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The Location-Brag
An auto-responder that says, “I’m sunning myself on a pristine beach in Santorini and will have limited access to e-mail until Tuesday” might be an accurate reflection of your travel plans. It’s also going to make you look like an asshole.

New York magazine has a list of some of the worst kinds of vacation email auto-responders, and says if you must have one, it should simply say that you’re out of the office and will return on [x] date. Plus maybe another contact for emergencies.

I have never used a vacation email auto-responder! Probably because if I’m on vacation and have access to the Internet, I’ll probably be checking my email anyway—but probably not responding if it’s not urgent. There are also some people who are really good at writing very funny auto-responders but I am not one of them.

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sea ermine (#122)

I usually just say that I’m out of the office, list the date I’ll get back, and write that they can contact the main line at xxx-xxx-xxxx if they require immediate assistance. I don’t check my work email outside of the hours of 9-5, and very rarely when on vacation (just to make sure that nothing super important happened). Even if I did, if I’m not going to respond for a few days I think it’s polite to let people know that right away (plus, my office requires everyone to put an out of office message on their email and phone if we’re out for a few days, probably for that reason).

jason (#1,335)

Another reason not to tell people that you will have “limited” or “sporadic” access to email, especially in a position where clients email you: they will know that you are able to, and probably will, respond to the important emails. If you don’t respond, they know that they are not important.

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