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After a job search that spanned 18 months, about 200 applications, a dozen dead-end interviews, infinity tearful conversations on the phone with parents, and two years at a filler copywriting job that paid well below the standard industry salary, caused an anxiety disorder and filled me with such immense hopelessness and self-doubt that I thought I’d never write, interact, feel or think like myself ever again, the incredible has happened.

I’ve been offered a new job. A great one. At a great company. It just happened. In an email. Poof, email, inbox ticked up by 1, poof, job, for you. “We liked you so much, we…”

And now I:

1) Have nothing, really, to whine about anymore, except for the wildly irritated warren of mosquito bites my legs are currently hosting, due to a weekend of outdoor celebratory partying. These should be gone within the week.

2) Am going to make more money. Not a million dollars. But enough dollars to not feel guilty anymore about 1) spending $8 on a pound of Boar’s Head cheddar at the deli last week, when Krasdale yellow American was on sale 2) getting my own Spotify premium account so I can stop sponging off of my boyfriend’s and mucking up his Joe Cocker playlists with my smutty Top 40 3) buying nice gifts for other people’s weddings 4) getting a goddamn manicure whenever I goddamn want 5) buying lingerie 6) every single cent I dare to spend on anything that isn’t rent, loans and healthy groceries.

3) Can stay in New York without feeling like a total pathetic stalker who can’t take a hint.

4) Am not regretting my entire education, nor the $60,000 in loans I drew to pay for it, nor ever being born.

5) Can pay for more than half of the bill when I go on a date with my boyfriend, more than half of half of the time.

6) Feel like I exist.

7) Don’t have to go to Midtown every day or ever again.

8) Know what it feels like to get that email, read that offer letter, make that phone call to my parents, shaking, nauseous in a stairwell, tell my friends and let them cheers me, give that two weeks notice while wearing my best outfit and my best eyeliner.

9) Have what I deserve, after feeling like, for two solid years, I don’t deserve anything, not because I didn’t deserve anything, but because this is how a person feels when a person doesn’t get 200 jobs she’s qualified for.

10) Am proud of myself in a way I never have been.


At the job I’m leaving, I will miss:

1) Free mini kit-kat bars, that’s it.



Mary Jo lives in Brooklyn.


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olivia (#1,618)


highjump (#39)

This feel is one of life’s best feels! Will you get an official offer letter? I have and love mine and keep it in a box of nostalgic stuff like wedding invites.

triplea (#1,234)

Congratulations! I feel like I could have written this article, except for the getting a new job part. My contract position goes up in 3 weeks and basically every waking moment is filled w/ dread for me right now, especially because I haven’t seen anything to get excited about on the job boards.

wendyleigh (#3,537)

Congratulations Mary Jo!

This is extremely timely as I have gone on at least a dozen interviews for jobs that I am qualified for, but have yet to receive an offer. It’s one of the most hopeless feelings in the world.

I’m glad you now have an awesome job because it sounds like you more than earned it!

Tatiana (#194)

Many congrats! That is indeed a wonderful feeling. Best of luck to you!

Catface (#1,106)

This made me tear up and I am a robot with a vascular system made of vanadium steel. Go kill it at the new job, Mary Jo. Enjoy ALL the cheese.

qwer1234 (#4,140)

Congrats! Everything’s coming up Milhouse!! Now go get some apple cider vinegar and put it on those bug bites, I promise you’ll feel better instantly and will be able to return to fully basking in the glow of excitement.

OllyOlly (#669)

Congrats! I don’t know you but this is still great to hear

LeslieLive (#4,796)

Congratulations! I hope you love your new job. And you know what? Buy your own Kit-Kat bars. Put them on your desk in a bowl and let some poor intern have the delight of free mini chocolate bars.

Congratulations!! I know that feeling all too well… when I got mine about a year ago (After about an 18 month search as well) I literally jumped up and down for like 5 mins, and maybe cried a little. Feelings of self worth and normalcy restored :) :) GO YOU!!

SterlingCooper05 (#2,529)

Great choice in Deli cheeses and congrats on the job! Did you do anything different in this interview process than previously?

pinches (#3,520)

Congrats! I know this feeling too well when I got my job 9 months ago. It is the best feeling to be hired… and to feel wanted and valuable. The sense of despair that comes with constant underemployment SUCKS.

Fig. 1 (#632)


SnarlFurillo (#2,538)

Never apologize for Boar’s Head, Mary Jo! Congratulations on the new gig.

qwer1234 (#4,140)


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