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Big Food Is Coming For Us

Big food companies like Campbell’s (as in the soup) and Wendy’s (as in the frosty) are adjusting their food strat to target finicky millennials, and The Week is on it.

Apparently the three big trends are 1. Millennials hate cans, so put your pre-made food in a bag or a box or something, 2. fancy buns instead of crappy white bread, and 3. JALAPEÑOS (“Millennials like bold flavors”).

I want to laugh, but I also do love a good brioche. And a bold flavor!

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Yes, my Millennial friends and I were just talking about our signature breads the other day over artisanally sourced brunch.

WTF. SIGNATURE BREADS is this for real?

TARDIStime (#1,633)

@apples and oranges right? I just want good bread, preferably wholemeal, sourdough if you have it and it’s a reasonable price.

shannowhamo (#845)

I think I’m too old to be a millennial but I am definitely strongly opposed to can soup for some reason, not even a BPA thing it just grosses me out for some reason. Pre-made soup in any other configuration is fine by me (frozen Trader Joe’s wonton soup is my favorite of the processed soups!)

planforamiracle (#4,034)

ugh I hate how accurate this is. but even though we millenials love BOLD FLAVOURS, I feel like jalapeños are kinda played out and they should pick something more obscure like smoked paprika or something.

why did I say that, am I even joking? self-hating millennial stereotype over here.

@planforamiracle Ha, I saw that and thought, “What, no curry?”

Since we millennials are forswearing automobiles and demanding walkable communities, you’d think we want our food packaged in a way that will survive getting tossed in a backpack and walking/biking several blocks home.

Soup in a bag… I can’t see it passing that test.

yrouttasight (#2,967)

@cuminafterall Soup in a box?

@yrouttasight I’m down with soup in a box. Tetra Pak is where it’s at.

TARDIStime (#1,633)

@cuminafterall Soup in a bag is actually the best. The ones I see are vacuum-sealed and the bonus is that while you walk home, the bag kind of fits around other produce in the bag that you might want to protect from bruising while in transit.

PrettyNicola (#692)

@cuminafterall Unless you live in an area with a really strong recycling program, bags and boxes are non-recyclable–even tetra pak. My community can handle recycling cans, but can’t recycle yogurt cups, let alone tetra pak.
That said, my husband is all over Campbell’s chili in a bag.

themmases (#1,959)

@cuminafterall See, the walking and biking thing made it make *more* sense to me because I think of cans as being particularly heavy and likely to squish my other food. I actually really like having canned beans and tomatoes around (to me they are the solution to always being able to cook *something* rather than throw up your hands and order take-out), but I am always low on them because my basket is usually heavy enough as it is before I start grabbing stuff I’m not going to consume today or tomorrow.

That, and I grew up thinking I hated vegetables because my parents always made heated-up canned ones. So there’s a pretty short list of foods I would ever buy canned even if I did feel like carrying them home that day.

What the hell is wrong with cans?

Do they make people feel guilty that they didn’t do the canning themselves?

WhyHelloThere (#1,398)

@stuffisthings I have to cart my own recycling to the recycling place, and they’re heavy and bulky. I hate cans. I’m too old to be a millennial, though.

@WhyHelloThere Good point but the worst is those plastic boxes which take up a bunch of space and don’t crush down properly. Also wine/liquor bottles.

Am I the only one who read the title of this post and imagined some like, fucking giant sandwiches coming after me?

No? It’s just me?

aetataureate (#1,310)

@stuffisthings You’re killing it lately.

EA_Mann (#5,000)

Crap. I was just talking the other day about how much I loved pretzel rolls. I hate when broad marketing trends accurately represent me.

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