Appearing to Be Well Read Not Cheap

The pile of unread publications on my coffee table attests to my knowledge of the names of publications that keep people informed on many and divergent areas of the cultural spectrum.

n+1: I saw the name of this publication on a blog, in the same paragraph as the name “Slavoj Žižek.” It’s based in Brooklyn. ($35/year)

Lucky Peach: The pork buns at Momofuku are without a doubt the best I’ve ever had. ($28/year)

American Caving Accidents: What an obscure publication to have out on a coffee table! (included with $40/year National Speleological Society membership)

The Believer: Isn’t it brilliant and convenient that they put the table of contents on the back cover? ($45/year)

The Wire: British. (£56/year)

American Reader: This is a new one. Issues 2 through 4 have thick, pretty, beige covers, but issue 1 clearly had a much lower budget. ($39.99/year)

The Baffler: Really smart bunch of people behind this one. ($30/year)

Vice: There’s boobs in there sometimes. (free)


William Foster lives in Portland, Ore.


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faustbanana (#2,376)

I tried to subscribe to American Caving Accidents, but received American Carving Accidents instead. Think my finger slipped while I was filling out the online order form.

jakewest (#6,072)

In my opinion “The baffler “is a great example of good writing overcoming shoddy copy-editing. I think the American Reader isn’t something just for New York. It’s for the entire country. Anyway thanks a lot for this share. Keep posting.
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