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The Professional Cuddler

Travis Sigley is a “perpetually shirtless San Franciscan.” He also is a “professional cuddler,” meaning people who need cuddle therapy pay him for cuddle sessions ($60 an hour for non-sexual cuddling). Narratively talked to Sigley about how he got his cuddle business up and running (he was a former IT professional who moved to S.F. and worked at a strip club, and patrons would pull him into a back room and pay him to just cuddle and talk, so he found his client base pretty quickly).

Photo: Nicola F


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WayDownSouth (#3,431)

60 bucks for a cuddle? This story has “Midnight Cowboy” written all over it.

selenana (#673)

Sounds eerily like the “sleep cafe” story from Japan you ran awhile ago.

diooda3 (#6,688)

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