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Friday Estimate

The great thing about three-day weekends is that Friday comes a lot sooner than you expected. Let’s do some estimations.

This weekend, a friend I haven’t seen in a while are going to order takeout and finish watching the final few episodes of last season’s Mad Men that we’ve been putting off. I’m also going to a picnic in Central Park, and some friends and I have dinner plans. Tack on groceries, and my estimate is $125 for the weekend.

What are your estimations?

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annecara (#1,914)

Tonight: I might go get my nails done after work – $30 if I go to the fancy place, $20 if I don’t.
Tomorrow: Grocery shopping, maybe; clothes shopping, probably. Call it $250 for the day.
Sunday: No plans, which probably means we’ll order takeout. $20.

Total estimate: $300.

echolikebells (#3,272)

This weekend is up in the air. I got my copy of the new Margaret Atwood this week, and I’m waiting for a quiet weekend to curl up with that, but the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend so I don’t think it is this weekend. I kind of want to eat, drink, shop, go to movies, take a couple of walks. Picnic, maybe.

$30 for various meals out, $35 on alcohol, $40 on groceries for the week, $25 on miscellaneous shopping, $10 on a movie ticket. $140 total estimate.

OH but also I need power steering fluid and new windshield wipers so like $40 there? So $180 if I spend money on my car.

amirite (#2,677)

I am going to try to make it a cheap (for me) weekend. If I do that, last weekend will balance out and I’ll be on track for the month.

My entire weekend is being taken up by a roller derby training clinic. That’s good news because it means I’ll be too tired to go out and spend money on things. Last weekend I made enough lunches to last for two weeks, because I knew I wouldn’t have time to cook this weekend, so I don’t have to buy groceries for that. But when I get my groceries tonight I’m going to include a bunch of healthy snacks and prepared food from the deli counter for the days that I’m at the clinic, so my grocery bill will be more expensive than usual.

Groceries: $65
Going on a date to a play, bought my ticket already.

Training clinic during the day. My team is going out to eat after. I’m going to get chicken wings, because that’s what athletes do: $20.

Training clinic all day.
Laundry: $4

Total: $89

PrettyNicola (#692)

I do my grocery shopping during the week, so my estimates should always be kind of low. My only plans for the weekend are to go to Saturday morning yoga and to have coffee/lunch with a friend after, so I should only spend about $20. I am really tempted to buy shoes and a dress though, so we’ll see what my Monday check in says.

BATS! (#2,770)

This is going to be a tough weekend to call, but there will likely be much expenditure. My SO’s birthday is Saturday, so I’m taking her shopping for climbing equipment (somewhere in the $100-$150 range) and then out for dinner (around $80).

Sunday I have skating ($6 for roundtrip train) and should buy groceries for the week ahead ($40).

Today I brought lunch, but will probably supplement it with some kind of treat, like a nanaimo bar ($2). I have no intention of spending money this evening, except perhaps on an inexpensive vietnamese dinner ($12) and laundry ($10)

Total: $250-300.

sherlock (#3,599)

This weekend is pretty up in the air. My boyfriend has a friend coming to stay with him so we will probably be doing things with her, but she seems kind of flaky so I’m not really sure what to expect.

Tonight I think we’re just staying in and cooking, though we might go out for a drink later? I’ll say $10 just in case.

Tomorrow I’m going to a beer fest with my boyfriend. I’ve already paid for our tickets, but I’ll tack on $20 for food there. Saturday evening who knows, I’ll estimate another $20 for possible food and/or drinks.

Sunday will probably be just a quiet day of grocery shopping and maybe a pilates class – $40.

Total: $90. Hmmm, that seems low. Well, we’ll see!

riotmute (#4,454)

Busy weekend planned but the fridge is stocked and I’m ready to go.

Friday – Coffee ($3), Lunch ($6) & drinks at a friend’s birthday party ($20)
Saturday – Shoes ($75), Wine ($10) and drinks at another party ($20)
Sunday – Laundry ($10) & lunch while watching football ($16)

Total: $160 but I can’t put off buying new shoes, otherwise it’s what it is

andnowlights (#2,902)

I think we’re aiming for $150. I need a dress for a job interview (YAY!) so I’m hoping to spend only $60 on that, plus the Greek Festival is this weekend, so $50 on lunch and all the Baklava! And we need to go to the Frist to see the car exhibit before it closes. so that’s $20. I’ll round up to $150. HUGELY expensive for us, but we just paid off the car yesterday and it was about $150 less than we thought it was going to be, so I feel like it’s okay to splurge a bit!

calamity (#2,577)

Tonight I’m going out with two friends, and will be drinking a lot … I’ll guess $35. Saturday will probably be a farmer’s market run ($15), possibly brunch ($20), and hopefully a more moderate night out with other friends ($20). Sunday I’ll wander around at Adams Morgan day ($15). And I’ll need to go on a CVS/Target/grocery run, so $30 more for that.

Total: $135.

Tonight I’m going to a fancy party, but my bf is helping to run it so it will be free for me! 0$

Saturday: Shopping for makeup (as a pre=birthday treat, plus I’ll get whatever classy birthday gift Sephora gives out every year). I lost a makeup bag while traveling over the summer, so will probably spend about $40 replacing things from that. I use makeup sparingly in my day to day life, but have expensive taste in lipstick (which will last me until it dries out or I loose it, because I only actually wear it once a week or so). Will be working from home or the coffee shop the rest of the day, say $50 for the day if I’m being extravagant.

Sunday: $20 round trip train tickets to visit my folks for the day. I can use my transit check, so it doesn’t feel like real money (it tends to accumulate a lot of extra value on it because I mostly bike, so I do things like splurge on Amtrak when Greyhound would suffice).

Let’s say $70 for the weekend. Wait, I need to buy more coffee, so we’ll put it around $84

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@MissMoneySterling Happy birfday!

I had a shit-terrible week and my apartment descended into squalor, so there’s gonna be a lot of housecleaning and a lot of grocery shopping and no leaving the house if I can help it. Probably $100.

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

@anachronistique I hope you have a better weekend!

pinches (#3,520)

This weekend is going to be good mix of work and play. Been taking up more shifts at part time gig to supplement full time because vacation is coming up soon.

-$10 Probably will buy lunch to indulge, despite having brought lunch, because of combined 11hr work day stress
-$ 0 Will eat the lunch I brought for dinner
+$45 Night job shift after day job
+$80 Night job shift
-$20 Dinner plans
-$20 Birthday drinks hang with night job colleague
-$ 0 Brunch, friends & family restaurant opening invite
-$30 Late lunch/snacks, US Open women’s final! (Tix were $106)
Spend $80, but will make around $125 during side job. I kinda need to do groceries soon and not eat out so much…

LookUponMyWorks (#2,616)

Dryer is broke so I’ll have to take the big things (sheets, towels) to the laundromat to dry: $8 in quarters

Brunch and 1-2 coffees out: $12

$20 for groceries

Free + my tears = culling my wardrobe and book collection to prepare for move. Goodbye, beautiful books!

$40…really needs to be a cheap weekend!

ATF (#4,229)

Should be a cheap, low key weekend.

Tonight I’m taking the Little Sister to soccer practice and then maybe meeting friends for dinner. If that doesn’t happen (timing might be off due to soccer practice), then dinner somewhere with the boyfriend by ourselves. I’ll say $30 for tonight.

Tomorrow: first soccer game! Got a zipcar for the occasion ($34) and will likely take her out to breakfast after or something ($35). Then home to putz around the apartment, go for a run, etc. Planning to go on a date with the boyfriend. He’ll buy dinner and I’ll buy movie tickets ($28).

Sunday is relatively plan free. Will make lemon poppy seed waffles and work on cleaning up the airline beverage trolley we got (we plan to use it for booze storage). Might make something for dinner for the week. Shouldn’t spend any money at any rate.

All in all, I’ll try to keep it to around $100 or so.

Allison (#4,509)

@ATF Do you have a recipe for those lemon poppy seed waffles? because that sounds like my favorite muffin in the best form of breakfast

ATF (#4,229)


Here you go!


Disclaimer: I have never made these before, so I can’t speak to the recipe’s final product. :) I do plan to make a simple glaze (as you would make for a lemon poppy seed loaf) to serve on them instead of syrup. That plus some good coffee is going to be my own personal heaven on Sunday morning.

Edited to add that the glaze I plan to make is just 1/2 cup powdered sugar per 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

lemonadefish (#3,296)

@ATF sounds yummy!!

Allison (#4,509)

I’m also in the ‘friend I haven’t seen in ages is coming to town’ boat. I’m not entirely sure what our plans are, but I feel like I should expect $50 for drinks/dinner/whatever.

I don’t need to do a ton of grocery shopping but I might pick up a few things ~$20.

If my roommate and I go out for booze/dessert like we’ve been discussing for almost two weeks, lets say $30.

Under $100! Maybe. hopefully.

heygirl (#4,726)

Friday: going to a wedding: $30 on card/giftcard. potentially going to this awful karaoke bar after, a place where most st. louis wedding after parties end up: cover + a drink, an additional $15.

Saturday: lunch: $12, going to a music festival (tickets purchased in April), additional festival foods/drinks: $10

Sunday: can’t foresee any additional expenditures. will clean around my apartment, go to yoga, lounge, etc.

$67! Potentially a super cheap weekend! Which is good because we’re going to Chicago next weekend, and it will be…less cheap.

erinep (#4,236)

I just ordered a gift card for my cousin for his wedding that I’m flying to in two weeks. It’s a card they can use at something like 100 businesses in their city. $30, plus $4 for shipping and activation. Should be eating dinner in tonight, after my new member fitness orientation at the Y, $0. If bf wants to eat out (and he’s impulsive like that) he can buy.

Saturday, going to a coffee shop to work on new job applications, $5. Watching the Badgers game at home through the AppleTV using yet another one of my parent’s directv passwords while taking advantage of home made bloody marys, $0. Will also watch the Packers game at home on Sunday, $0.

Groceries, $20 my share, and I’ll guess $25 for my share of a Costco run.

$50, plus $34 for the gift.

lemonadefish (#3,296)

Oh, I am already off to a terrible start. Last night I spent $100 at Target on Lego and tape (series 11 has some great figures! I got a thumb cramp squeezing the packs to find the right ones…) (the tape was fancy, and on clearance) (also dishwasher soap, less fancy) (Not technically the weekend, but with a feeling of weekend spending nonetheless.)

Just a few minutes ago I spent $562.47 on a new dishwasher, which will arrive in a couple weeks, because the one that came with the house actually increases the level of dirty on the dishes. (This will have to come out of savings. Goodbye vacation plans. You were nice to have, once.)(Home-ownership is fun!)

My sister is coming tonight, and my mom is coming Sunday morning, both to help paint & other house things. It is probable that they will bring some groceries, and pay for some meals out, but I might still spend $30-50 on food.

We need at least one quart of paint and a brush for it (oil paint ug) so $25 maybe there. I hope there are no more supplies to get, but there probably are, so another $25 for something I’m sure.

So, somewhere in the $710 range? Oh this is terrible. For Christmas this year I will just send my family copies of Home Depot receipts, and tell them that, say, the new wiring in the dining room is for them! People love not having more useless clutter arrive at the holidays, right?

Crabtree (#774)

@lemonadefish Don’t worry. I just moved into a new apartment and I feel like I am bleeding money with the painting and the groceries and the replacing all of the fancy light bulbs because they are all burnt out and trying to figure out storage and it doesn’t seem to end. It’s just part of moving. I do think that paint might cost a bit more than you think though. Just be ready for it.

lemonadefish (#3,296)

@Crabtree Hm, I hope not. I paid $11 for a quart of nice latex last weekend. And the brush can be disposable…
(Also it wouldn’t be so bad if every weekend didn’t bring four trips to the hardware store…)

RiffRandell (#4,774)

Doing this for real for the first time instead of writing it down on paper!
Friday-Staying in $0
Saturday- Cheap movie with a friend $2.50, lunch afterwards $15, possibly a dress? $45
Sunday- volunteering at a horse show all day $0 + a free lunch!

Tea'nWineBeMine (#2,441)

Firstly, Friday Estimate = HAPPY FRIDAY to all! Been out of the game for months–eep! and I have the goal of paying down my cc by November…so here’s my hope for this weekend:
Friday – $0…will maybe make frittata for the bf and enjoy the TJ Wine I bought earlier this week over some Netflix
Saturday – Approx. $25…friend coming over for catch-up fun times, so I’ll either buy us Chinese Food or use this for a grocery run, again, over Netflix (I know…Netflix is the fruit of the thrifty)
Sunday – $20…heading to my folks’ for my dad’s birthday, will make him a card and buy him a Junior’s cheesecake (or make one, if need be) and maybe some flowers or a plant (can’t afford the vodka he’d really like).

So here’s hoping for a max of $50.

Crabtree (#774)

My boyfriend finally released his game so celebratory drinks tonight! ($30) and this weekend we need to paint the tomato red room. I don’t know what else we will do this weekend, but making our place a home seems to be pricey so another $100 plus $ 50 for groceries?

PicNic (#3,760)

It’s my birthday weekend so probably a bit of expense…

Tonight – picking up snacks/groceries on my way home, $50
tomorrow – low key day, probably some cleaning, then birthday party at my apartment followed by the Donkey Show – probably another $50 for drinks/food/transportation
Sunday – actual birthday, just getting lunch with a friend – $20.

Total: $120ish, we’ll see

Tonight: Hopefully $0, but if we can’t resist the urge to dine alfresco, $30.

Tomorrow: My sister’s coming to town! She’s trying to amp up her professional wardrobe, so I’m taking her shopping for an outfit as an early birthday present ($50-80). We’ll probably get coffee and/or lunch out ($20), and go to the Union Kitchen parking lot and get dinner from some of their vendors, plus a free concert ($30).

Sunday: probably more low-key. Hopefully we’ll spend most of the day relaxing and not spending money. Once my sister leaves, we’ll have to go grocery shopping ($50).

Total: $150-$210, depending how much self-control we have tonight/how expensive my sister’s taste is.

sariberry (#4,420)

I’m still out west visiting my parents, which is amazing for my wallet. Spent $2 today on a scone and don’t think I will need to spend any more today. Thank you parents!

Tomorrow- flying home, wah wahhh. I am going to pack lunch so that I don’t spend anything at the airport. Won’t need to pay for my checked bag because I have the frequest flyer credit card. So I * think * just the cost of getting home. That will be a $15 bus ride from Newark into Manhattan. If I’m lazy I’ll take a cab once I’m in the city ($25), if I have it in me I’ll take the subway ($2.50).

Sunday: I’ll be home and we’ll need to do a grocery run. I’ll budget $75, but we split that in half, so about $37.

So without a cab on Saturday = $79
With a cab = $56.50

That’s a good incentive not to take a cab.

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