The One With the Spontaneous Trip

Mike: Logan, I just impulse-purchased a flight to S.F. right now. I have no idea where I am staying.

Logan: !!!!! OMG I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. When did you decide??

Mike: Right now. This moment. With no plans. I just did it because JetBlue was giving a discount.

Logan: Great airline. Best airline. How long are you there for?

Mike: Five days. You had to book a flight that leaves pretty much immediately. And you had to return in five days, so I chose to stay as late as I could.

Logan: So cool.

Mike: The ticket was $100 roundtrip with the discount. Which is why I impulse-bought it.

Logan: HOLY SHIT—that’s free basically?

Mike: Haha, it was literally a 90 percent discount.

Logan: Amazing amazing.

Mike: JetBlue was having this crazy thing where when it hit 90 degrees in the city, you got a 90 percent discount. You had to book something for the next day. Also, there were a lot of error messages and seats that would disappear. It took me 40 minutes to actually book something because things kept selling out.

Logan: You have the most amazing plane ticket stories.

Mike: Really just this one, and two years ago when I found a ticket to Spain for $250. Omg, Logan, you can do it too. Do it now. It’s still hot in New York.

Logan: Haha.

Mike: You could maybe get a ticket to Virginia to see your family.

Logan: Nonononoono. Not part of my budget plan right now. I have to work!

Mike: Ahhh! I forgot about the restaurant job for a moment. It would have been like $40 to Virginia I bet. Since it’s $100 to S.F.

Logan: I’m really excited for you though.

Mike: And it might be hard for you to get the time off.

Logan: And traveling is more than the plane ticket. This is the kind of thing that when I had credit cards I’d totally do, but now that it’s like actual money, I’m much more aware of how much it will really end up being. Cuz you know, I’ll be in that airport being like, the ticket was 100 bucks, GIVE ME 12 BLOODY MARYS!!!

Mike: Hahah. I have $400 in my vacation savings fund, so that’s what I’ll be spending. I mean, I was going to pick a city that I haven’t been to yet. But I decided I should pick a city where I know I can stay with friends. I almost booked a ticket to South Carolina at first. And then I looked at hotel prices and was like, NOPE!

Logan: OMG, it would be so hot down there. S.F. great choice!



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readyornot (#816)

i cannot tell you how wide i am smiling because of how you two flipped the script.

readyornot (#816)

@readyornot also, good choice on SF! whoa that's hot

joyballz (#2,000)

@readyornot checked calendar. it’s july 17th, not april 1st. whoa.

joyballz (#2,000)

@joyballz or the 19th. same difference.

UrbanGarlic (#4,303)

@readyornot Detroit: hotter than El Paso.

This is brutal.

bgprincipessa (#699)

Incredibly jealous right now!

“And traveling is more than the plane ticket.”
I think this is something people ignore a lot. Even if, say, I bring some food along with me, at some point I’ll probably have to buy some food while traveling. I will have to pay some money to get to/from stations and airports. I will have to plan my grocery shopping so that nothing sits in my fridge going bad. I will probably buy meals out when I get wherever I’m going. and so on…

So even a short weekend trip to visit a friend is never just “oh, $20 for a bus ticket!”

bgprincipessa (#699)

Also Mike’s mention of his $250 Spain ticket is making me feel really bad things about how much I paid for my ticket to Europe this summer. :/

E$ (#1,636)

@bgprincipessa next time, you’ll know to comparison shop – for now just focus on how you’ll save money when you’re there, while seeing and doing what you want!

hellonheels (#1,407)

Ahhhhh, Mike, you’re coming to SF! So exciting. Also I am sure it will be a wonderful respite from the NYC heat since July is basically our winter. It will probably just break 60 the entire time you are here (and then immediately return to a frigid windy state at about 4:00 PM because it can never be nice for more than like six consecutive hours).

Marissa (#467)

@hellonheels The rule is it’s really nice out while I’m stuck inside at work. The wind rolls around right at 5:30.

KittyConner (#3,108)

To the Billfold bunkers, everyone. Straight lines, no pushing.

@Ash@Work Count off as you head inside; last one in throw the deadbolt.

olivia (#1,618)

Awesome deal! SF is great, I went in the fall and loved it. My ticket was on sale for $250ish from Virgin Airlines, which is why I decided to go too! Wasn’t as last minute or cheap as yours though. Have fun!

kellyography (#250)

Oh this is amazing, and I am super jealous, especially because right now I have a pretty good reason to go to SF. I didn’t get this notification in an email, and I always pay attention to Jetblue promotions. How did you find it?

@kellyography JetBlue ran a promo for cheap flights any day Central Park hit over 90. They stopped it today because there were too many people using it.

EDaily (#4,396)

@kellyography I just looked through my email and saw that JetBlue sent an email on the 16th called “Feelin hot hot hot?” about the promotion. I’m sad about missing this one too.

@MikeDang I live really close to SF (can’t afford to live IN it, yet)! Probably my favorite city in the country. :D The Exploratorium JUST moved to a beautiful new location on Pier 15/17. If you’re here Thursday night, check out Night Life at the California Academy of Science. Let me know if you want any other recommendations of places to visit/eat at!

Bill Fostex (#573)

I hope this frivolous splurge is foreshadowing a mysterious incident in SF that makes Dang totally and permanently snap, because, I mean, imagine an alternate-reality Billfold where Dang is out of his mind.

Bill Fostex (#573)

@Bill Fostex Collecting Debts: Why I Cut Off Logan’s Hair With A Pair Of Box Cutters

Bill Fostex (#573)

@Bill Fostex Dang En México: Ganando Dinero Con La Eme

CaddyFdot (#2,686)

If the weather in actual SF is too cold for you, come on down the peninsula for a visit! My town is reading mid-high 70’s and sunny for the next 5 days. 8-)

@CaddyFdot No, no, no come to the state fair! Nice and temperate at 100+ :(

I like how the Californians are fighting over Mike visiting.

clo (#4,196)

This is great, have fun! Come visit Santa Cruz (where I live) for some beach and boardwalk fun if you want to enjoy some sunny weather! Though you’re probably sick of it with the heatwave.

@clo You live in Santa Cruz?! I went to school there! I’ll actually be there tomorrow, ha ha, small world?

Marissa (#467)

Yay! Enjoy our fogalicious July!

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