So Like Here’s My Business Card With My Contact Info Or Whatever Cool

Jesse David Fox is a writer, cat person, and Jew (in that order). He is an associate editor at and has about 495 unused business cards that say as much. This is where he plugs his twitter.


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Last time someone asked me for a card, I tore off a corner of my notebook paper and wrote THE BILLFOLD DOT COM on it. networking!

Jenn@twitter (#2,325)

No mention of using them to win free stuff? That’s where most of mine go (outside of work)!

loren smith (#2,300)

@Jenn@twitter yeah! That’s all I ever did when I had them. Stick them into jars on counters. Never worked though.

OhMarie (#299)

@Jenn@twitter I had to stop this after I started getting a bunch more spam. I blame Boston Market.

siege91 (#1,738)

20% – used to roll roaches for joints/spliffs.

Emergency tooth pick. Inelegant but effective.

kellyography (#250)

Used as a bookmark is a way bigger percentage of my pie. Dropped into fishbowls at Cosi is definitely at least 5%.

cryptolect (#1,135)

When I was at college I used to get business cards printed up every year and hand them out socially. It was a lot of fun, but sometimes awkward when I’d meet someone and they’d say, “We met at a party last week. I have your card. You were pretty drunk.”

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