Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life









Mr. Biscuit. On the cusp of greatness, or at least of change. A new cabinet, a new life, just a jump away. But will he make the leap? Can he make the leap? He just needs a minute. It will just be a matter of moments. Let’s just watch and see. Very soon, I’m sure. Allow him to gather his thoughts. Take a deep breath. He’ll just save a little money first. Pay down a Visa or two. Then he’ll jump. Just wait. It’ll be great. You’ll see.


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joyballz (#2,000)

Mr. Biscuit is everyone’s spirit animal.

readyornot (#816)

Where are you jumping to, Logan?

@readyornot oh you know, a cabinet where i am a person who goes on runs, a cabinet where i am a person who buys plane tickets and flies around the world, other cabinets with money and riches and risks, etc. YOU!?!

readyornot (#816)

@Logan Sachon Hmmm…a cabinet where i am a person who stops procrastinating on a dissertation, a cabinet where i manage to take the weekend off because i got stuff done during the week, a cabinet where i feel like the job i have is the one i want. i think i buy a few too many plane tickets and avoid a few too many obligations, so that’s one i want to jump away from!

as long as you’re not yet jumping away from the billfold, i think the readers would miss your voice.

e (#734)

I love you Mr. Biscuit. From this perspective though, that ceiling looks a bit low to give you enough airspace to make this jump. I hope I’m wrong. But if not, I wouldn’t mind a GIF of you frantically grabbing the edge of the cabinet with your front paws while you slowly slide down with your back paws.

e (#734)

@e Beg pardon Mr. B. I meant back paw.

e (#734)

@Bill Fostex Hooray! and effortlessly too.

Catface (#1,106)

This video seems not to be on YouTube. Surely that is a temporary oversight.

Bill Fostex (#573)

@Catface See my comment above, and also see this, in which B delivers his most enigmatic performance to date.

Lily Rowan (#70)

@Bill Fostex I fucking love cats.

nutmeg (#1,383)

this makes me strangely sad for my old cat who used to jump towards the ledge, barely make it, scrabble his way on top and then look around to see if anyone saw. Little did I know the cat was actually foretelling my future, and I didn’t even have to look for weird things in his guts.

squishycat (#3,000)

@nutmeg My cat would make that jump, then accidentally roll off the edge when he lay down.

andnowlights (#2,902)

This is weirdly good timing. I’m sitting here with an offer letter for a new job that I need to send in because I’m accepting the job, but I’m TERRIFIED of telling my current manager and coworkers that I’m leaving. I’m also terrified of change and new things, so this is making me anxious as all get out.

I just need to jump, but that’s the scariest move, isn’t it?

OllyOlly (#669)

@andnowlights I waited to tell my manager until the very last day I could while still giving a respectful two weeks notice. And it wasn’t bad! He was happy for me. Your boss will either be happy for you or be a jerk, both of which will make leaving feel better so go for it.

andnowlights (#2,902)

@OllyOlly I bit the bullet and did it, and she was pissed. Stared at me for a good 30 seconds, then pretended I wasn’t even there. Now she’s acting like nothing happened. So, I’m a little baffled and scared.

One little-known fact about Mr. B is that he only has three legs total, which makes this jump all the more daunting. You can’t let your perceived deficiencies hold you back from accomplishing what you want to accomplish, people.

nf (#949)

The saddest thing about this gif is that the new cabinet is clearly exactly the same as the old cabinet.

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