Alternative Benefits of Unsalaried Labor

Or, you know, “perks”:

Babysitting: snacks

Dogsitting: exercise

Retail (clothes): discount (this is actually not a perk but a curse, as it can cause one (me) to spend every dollar one earns on clothes)

Retail (furniture and linens): discount

Retail (grocery store): discount on everything including booooze, free old produce, free old dairy, free old baked goods

Retail (flowers): free old flowers

Restaurant: discount, free family meal, free shift drinks, free coffee

Office jobs: structure, coffee

Blogging: work from bed



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The discount at a clothing retail place is definitely a curse. Saturday is my last day in retail and I cannot wait. I have spent so much money on clothes that I wear only a handful of times before I’m no longer permitted to wear them to work anymore, it’s insane.

garli (#4,150)

@totallyunoriginal Are you not allowed to wear them because they’re out of season?

qwer1234 (#4,140)

@totallyunoriginal Congratulations!! NEVER LOOK BACK.

qwer1234 (#4,140)

I recently started an office job that has me working at a desk under florescent lighting after working from home for a year and a half. While the structure is nice, not working from bed has me bumming hard. I don’t even drink coffee, so sadly, that’s not a perk I can enjoy.

amaeve (#5,095)

I babysit a lot, and I always try to make myself a salad to eat when I do it because I can barely afford fresh produce on my own. Gotta prevent scurvy somehow.

ceereelyo (#3,552)

i worked at a higher-end retailer and the discount was generous – definitely a curse. I had so much stuff at the end of 2 years there. Now I am on a career path at my current job where I have facetime with important people, so it’s nice because I have a couple of good pieces I can put into my wardrobe to wear to work and several nice handbags. All the junk stuff that I had bought to be season-appropriate I’ve sold/in process of selling on ebay and poshmark for decent enough prices.

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