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What Do You Eat in 1 Week?

Six years ago photographer Peter Menzel released a book called HUNGRY PLANET: WHAT THE WORLD EATS. It is pictures of families around the world sitting with all the groceries they eat in one week. It is fascinating, obviously. You can buy that book here or try to figure out how galleries work on Menzel’s website here or you can look at the photos on this page where someone has collected them without giving credit, but where they are arranged nicely on one page.

Oxfam was inspired by the project with seven pictures of families today and what they eat in a week. Those pictures are here.

I was also inspired by the project and tried to remember everything I ate last week.

My artistic rendering is mostly accurate, I think. I’m not sure if I made clear how big the bags of trail mix were (big), and also last week was weird because I had friends in town and they bought me dinners and drinks on many occasions. Actually all occasions that are not sandwiches or trail mix or coffee I think? Fruit. I buy my own fruit. ANYWAY, other than that, totally typical food week, for me, mostly. Also in my head I had mostly stopped drinking, ha. Health.


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j-i-a (#746)


probs (#296)

@j-i-a Sad Desk Lunch your way to a flat belly in just four Monday Check-ins!

bgprincipessa (#699)

This is not enough food?? What? I eat like 6 meals a day, I can’t understand. I’m starving right this second and I just ate.

sea ermine (#122)

@bgprincipessa Right? I eat the standard three meals plus snacks and mini meals and after dinner munchies but I feel like my portion sizes are way bigger? Like when I look at something and it says x amount is 10 servings than x is just my one portion. Especially with pasta and hummus.

PrettyNicola (#692)

What is that bowl next to the beans? Is it fancy cereal? I am going to make my own food picture now, and today is going to have one whole box of cereal drawn in it. And also vending machine ice cream.

probs (#296)

@PrettyNicola it’s labeled as mac n cheese, looks like. Sincerely pretty sweet elbow macaroni drawing, Logan.

PrettyNicola (#692)

@probs Ah. I see that now. I thought it said “mactase” and I thought it might be some awesome hippie cereal I was missing out on.

probs (#296)

I wish the pictures had greater detail about the kind and quantities of the food. Still pretty interesting.

It reminds me of an infographic I saw that seemed to say that on average, Americans eat five pounds of food a day. That seemed like a lot to me, but I also don’t weigh all my food. Maybe altogether it’s the equivalent of a Man vs Food style burrito. We think about food all the time and also not at all.

@probs “We think about food all the time and also not at all.” No kidding. I mean, I guess it’s not weird that we think about it so much, since without it we’ll die, but the way we think about it feels weird to me (especially for me because we’re having staff appreciation week this week, and the emails have all been about all the “calories” we’re getting, as opposed to the food).

probs (#296)

@SarcasticFringehead that is super weird. “Can’t wait for some calories!” makes perfect sense for people genuinely suffering from hunger. Otherwise, you’re right, it doesn’t exactly suggest a healthy relationship with food.

Bill Fostex (#573)

This week, everyone draw everything you eat and post it in the Friday Open Thread. Logan, tell ‘em to do it!! Logan, make ‘em do it!

joyballz (#2,000)

@Bill Fostex I will do this.

julnyes (#2,807)

@Bill Fostex I will do this with the magic of google image search and clip art!!

probs (#296)

@Bill Fostex I’m into it. I’ve already got grandiose plans that will surely crumble in the face of time and effort!

ellabella (#1,480)

@Bill Fostex I’m in!

sockhopbop (#764)

@ellabella Yesss.

kellyography (#250)

Sweet drawing! I would do this except I’m pretty sure everything I eat in a week would not fit on one page and also I cannot draw, even a little bit.

Brunhilde (#78)

So far this week I have had… a container of cottage cheese, a bag of pop chips, an apple, two sample size lara bars, three red bulls, a touchdown, a shot of fireball, and a pitcher of pale ale (maybe a pitcher plus a pint, I was playing pool all night and lost track). Hmmmmn. I’m not doing so hot so far. I’ll try to get some vegetables in today.

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