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Small Victories

1. Mom and dad sent me money and said: This is for a haircut. I spent it on a haircut and did not have to use it to pay bills because I had already paid my bills.

2. Met a friend for a drink and ordered seltzer. Had a meeting in a bar and ordered seltzer.

3. Waited until discount Tuesday to see movie in theater even though I wanted to see it on non-discount Monday.

4. Left office with intention of purchasing one new article of clothing from Marshall’s to turn frown upside down. Sounded like great plan for three blocks. On fourth block, talked myself out of it and walked on by.

5. Had door open and one foot inside of of $12 sandwich shop when I turned around, walked away, and ate $3 pizza instead.


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Spinach Party (#253)

Those are excellent small victories!!!!!!

sockhopbop (#764)


RocketSurgeon (#747)

Congrats and way to go! It’s not easy to implement behavior change. But if you do it incrementally, it adds up to big changes over the long run.

endofherleash (#201)

go logan! i never thought i’d be so proud of a complete strangers personal choices about money but dang it, i’m emotionally invested in your success.

Nick (#1,548)

@highwaysofgold Ditto. This is fantastic, Logan.

LDW@twitter (#1,216)

Small Victory? Let’s see. This is all guesses and feel free to double check my math but…

Haircut: Potential, $40-80. Actual, $0
Bar meetings: Potential, $20-40. Actual $5-10
Trip to Marshalls: Potential, $20-????, Actual, $0
Lunch or Dinner: Potential, $12-14, Actual. $3
Total: Potential $92-134+. Actual, $8-$14

I don’t think there’s anything small about this. If I still lived in New York I’d take you for a drink. If a complete stranger taking you for a drink weren’t super creepy.

LDW@twitter (#1,216)

Oops forgot the movie. But still, you spent a lot less than you would have. Congrats!

vicky austin (#2,938)

@LDW@twitter So when you put it that way, Logan saved like 90%, or $80 to $120. That is real money for sure!

LDW@twitter (#1,216)

@vicky austin Exactly. And that $80-120 can be the difference between being broke 2 weeks before the next paycheck and having a bit of a cushion. Real money indeed.

cryptolect (#1,135)

All your bills are paid, that is HUGE! Congratulations!

Also: where is the discount Tuesday movie theater?

@cryptolect Yes, where is this? I would like to go here.

@cryptolect This is my discount movie place for Tuesday nights http://www.cobblehilltheatre.com/admission.html which I am now wondering if I share with Logan?

@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter that’s the one! $8!

Pearl! (#3,444)

Congrats! These are big wins!

Tatiana (#194)

Nice work!

katerrific (#374)

Logan, awesome. This is exactly the stuff that helped me get out of debt a few years ago. I didn’t think my lifestyle costs were all that much, but it was totally the cumulative effect of all the little stuff that was costing a lot! You are doing it, girl.

honey cowl (#1,510)

Git it gurrrrrl! THIS IS AWESOME!

minijen (#656)

Those are NOT small victories, they are huge! It’s the little stuff that drags us down – the things we aren’t used to thinking about. Mindfulness even on the seemingly small stuff is a big breakthrough. Congrats!

Seltzer? Ew. But congrats I guess?

MaxBraverman (#3,273)

Oh my God. This just reminded me of the $2 theater a half hour away from me. Why am I not there all the time? So what if the sound is shitty and my feet stick to the floor? $2 movie theater!

muush (#521)

This is so so great! Go you!!

JitterBug (#1,972)

Well done, Logan! You should be proud :)

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