Monday Check-in

School is back in session, and so are we! Let’s check in.

My plans to order takeout with a friend led us to ordering lobster, shrimp, and crab rolls for two at Lukes Lobster ($22 each). I picked up some snacks at Zabar’s for a Saturday picnic in Central Park ($25.02), and since my Saturday night dinner plans were canceled, I decided to save the money and stay in and work. Groceries were $37.53. I had estimated $125 and ended up under-spending with a total of $84.55 thanks to canceled plans.

How were your weekends?

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annecara (#1,914)

Friday: Decided to paint my own nails rather than going to a salon ($0). They look okay.
Saturday: Bought groceries and beer ($80), got coffee with a friend who was visiting from out of town ($5), made chili and cornbread ($0). Did not go clothes shopping.
Sunday: As expected, ordered pizza for dinner ($15).

Estimated total: $300
Actual total: $100!

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Bought gas Friday night – $25

Bought bottle of dry gin Friday night – 14.93

Saturday post-hike cinnamon roll: 2.16

Groceries from co-op: 16.99

Drinks for me + friend pre-movie: 15.00

Movie ticket (for “World’s End.” I thought it was pretty meh.): 9.50

Grocery store #2: 7.94

Lunch + tip: 12.00

Grocery store #3 (thwarted by a bottle of wine): 23.92

Total: $127.44 Should have stayed away from the alcohol, but I did feel like it was my turn to buy the household booze.

Do you guys go to separate grocery stores for different items?

annecara (#1,914)

I tend not to trust the meat at the grocery stores nearest my house and job, so I’ll go out of my way to buy meat (and sometimes produce). Also, I live in PA, so buying alcohol involves an extra store or two.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@annecara Yup, except I don’t buy much meat, but am pickier with vegetables and cheese. I find that both of those vary wildly depending on the store you’re in. And I also have to go to a special store to buy liquor (although wine can come from the grocery store).

loren smith (#2,300)

@LookUponMyWorks Oh man yes – Chinatown for produce, bakery for bread, special government store for any booze (even wine and beer), tienda for tortillas and things, another more traditional grocery store for things you can’t get elsewhere…. One weekend day and often 8-10km of walking for our weekly eats.

amirite (#2,677)

Weird, this is not showing on your front page. I got here through twitter.

Anyway, I think I estimated $89 for the weekend (I don’t see my comment on the friday post, oh well.)

Groceries: $94 (oops–but I forgot about a few key things that I had to buy sooner or later)
Laundry: $4
Carpool to roller derby: $7 (I forgot about this in my estimate, but it was necessary)
Went out to eat on Saturday: $25 (exactly what I estimated, and I didn’t go out to eat for the rest of the weekend, so this is a win)

Total: $130. More than I estimated, mostly due to a hefty grocery bill. Still not a bad weekend compared to what I normally spend.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@amirite UGH, surprising grocery bills are the worst.

Yeah, I’ve been having issues with the site since Thursday or so. Thought it was just me!

Logan and Mike – posts are not showing up on the front page; I have to go into an older post, and look at the “Previously on the Billfold” section to find new posts.

sherlock (#3,599)

@LookUponMyWorks I’ve also been having problems with posts being delayed since last week. I kept debating leaving a comment because I was worried maybe you guys were just behind schedule a bit, glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed. The posts do eventually show up on the front page for me, just delayed – there will be no updates for a few hours, and then all of a sudden three posts will show up.

Allison (#4,509)

$37 for the fixings to make enchiladas, the “sorry you’re sick, roommate” bundle and other sundries.

$6.50 for the “oh god these shoes are fine when sitting at my desk all day, less so when hightailing around the city with visiting friends” flip flops.

$12.50 for dessert with said friends, who didn’t let me pay for anything else that night.

$36 for brother’s birthday present

$30 for dad’s birthday present (is it bad form to take a gift card my brother got him for christmas and use it to buy his birthday present? It’s been 9 months and he hasn’t ordered it himself, so I took the choice out of his hands. And he’s got another one!)

Total: $122 which is more than I estimated, but I didn’t realize I’d go ahead on the birthdays. Now I just need to grab some cards and those will be set.

ATF (#4,229)

Wound up being spendy because shopping happened. Because bad news.

Friday: Took kid to soccer practice, ran to the grocery store ($22), came home and ate pizza (boyfriend paid). So total was $22.

Saturday: Slept in, went for a run (free), and then went to the Little Sister’s first ever soccer game. Last minute time change on Friday meant that the cheap zipcar I rented had to be canceled and a more expensive one booked b/c all cheap ones taken. So instead of being under $30 it was almost $50 ($47, sigh). But they won 7-1 and there was much rejoicing.

Saturday night: finally got to try the Blue Room in Kendall for dinner. AMAZING. I loved everything I ate (steak, asparagus, mushroom thing, grilled foccacia, and chocolate tart plus two cocktails). Boyfriend paid for dinner (thankfully b/c it was spendy) and I got the tip ($25). Then I got the movie tickets ($22; to see In A World, which was excellent).

Sunday: All hell broke lose. My Nonna (age 96) had what we suspect was a small stroke and a close friend’s dad died suddenly in his sleep (he was only 62, every suspects it was a heart attack). A quick trip to get already needed makeup ($53) turned into a trip to get funeral appropriate clothing ($132) and shoes ($55).

Total: $360. Ugh.

sariberry (#4,420)

@ATF Sorry to hear that – hope your family is doing OK.

sherlock (#3,599)

Friday: Spent nothing. Hung out at my boyfriend’s house with friends, cooked dinner and made cocktails at home.

Saturday: Went to a beerfest with my boyfriend (I had previously bought the tickets for his birthday, so not counting that here.) Bought snacks for both of us, $12. My boyfriend’s roommate cooked us a huge, delicious dinner (free) and then we all went out to a bar. I kept it at $4 since I was not in the mood for extensive drinking after the beerfest.

Sunday: Went out to brunch ($16.) Went home and started watching OITNB on Netflix. I was really close to being lazy and not going grocery shopping, but I rallied and did a big trip ($68 – I was restocking some expensive cleaning supplies/spices so this was a bit over my estimate.) Also stopped at CVS and bought a new color of nailpolish ($8) which I unfortunately decided I hated when I put it on that evening.

Total: $108. Not bad, though I do regret the nailpolish impulse-purchase.

joyballz (#2,000)

@sherlock I assume CVS is good about refunds/exchanges? Might be worth a shot to get a different color.

sherlock (#3,599)

@joyballz Yeah, that’s a good point. Maybe that can be my Thursday Do 1 Thing.

lizard (#2,615)

@sherlock CVS was really good to me when i asked to return a lipstick i drunkenly broke while taking out of the package.

Fig. 1 (#632)

I upgraded to a DSLR, so…$870 for camera, 2 lenses, extra battery, and memory card.
-Supper and a movie (The World’s End, also thought it was meh compared with Hot Fuzz/Shawn of the Dead, but whatever) $19 for alligator po’boy, $11.50 for movie
– Coffee at sidewalk sale, $3.25
– Bike t-shirt supporting local advocacy group – $25
– Glasses case, $1 (sidewalk sale)
– Havarti and roasted red pepper scone, $3
– Samosas $6 (for 4)
– Broccoli and tempeh from local precious organic store – $6.50. I’ve been curious about tempeh.
– Fancy bread from local bakery next to precious organic store – $8
– Order from the Canadian equivalent of REI (I need a camera bag now…it begins, plus there was a cute jacket on sale and I picked up some gifts and memorizing your credit card number is possibly not a wise decision but I had to order both sizes of jacket in case one didn’t fit, returns are free)…$240

Total: 1193.25 CAD. Damage, done. OTOH I have been saving for new camera, so I got this.

Allison (#4,509)

@Fig. 1 memorizing your card # does take out the delay of having to get up to complete that online purchase. alas, I can’t really help it, I’m just good at remembering numbers

Fig. 1 (#632)

@Allison I have all my numbers memorized except for my health card number, which is probably the one I really should have memorized.

lemonadefish (#3,296)

The dishwasher and Target run were $100 and $562 as expected (since they had already happened). Dinner Friday with my sister was around $50, but she gave me $20, so say $30. $5 on peaches at the farmer’s market, then my mom came and bought sushi Saturday night, and she also paid for the paint & misc. things we needed to finish the living room *and then* she took me to the Container Store for some luxurious bathroom storage. And then she bought Sunday dinner, and I think she’s about to buy lunch. I did buy some laundry detergent for $11.
So only $46 more than the $662 I’d already spent – not bad, I suppose, especially considering it includes a durable home good. But not great. Maybe next weekend we won’t leave the house at all, or buy anything on line or anything.

BATS! (#2,770)

Estimate was $250-300.

Friday was a zero spending night! I played squash with a work friend and then my girlfriend came over with poutine ($0).
Saturday was her birthday, so we went out for breakfast ($55), book shopping ($57), and later dinner ($60). We also bought a bottle of wine ($19) that we didn’t drink, and went shopping at Mountain Equipment Co-op for climbing harnesses, but the store was closing and we didn’t want to make any rush decisions, so that will be an expense for another weekend.

Sunday’s expenses were: a train ticket back from derby practice ($3), groceries ($53), laundry ($4), and vietnamese for late lunch/early dinner ($19).

Total: $270.

burdock (#771)

Friday Evening – Dinner and a drink with a friend(my turn to pay) $60
Saturday – Farmer’s Market cheeses and veggies plus coffee for two $30. Cooked with friends in the evening – free plus they gave me some of their farm share. Veggie win!
Sunday – Coffee and pastries for me and my brother $10.

Total = $100, a little more than I was hoping to spend, but can’t complain.

echolikebells (#3,272)

Friday- Drinks, terrible food choices. $43
Saturday- Movies! Diner breakfast and the biggest pop they would sell me to stave off hangover. $16.50
Sunday- Groceries. $46

Total- $105.50
Estimate- ??? I thought I did one, but I don’t see it, so either I’m more braindead this Monday or I didn’t do one. I seem to recall that I estimated about $100 if I didn’t buy things for my car and $140 if I did? Maybe? And I didn’t buy things for my car, so I’m roughly on target if that was my real estimate.

annecara (#1,914)

@echolikebells You did do one, I’m pretty sure. My estimate from Friday (and now my check-in today) isn’t showing up either unless I log out and log back in. So: not just you having comment-viewing issues.

sariberry (#4,420)

Friday night was a wild one, I stayed home and ate leftovers. $0

Saturday – flew back to NYC. In the airport I spent $20 on some souvenirs, $3.50 on a muffin (but I packed the rest of my meal so it wasn’t so bad), $16 on the bus from Newark to the city, and $33 on a cab home. = $72.50. But my awesome parents gave me $40 to get home so actual cost was $32.50.

Sunday: grocery shop which was about $33.5. So the total was $66, not bad!

But today is a spendy day because I need a Metrocard, I bought breakfast, and it’s date night tonight. Hopefully that pattern won’t continue because I need to be saving!

RiffRandell (#4,774)

Friday: Netflix and a frustrating experience with hair dye: $0
Saturday: Plans fell through for the movies and shopping was unsuccessful, so I’m still searching for a dress. Got ice cream $4.
Sunday: Was rewarded for my efforts working at a horse show with 2 free meals, moderate sunburn and $50! So estimated $62.50 and had a net gain of $46!

Friday- Hung out with my boyfriend while he was stuck doing an especially boring standing-around security gig (I wasn’t distracting him from anything important, he was mostly just there to look large and official and I left before things got busy). Spent about $3 on coffee for both of us and then went home.

Saturday- Sephora- $30 and bra shopping $100. Yuck. $15 on lunch

Sunday- $30 on train fare and $30 on groceries.

$163 for the weekend, which was about double what I’d estimated. Blergh.

heygirl (#4,726)

$26 on emergency allergy meds before an outdoor wedding
$8 on a so-so lunch that involved facon
$9 candy and a bank that looks like a cinnamon bun
$30 festival drinks and chicken nachos at loufest

$73 total, $5 over my estimate, but! i really needed the allergy meds, which set me over, so all in all ok.

andnowlights (#2,902)

– Got cashback for the Greek festival at Kroger cause husband wanted a Diet Coke and I wanted Reese’s pumpkins (holiday Reese’s are the best): $63.75
– Bought a pair of black pants and a teal-ish dress at Target: $61.16
– World Market for Zapps Crawfish chips, blood orange soda and Walker’s Shortbread: $ $4.26
– Chipotle for dinner on Friday because I could not fathom cooking anything: $15.02
Total: $144.19

I think I estimated $150 cause we weren’t planning to get Chipotle but we were planning on going to the Frist (which didn’t happen) so I was more or less under.

calamity (#2,577)

Friday: $16 for groceries at Target, $33 on drinks and a cab
Saturday: $30 at the Farmer’s Market, $4 on a baguette so I could make a variation of Mike’s heirloom tomato sandwiches. They were great!
Sunday: $6 on a breakfast sandwich, $34 for non-grocery items at Target.

Total: $123, which I think was about what I estimated, even though I didn’t end up going out on Saturday night like I’d planned. Where does it all go??

UrbanGarlic (#4,303)

Friday: $19.40 on groceries, $1.30 on a business card holder
Saturday + Sunday: $0

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