Earning a Living as a Cannabis Baker

I donate my edibles to medical marijuana clubs for a recommended donation price to recoup my cost and be reimbursed for my time. To be a member and buy goods at a club, you need a recommendation from a doctor, which has to be renewed annually. The clubs offer my baked goods to their members for another recommended price, which is often double what they give me for them. My recommended donation is $5 or $6 for a package of three cookies; the members donate $10 or $12 for that same package. Baking edibles has been my only source of income for the last three years, but it took some time to build up the business. I like to barter as much as I can to get the cannabis. I need nearly half a pound of trim to make 6 pounds of butter or 10 cups of oil, and I was spending like $300 a pound for trim. Now I bake marijuana edibles in exchange for the marijuana. So yeah, I bake a lot.

Emily Fleischaker talked to a woman who earns a living by baking marijuana infused baked goods for medical marijuana clubs. It’s a difficult way to make a living: Marketing is hard (her lawyer specializing in cannabis law told her it wouldn’t be smart to market herself), banks don’t want to lend to people who are associated with marijuana, and marijuana dispensaries are on the verge of shutting down. But her cookies and cakes look amazing, so if this doesn’t pan out, she could always try opening up a regular bakery.

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NoReally (#45)

You know the new This American Life, about coincidences? Last thing before I left the office yesterday I googled “pot butter” because my mother is starting chemo and asked me for brownies from the Alice B. Toklas cookbook.

j-i-a (#746)


lizard (#2,615)

pot edibles make me way too high to function. i barely get high on a blunt but give me a brownie and i loose my ability to stand

sony_b (#225)

I use it for insomnia and the dispensary I use in Oakland has caramels with or without pecans, hard candies, and ten different kinds of cookies and brownies. Typically I eat half a caramel or a single hard candy before bed and I’m good.

Late last year they started carrying cannabis muddy buddies – chex mix soaked in chocolate with butter and topped with powdered sugar. I only bought them once, but they were so good. The problem is that your munchies shouldn’t give you the munchies.

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