. I’ll take a nap in the afternoon, maybe do something with friends in the evening, $20?
Sunday: Shopping day. I need some new tops for work, and I’m forcing myself out of bed to go shopping as soon as the stores open in hopes of smaller crowds. I’m setting a budget of $100, and I want two or three new shirts. Also, groceries for the week, probably $30-40.
Monday: Union Square farmers market, because it makes me happy and I’m off work. I’ll probably spend about $15 there. Other than that, I’m hoping to spend the day being lazy and watching TV.

Total: $250ish, which is a spendy weekend for me, but it’s all needed stuff.

Allison (#4,509)

@RachelG8489 good luck escorting! I’d get arrested for assaulting the antis if I tried, so I’m impressed with people who can.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

@Allison You could totally learn how to handle escorting- I want to strangle the antis too, but we just focus on the patients above all else. It’s not easy, it’s incredibly frustrating, but we all find that it’s so much more fulfilling to just get a patient to the door than it is to interact with the antis. If you’re in NYC, I can connect you with folks, and an org I volunteer with does trainings every few months!

Allison (#4,509)

@RachelG8489 I’m in Chicago, but a friend of mine does it so if I ever become a zen-er person, it’s definitely on my list.

boogers mcgee (#4,474)

@RachelG8489 Hi! I live in NYC and am pretty interested in doing something like this. Would you be able to connect me with any information?

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

@boogers mcgee Always happy to help connect people to escorting opportunities! I escort at Choices Women’s Medical Center, in Jamaica, Queens – you may have seen their advertisements on the subway. They’re a great clinic that provides a full range of reproductive health services, from contraception to prenatal to abortion up to 24 weeks gestation. NOW-NYC organizes the clinic escort program at Choices. We are there every Saturday morning, because that’s when Choices experiences a crowd of protestors. The protesters arrive a little before 7am, so we try to do the same, but it’s totally fine to show up later if you can’t get there right at 7am. We stay until they leave, which is usually around 10:30/11.

NOW-NYC runs escort trainings a couple times per year – I think we’ll probably do the next one in January. You can email contact AT nownyc DOT org for more info and to sign up, or to get on the email list for trainings. There is no requirement that you do a formal training before you join us on a Saturday morning! Tell them Rachel told you to get in touch- they’ll know it’s me even without a last name.

PicNic (#3,760)

This week has been a bit much and I have a million things to do around the house as every day this week I’ve left at 6:45 am and not returned until after 10 pm and now I have no clean dishes and everything is everywhere.

SO, with that in mind – $75 groceries (and I think I’m out of trashbags)

then cleaning, and sleeping, and maybe sewing

Ambrrr (#5,155)

Let’s see…
Eyebrow threading (This is my first time; am I supposed to tip the beautician? I am, right??) $6-8
Farmer’s market salmon: I have no idea, but I won’t pay more than $15 for a few steaks
Duplicate keys for emergencies: How much does Home Depot charge per key? $1-2? I estimate a total of $2-4 for this
Groceries for the upcoming week: $30
Movie ticket (Thor 2: The Dark World): probably $10-12, I always forget how much these things cost
Mum’s cable bill: $65
TOTAL: $128-134, jeezy creezy

Stina (#686)

@Ambrrr “am I supposed to tip the beautician? I am, right??” I’d say so.
“How much does Home Depot charge per key? $1-2? I estimate a total of $2-4 for this” Yup. That’s about right.
Have fun at the movie!

BATS! (#2,770)

It’s a three day weekend here, and hopefully I will get at least two of those three days off work. Fingers crossed!

Friday: I did something terrible to my back this week (was it hauling an espresso machine around my apartment? was it dancing too vigorously at karaoke?) so my plan for the evening is to lie down, possibly with painkillers. I will probably pick up dinner on the way home ($10, poutine most likely).
Sunday my league is having a fundraiser and watching derby championships ($20).
The rest of the weekend is highly dependent on how mobile I can be, but will almost certainly involve laundry ($12) and groceries ($50).
Total: minimum of $92.

EmilyAnomaly (#4,238)

I’m feeling like a rock star at my new job, so probably beers and gastro pub tonight (mini corndogs!) $30. Grocery shopping sunday $80. I have Monday off for the holiday (I work for a bank) so I will probably get a haircut $30. Estimate: $140.

planforamiracle (#4,034)

I am going to a conference in my city all weekend, but it’s far from my place so I will probably be buying some meals/drinks out. but that’s it.
conference pass: $75 (already purchased)
friday dinner: $15
saturday lunch: $10
saturday dinner/drinks: $20
= $45. that sounds a little low. we’ll see what happens.

Stina (#686)

Spendy weekend yet again. 2 versions with Kitty confirmation or not.
(We’ve applied to adopt another cat, we have two currently. Scared of jinxing things.)
Definites: Friday, dinner out $45.
Sunday: Meeting about free Thanksgiving dinner $260 donation
Plus booking 1st activity on cruise (Cave exploration!) about $200.

With cat confirmation: Another food bowl $6
Collar(from internet w/phone number embroidered on it)$16
Brush $6
Tray to put food bowl on $8
Another carrier $24
Adoption fee $60
and weekend spent:keeping cats apart/talking baby talk to new cat trying to get him settled/talking baby talk to current cats trying to reassure them that new cat is not a threat.

AmandaPanda (#4,869)

This weekend! Oh I have been so wanting a weekend!
Friday: No plans. Zero plans. Probably I will eat leftovers and enjoy some Netflix. Might buy some groceries ($30)
Saturday: Cleaning the house and laundry ($0), gas for the car ($40), coffee with a friend ($7), and looking at a house (free but stressful!) This will be followed up with some beer (prebought) and pizza (to be homemade) at home.
Sunday: Buying wedding presents ($100) and train tickets for said wedding ($250…) at least the hotel is not going to cost until next week. This couple is 100% worth it to me though, so I’m not going to fuss (except here, obvs.)

Total: $350 for wedding related expenses, $77 for non wedding related expenses. $427 seems like an awful lot, but I really should have made the wedding related purchases months ago.

Tatiana (#194)

A friend and her husband were supposed to come up this weekend to visit, but cancelled (which is a bummer) BUT that means I have a 3-day weekend free of plans. Or, I did. I tend to create plans quickly. Here’s my weekend estimate:

Today: Lunch at Off the Grid (~$15), karaoke with coworkers (~$20)
Saturday: Farmer’s Market ($20), Trader Joes run for everything else ($40), possibly meet up with a friend ($15)
Sunday: Going to church with a friend (mostly for their amazing gospel choir) ($5 for tithing), brunch (~$20)
Monday: Stay in. Work on my project for mgmt school. Catch up on TV/Movies. ($0)

Total estimate: $135

pinches (#3,520)

Another busy long weekend of 2nd job so I should make some nice pocket money.
FRIDAY NIGHT: Shift after day job (+$50) and snack beforehand (-$7)
SATURDAY: Brunch with friends where I’ll treat one of them because she just took her qualifying exams for PhD (-$45), then work out at home ($0), then a quick night shift at 2nd job (+$60).
SUNDAY: Cooking a whole lot at home for today ($0, existing groceries), yoga class ($0, prepaid), and work at night shift (+$60).
MONDAY: Paid holiday! Working out at home ($0), catching up on TV, small grocery run (-$20), then dinner plans with pal (-$25). Make some food for work week ($0, existing groceries + new ones).
TOTAL: Spending $97 but making maybe $170 off part time job.

heygirl (#4,726)

I love how often Sephora is mentioned here. I was there last night, bought some spendy makeup, but it lasts forever. Justifiable, right? It such a financially tempting store!

Last minute grocery items for the weekend: $20
Picking up boyfriend from airport after him being away for over a week! ya! Drinks and dinner out tonight, will likely split the tab, $30.

Working on a personal project most of tomorrow, hopefully will have time to get to the gym. Might make it to a HoliDIY event where adorable seasonal crafts will abound. Unsure of tomorrow night plans though. $20?

Continued work, hanging out. Hopefully spending nothing!

Total: $70

ceereelyo (#3,552)

my cousin’s wedding tonight – I am so excited about the food though I ate kind of a big lunch but it’s ok because the reception is not until 7:30. Gift – $150

Saturday – same cousin is having her daughter baptised (yep it’s like an all inclusive package at the church or something) so a gift for my niece – $50. But there will be a reception (all my meals are technically ‘free’ this weekend haha).
Saturday night – my friend’s surprise 31st birthday (Sandy ruined his 30th last year) in the city – getting a ride in so will buy a round of drinks – $30.

Sunday – my grandpa’s 1 year death anni :( I’ve been really bummed out this whole week. We are having a memorial mass (this will the most I am in church like, ever) and then buffet chinese food. I plan the rest of the day to wash our duvet ($3.00) and read and stretch out what groceries we have so I don’t have to go shopping until later in the week, cos I will be too tired to deal with the crowds Sunday afternoon.

RiffRandell (#4,774)

I almost can’t estimate because so many variables exist. I have already managed to spend $50 on an oil change and new engine air filter. I wanted to resist Jiffy Lube’s upselling, but it looked dirty, and the ‘oil technician’ was pretty convincing. Also $30 on gas, happy to see the prices falling!

Saturday: Going to a horse tack swap. $50 if, and only if, I find exactly what I want! Maybe helping someone set up their farm for a competition, getting ready for mine for sure. Maybe some coffee after the sale? Yoga to relax and prep for Sunday ($0 thanks to YouTube)

Sunday: Last horse show of the season! Since we are leaving at 5:30 I will send at least $5 on a breakfast sandwhich. About $40 to the people taking me + cookies.

So a weekend anywhere from $125-$175? Yikes! Resuming austerity mode next weekend I swear!

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