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We recently moved our network onto a new server, so there have been a few glitches. If you click to the see additional posts on the second page, for example, sometimes it’ll skip all of this week’s posts and revert to July 2. Our network’s tech person is currently investigating, and this will all be sorted out soon. But I have rounded up some of our features this week here in case you’ve missed them:

An American Expat Discusses the Cost of Living Abroad

That Weird Moment When Your Boss Googles You

Considering the Lower-Ranked Law Schools, and Graduating Debt-Free

She Pays the Bills, And He Works on His Art

The Anxiety We Feel When a Family Member Becomes Unemployed

What Kids Want

Career Advice from a Tarot Card Reader

Logan on Lifestyle Creep

A Married Couple Argues About Tipping

House Hunting in Oakland, Calif.

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