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How Much an NYC Subway Busker Makes

“Mayers, now twenty-seven, performs three days a week, for three to six hours at a time. His typical hourly take ranges from thirty dollars to fifty dollars; while his monthly income is generally around twelve hundred dollars—enough to cover his living costs—he has brought in as much as five thousand dollars in a month. Mayers’s business expenses are few: MetroCards and strings for his ‘guitalele’ (a hybrid of a guitar and a ukulele), which cost about five dollars and are replaced every month or so.”


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swirrlygrrl (#2,398)

Interesting! Though I’m guessing his experience maybe dramatically different from someone who is non-white, or presents as less “clean cut”, young, straights and pretty decently attractive.

I generally don’t give money to buskers playing music, though breakdancers, jugglers, and this guy in Central Park who makes giant bubbles using rope, they get my attention and some cash.

emmadee (#4,759)

@swirrlygrrl He is non-white! Watch the video.

jquick (#3,730)

He “works” about 15 hours a week. Wonder what else he does with his time.

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