WWYD: Lamps Update

A WWYD update from the letter writer who received an additional pair of lamps:

Well, I did as you said and called the company and let them know about the second set of lamps.

And they told me to keep them!!! I’m so impressed with that kind of customer service—they were actually apologetic that this might have been any kind of inconvenience for me in the first place.

My plan now is to figure out what a good price may be, and then sell the second set of lamps on Craigslist and put that money towards my credit card bill. It’s a win-win. — M.

Photo: Anders Ljungberg


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nogreeneggs (#154)

Yay, that’s awesome! Companies do this a lot I think. I order supplies in my office and a they sent me a damaged (kind of expensive) wall-sized whiteboard and when I called them about it they sent me a new one and specifically told me not to send back the damaged one. It’s probably just not worth the cost of getting it shipped back to them.

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