My Last Hundred Bucks: Morning Milkshakes, Modern Transpo, The Cinema, and Roof Access

Where’d your last hundred bucks go, Christian Brown?

$4.25, Grande Caramel Frappaccino at Starbucks, because I enjoy the opportunity to pretend a milkshake is a type of morning wake-up beverage.

$13, Lyft to work, since on Mondays and Fridays I do not have a car, and Lyft is both cheaper and easier to use than a cab. I hope my coworkers never see me show up in a car with a mustache on it.

$17, Ticket to Pacific Rim, which had the right number of punches and the wrong number of believable dialogues.

$4, Parking in Glendale to go to the birthday event of an elderly stoner science fiction author.

$4.25, Another Frappaccino. Geeze. This is turning into a wake up call.

$13, Lunch at a terrible café in Koreatown, which is the only restaurant near my office. I got a glass-bottled Mexican coke and a blackened chicken sandwich and a lot of regret about how much the whole thing cost.

$75, A ladder at Lowes, because I want to get onto my new house’s roof and make sure there’s no, like … hawk nests up there? Not really sure what could be there but I think I have to go look.

Total: $130.50


Christian Brown lives in Los Angeles.


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readyornot (#816)

“the birthday event of an elderly stoner science fiction author” – sounds like such a good time, and I am totally serious. It also reminds me, though, of the character Roman in Party Down, “I’m into hard sci fi, fantasy is all bullshit.”

re: checking out the roof, and just curious as a potential future home buyer, do you have to get an inspection before you buy? how does that all work?

garli (#4,150)

@readyornot Yeah, it’s part of the physical inspection that’s standard in any escrow. Pretty sure it’s mandatory if you are getting a loan.

swirrlygrrl (#2,398)

I kind of hope there is a hawk nest? Be careful in any case.

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