Okay Hiring Managers Are Jerks But We Can Fix This We Got This

GREAT NEWS JOB SEEKERS: “Employers would rather call back someone with no relevant experience who’s only been out of work for a few months than someone with lots of relevant experience who’s been out of work for longer than six months.”

JERKS. But: I think there are some ways to use this information in your job search in a way that does not involve OUTRIGHT LYING. LIKE: Do something while you are unemployed. Temp one time, or babysit one time, walk some dogs, do some volunteering. Mow some lawns. Submit essays to places. Then put that stuff on your resume. CONTRACT WORK, is an impressive set of words. You can do it! I believe in you.


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sea ermine (#122)

I am very very very pro temping and volunteering as things to do in between jobs (although volunteering is an awesome thing all the time). Especially for recent grads!

The first thing I did post graduation was apply to 4 different temp agencies. It’s better to have several you’re working with, that way if one doesn’t have much available you can turn to others. Make sure to check in with them weekly so they know you’re available.

Volunteering is also awesome, and while it doesn’t pay it is a good way of showing that you did something other than sit on the couch while you were unemployed. Most places let you volunteer for only a couple hours a week so it wont actually take time away from applying to jobs, and you can keep the volunteer work after you’re hired to give you something to do after work (especially if you are volunteering in an area you’re passionate about).

Megano! (#124)

OK so all my internships work right? Otherwise I have to go jump off a bridge.

jr (#3,151)

Coming from someone who interviews a few people each month, I wouldn’t put anything non related on your resume. I don’t want a resume longer than 2 pages either. Unless you are < 3 years out of college I really don’t care what classes you took or what your GPA was so leave that off too. I know within 5 minutes of an interview if you are the right person or not because we look for very specific things in people. It doesn’t always mean I want the person who has the most experience I want the smartest person available who I know can come in and learn on their own without bringing others down.

yeah, instead of being unemployed i am an “independent consultant.”

Megoon (#328)

Ugh, I remember trying to hire someone and our big boss was like, “why has she been out of work for a year? That concerns me.” “Uhhhh, she’s a year out of college and the job market sucks,” we said (it helped that my brother was also fresh out of college and took a year to find a job; I was pretty sensitive to insinuations that such people are lazy or unqualified). The fact that she’d done an unpaid, probably illegal-internship in the meantime got her past that year-out-of-work hurdle – I was able to point that out to the big boss and be like, look! Check out that initiative she took to build skills during her job search! And now she works at our company and is great.

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