Only Way to Get 1 Job Is If Someone You Know Gives It to You, But What Do You Give Them?

• First paycheck
• First and second paycheck
• 10% of every paycheck
• 20%?
• Dinner. Nice dinner. During which you look into eyes and say, “thank you for job”
• Deli flowers, plastic torn off so it looks like you just picked them from a field
• Flowers you actually picked from a field
• Complex contract promising percentage of earnings over time with clauses in event of IPO
• 1 round of drinks every time you hang out (“to you, getting me a job”)
• Daily updates on how happy you are about job
• Heartfelt handwritten letter thanking them for job
• Promise never to complain about job for duration of job
• You have to get them a job


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bgprincipessa (#699)

•blog post showing gratitude for said job

E$ (#1,636)

I’m always looking for the drugstore card section tagged “THANK YOU FOR JOB.”

Slutface (#53)

Ask them what they got the person who got them their job. Get them that thing.

I vote dinner, and a nice handwritten note*

*nice handwritten note may be substituted for nice handtyped blog post, if you happen to edit a blog with a readership large enough to be considered a “public forum,” which this one must, since I read it despite not knowing you or Mike personally, so congratulations, you’re covered. Unless you used dictation software to write your post, in which case you still have to write a note.

@cuminafterall I also vote dinner – that’s what somebody got me once in return for getting them a job. although, I wasn’t expecting it! a handwritten note is a nice thought too.

sally (#917)

A friend forwarded me the email from the headhunter asking, “Is this what you do?” I took him to big dinner.

CL (#3,590)

Hehe! I got my job after protecting my boss from an evil neighborhood developer, whose actions would have dropped the value of his home by maybe $200k. I think we’re even!

orangezest (#317)

I once suggested a friend for a job I was being recruited for, and she ended up getting it. She bought me drinks, which I appreciated, but honestly — and this is super nerdy — seeing how much happier she is at this job is its own reward. (I didn’t want the job! I’m glad it went to someone I love who is great at it!)

I think the best thing to give them is potential future payback. Everyone help everyone else out all the time and it all works out.

The dinner or flowers or a note are all nice too but not needed.

Catface (#1,106)

@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter Ha, I should have posted my response, below, as a reply to your comment. Agree 100%, will thumbs-up you belatedly.

Catface (#1,106)

My superpower is editing resumes and cover letters. All I ever want, when the job comes through, is a real thank-you (not an offhand thanks-dude), but I never say no to n=1 drinks occasion. Truly though it’s just great to be able to help.

And I try to remind myself that if someone offers to help me in some other regard, using his or her own peculiar superpowers, I should not feel guilty about saying yes, because don’t I want that person also to have the joy of having helped? Yes, yes I do.

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