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Crashing the Panel for the Free Food

A former Hill staffer and “unemployed sequestration victim” has started a blog documenting his attempts to crash speaker panels hosted by various organizations around Washington D.C. that offer food so he can get a free meal. So far, he’s crashed events hosted by the Family Research Council, the Center for American Progress, and the American Enterprise Institute. AEI offered gumbo.


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Derbel McDillet (#1,241)

I live in a college town and it would be pretty easy to do something similar here. It seems like every department has a stack of half-eaten pizzas in the main office at any given time. The med school in particular seems to cater every handshake.

ThatJenn (#916)

@Derbel McDillet I maintain a couple of oddly-themed Google calendar of local and university events, and I’ve been seriously considering starting one for specifically for free events with free food.

@ThatJenn DO IT. When I was an intern on the Hill, there was another intern in one of my state delegation’s offices who maintained a weekly spreadsheet of all the events on the Hill, who was hosting, whether there was food, and who you had to be to get in. I’m not saying I pretended to be an alumnus of various schools to get dinner for most of my senior year, but I’m not NOT saying that either. Wish we’d thought of Google calendar then.

Are there any New America Foundation staffers reading this right now? Good. Listen closely.

Don’t hold a 9AM event and NOT provide coffee if you ever want any of those people to return.

That sentence is a little double-negativey. Let’s just say ALWAYS PROVIDE COFFEE. Nobody wants to live in your New America if all there is to drink there is three cans of warm Diet Coke.

highjump (#39)

@stuffisthings New America Foundation?! They are on an advocacy committee that I am on and now they are NEVER hosting anything. Get it together NAF!

blair (#1,962)

This is a man after my own heart. I miss those free coconut waters. <3 U DNC

cherrispryte (#19)

I think the majority of my place of employment’s catering budget has been sequestered away, otherwise we would be a great place to hit up. Events several times a month, usually with sandwiches but sometimes with delicious gigantic platters of food from this vaguely Mediterranean place that apparently vastly overestimates how much hummus people want with their meal. Also, no one’s ever checking names and there are all sorts of randoms who show up for events regularly.

Non-anonymous (#1,288)

@cherrispryte Too much hummus? That’s crazy talk! Also, a good reason to invest in desk tupperware.

calamity (#2,577)

He’s gotta step it up and start crashing panels at the Capitol – my old company hosted one in the evening and had an OPEN BAR. There wasn’t even any sort of registration!

highjump (#39)

@calamity Yeah the Capitol is where it is at as anyone with internship experience will tell you. Constituent breakfasts. Boxed lunches for hearings and panels (there are often extras). And the evening events!

zimm (#2,228)

oh man, I interned at Parliament in Ottawa and my fellow interns and I would got to receptions hosted by various lobbying groups pretty much every weekday to get free food and drinks. The anti-union lobby had one at a restaurant (the Met) where there was just a normal bar and everything was free. One my friends said that the tab for the night was $10,000+. We also went the Van Gough exhibit at the National Gallery for free. ah, to be young and shameless…

This guy is awesome. Free food is the best.

Sheridan (#3,603)

Uh, people have been doing this for decades. Not sure why this guy is unique.

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