Friday Estimate

Good morning! TGIF and all that, let’s do some estimations!

This weekend, I may possibly be joining friends for some dancing at a lounge or music venue of some kind (my only reservation for this is that it doesn’t start until about 11:30 and I’m old(er) and don’t like staying out late). I also need to pick up a gift for a birthday party next week. With groceries, my estimate is going to be $140 or so.

What are your estimates?

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LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Car insurance: $391 (for next six months of coverage)

Groceries: $35

Will probably have a meal out: $15

Booze & six pack for the roommate: $25

May or may not be scrambling to find a new place to move to in DC; still have not received lease paperwork from potential landlord so I imagine I’ll spend a good chunk of the weekend stressing and emailing people off Craigslist: FREE

Total: $466 ($75 without car insurance payment)

PicNic (#3,760)

I *think* this is going to be a cheap weekend.

Today I’ll need to buy lunch ($8) and am stopping at the farmers market on my way home ($20). Tonight I’m making banana bread and cleaning a bit around the house ($0).

Tomorrow I’m going to a crochet class (already paid – $0) and am planning to stay home and finish sewing a dress and work on a quilt ($0).

Sunday my friend had planned to take me out for a belated birthday something, but I’m not sure if that’s still happening ($0) and if she doesn’t I’ll likely do a grocery shop ($50) and do some cooking for the week. My last few weekends have been hectic, so a quiet weekend would be kind of nice.

total: approximately $80.

amirite (#2,677)

It’s my last weekend of the month before payday (I get paid monthly), so I’m down to my last dollars. I’ve been scrimping all week so that I can go to the market and do a few things this weekend and still have a bit leftover to get me through next week.

After work beer: $9
Groceries: $15

Farmer’s market: $30
Coffee with a friend: $7
Dancing (no drinks): $5-$10 (depending on if I go to one place or two; they are across the street from each other and would both be fun, but I might just end up at one place and have so much fun I decide I want to stay)

Coffee (or something) with a different friend:
Laundry: $12 (I have to do a few loads of sheets and towels)

Total: $93

Allison (#4,509)

I just bought very expensive plane tickets, and am recovering from a terrible stomach flu, so here’s hoping I spend less than $50 this weekend.

I don’t see having much energy for anything beyond netflix and reading this weekend, but might need to hit the store at some point.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@Allison Feel better!

Allison (#4,509)

@LookUponMyWorks Thanks! I feel much better (but I set a really low bar for that) and am trying to ease back into full livliness.

avidbiologist (#3,545)

Haven’t done this in a while but maybe after getting back it’s a good idea to start. In my money-saving favor this weekend: I’m dog-sitting/apartment-sitting! And there’s already food/drinks at the apartment! Not in my money-saving favor: One of my best friends is visiting from DC! She’s staying with me but I don’t know how much she’ll want to get out and, I don’t know, actually see the city she flew in to visit.

Transportation: $15
Meeting up with friends’ friends at a bar: $35

Ugh I don’t knowww but let’s guess that we’ll go out:
Transport: $15
Being Out Doing Things (food, drink, whatever): $40

(if we stay in, $20 on extra food/mixers)

$10, just in case!

Total: $115 (yeesh)

Beezus (#1,007)

Oh Mike Dang! I agree with the too-old-to-stay-out-late thing. I stayed out until 11 p.m. last night and this morning I feel exactly the way I used to feel when I was 22 and would stay out until 2 a.m. on a weeknight! It happened kind of gradually, I think, but all of a sudden, I really prefer to get mah sleep!
Anyway. Tonight will be fun – I’m going to happy hour with some girls from work. This is a big deal as I’ve just moved here to NYC and I have PLANS!! for a Friday night, with people I didn’t know until I moved here! New friends, guys, yeah! Anyhoo. I expect to spend around $30 for dinner and a drink. Then I’m heading to Union Hall in Park Slope to see one of my favorite ladysingers – the ticket was $12, and I’ll probably get a couple of beers ($15ish). I’ll use my prepaid MTA card to get there and back so no cab money.
Saturday morning, I’m going to run 5 miles – it’s the first long run for the half marathon I am halfway considering doing (Philadelphia half on Nov. 17 – supposed to be FLAT which hooray). I’d also like to go to the farmer’s market (maybe $30ish?). I don’t really have any other solid plans, but I’d like to potentially ride my bike from my UES apartment to go see the Cloisters, because I read about it this week and they look really cool. Later that night I might try to meet up with New Friend from soccer team who is a Youth and will keep me out late ($20ish for drankz? I hope not more than that).
Sunday I have no plans but football – I will probably bike to a fun Packers bar I found last weekend ($8 for a bloody mary, probably).
God this is going to be a drink-y weekend accidentally. Expecting to spend around $125.

ATF (#4,229)

Should be a decent weekend. Money will be spent but hopefully nothing too egregious.

Tonight: dinner with le boyfriend at Blu. It’s spendy but we have a 40% off thing. If he winds up paying $0, otherwise I’ll estimate $35. Then we may meet friends for drinks later on, so I’ll say $10 for that.

Tomorrow: soccer game in Waltham followed by sushi to celebrate the kid’s 14th birthday. That’ll probably come to about $40 or so for the both of us. I might grab Dunks before the game ($5). Then I’ll eat dinner and home and meet friends for drinks later on. I’ll estimate $20 for that.

Sunday: going to be rainy out and we don’t have much by the way of plans. I hope to spend no money this day. I may cook something but will likely just get some takeout. I’ll say $25 in case something comes up.

Estimate: $100ish to $125ish.

riotmute (#4,454)

No true plans this weekend but my fiancee is off tomorrow so we may do something expensive tomorrow. I’ll plan on the simple

Today – Lunch($7) & Wine ($10)
Tomorrow – Lunch ($15) & Laundry ($8)
Sunday – Beer ($12), Coffee ($4) & Grocery ($30)

Total – $86 would be a pretty standard weekend

kentuckienne (#4,294)

This weekend has few plans, and so it feels like it could become spendy…

Picking up bridesmaid dress from tailor with alterations – $40? (literally no idea…)
Camping out at Starbucks or Panera to work on homework for a few hours in a place that isn’t my house – $10
Small-ish Kroger run – $25

Gas to drive to bf – $20
Lunch out – $20
Fundraiser/dinner thing – free!
Drinks after – $0? Bf will probably pay

Brunch – $25

$120. I think I can…

RocketSurgeon (#747)

We’re leaving tonight for our honeymoon. Stopping in Germany first to visit family and friends and then going to France for two weeks, most of which will be cycling through the Loire Valley. Of course, this is going to be more expensive than doing something more local, but the on-the-ground costs aren’t bad (though airfare is always a big expenditure). Here are my estimates for two people:

Train ticket from Germany to Paris: $200

Hotel in Paris, 2 nights incl tax: $350

Food in Paris: $200 estimated

Train from Paris to Blois via Orleans: $120

Bike rental with panniers, 14 days: $372

Luggage portage: $9/suitcase per transfer between any hotel and any other hotel in the region: $18/transfer, maybe 5 transfers ($90 total).

Lodging at inns or small hotels (currently unbooked except for the first two nights): $80 per night estimated ($1,120 total)

Food: Maybe $50ish per day, on average. I’m taking a travel picnic set and nylon sheet, so hopefully we’ll be able to carry our own food while riding. But we’ll also have some dinners out, and I’m not sure what the cost of those will be. ($800 estimated).

Wine: I think tastings at most places are free or low cost, and a bottle of nice wine is definitely cheaper on the whole in France than in the US. Maybe $200?

Total estimated cost for a two week self-guided cycling vacation/honeymoon for two people in the Loire Valley: ~$3,500, though I may go over budget on amazing cheese and wine.

BATS! (#2,770)

I don’t have much in the way of solid plans this weekend, so it’s hard to estimate. Let’s break it down:

Things I am definitely doing: saturday breakfast ($25) and sunday groceries ($50), and return train tickets for roller derby on sunday morning ($6).

Things I am probably doing: Sunday coffee, because I will probably be going to the office ($10); Friday night drinks with a co-worker ($25).

Things I might do, but it’s iffy: Film festival show ($11).

So, minimum of $81, up to $127 if I do all the things.

annecara (#1,914)

Possibly stopping to buy wine tonight, $15. Fancy Restaurant Week dinner out tomorrow, $125. Inevitable takeout tonight or Sunday, $20. Oh, and I’m almost out of brown eyeliner, which means I need to go to Sephora, which means I’ll end up buying way more than just eyeliner, $75.

Total: $235.

andnowlights (#2,902)

I don’t know what I’m doing this weekend. There’s so much I WANT to do and so much I NEED to do and I can’t do them all. Right now, this is what I’m thinking:
- Clean the apartment/switch out seasonal clothes/ put the dust ruffle on the bed $0
- Sewing supplies for some stuffed turtles that I want to make my coworkers kids/ grandkids $30
- Those sticky plate hangers for some awesome ceiling tiles I want to hang on the wall, need 6 at $3… $20 including tax

But I also want to go to the shooting range, which would be $80 so if we did that, I wouldn’t do the sewing thing.

Fine, we’ll call it $100 and be done with it.


Friday: need to make an appearance for a celebratory drink with a friend, but don’t plan on staying at the bar for longer than an hour or so (busy weekend)let’s say $15 for whatever I drink, plus a snack to keep me from fainting before I get home (I’m stupid when I don’t get my meals on time). Might also grab some groceries on the way home, maybe $35 for the day.

Sat: Working all day. Might spend 3.50 on a giant coffee to sip on at my desk. Will pack something for lunch, but need to do errands at Target after. Date night with the boy, but we’re both keeping things cheap and low-key, let’s day $35 for the day.

Sunday: Attending the Brooklyn Book Fair! Doing so in a professional capacity, so most of what I haul back will be work-related freebies, but I will undoubtedly spend some of my own money on SOMETHING while I’m there. May also need to pick up some groceries after, let’s guess about $40 for the day.

Also: just found out I’m funded for a work trip, so will need to shell out about $350 for plane tickets, but will be reimbursed for them in a few weeks.

Goal for everything but the ticket: $100 (will take out cash and see how long that lasts). Ticket: under $350 of possible.

AmandaPanda (#4,869)

This weekend will be busy, but restful? Does that happen?
Friday: Rolls (last minute groceries at Wawa) $2 and
Wine $15

Saturday: Painting my house with pre-purchased paint $0
Food truck festival after painting $5 for something fried
Netflix & recovering from painting $0

Sunday: ? It’s supposed to be rainy, maybe brunch out $50 for me +1, and then getting odds and ends done at home.
Probably some groceries for lunches this week ($30?)
Total: $102

RiffRandell (#4,774)

Friday: Already had to buy a new Operating System $20, spending the rest of the day preparing for a horse show! And possibly going to a sale and buying new boots for the horse $35.
Saturday: My competition! Bringing lunch and trying to keep costs non-existent. Meet someone after, $15?
Sunday: Driving to a college hockey game. Free, unless I have time to stop for booze, $15.

So about $85? Pretty expensive for me.

WalkinOnBy (#3,585)

Friday: pizza for movie night of 15 or so people. Many pizzas. Bill came out to $109 including tip and everyone had leftovers. They will all pay me back Monday. My share: $8

Saturday: studying for my project manager’s course, yoga, laundry, cleaning – the usual. Some freelance firefighting (work- not actually saving lives. More like saving websites). Will have a dinner date and bring something to drink $15

Sunday: study, study, study! cheer on my friend who is running a marathon. Prep for the week and sleep :)

Total: Technically more, but really like $23

heygirl (#4,726)

this is late! but i still want to do it.

friday: split a pizza, $5
saturday: groceries for potato dish for brunch $15, drinks out tonight $20
sunday: working on a paper and presentation all day, potentially at a coffee shop so i can get outta my house $10, yoga (free), concert tomorrow night, won tickets, so $0!


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