Dispatches from a Visit to Planned Parenthood

Did u know that an exam at planned parenthood is NINETY BUCKS

This is dumb. Sex is dumb. Why does it have to cost $90?

I just thought planned parenthood was supposed to be like $5

Dollar menu sexual health 

“I’m on the pill but I still use condoms every time” brags girl on poster on wall. YOUR MOM MUST BE PROUD OF YOU FOR BEING A STOCK PHOTO MODEL

Soho planned parenthood more like so slow

Not too glad about my planned parenthood doc telling me I should consider going gluten free. She gets taxpayer’s money to evangelize VOODOO.

Did u know they can test for HIV by swabbing UR gums lol that’s where your HIV is. In your gums. oh god

526,600 countertop rapid hiv tests / how do you measure a nyc planned parenthood

sometimes i look at my tween cousin’s instagram shots and feel so jealous she never had to have an std test

don’t have HIV btw

“don’t have HIV” – text to mom

Mom just texted, “I’ll pay half.”


Lauren Rodrigue lives in New York.


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EM (#1,012)

HIV is kind of everywhere, in all your body fluids, but yes, in your saliva. THE MAGIC OF MEDICAL TESTING.

The gluten-free thing is weird.

jfruh (#161)

@Michelle HIV is not kind of everywhere. The antibodies your body creates in its unsuccessful attempt to fight HIV are everywhere. There is an ENORMOUS difference.

EM (#1,012)

@jfruh HIV is present in all your body fluids, including blood, vaginal fluid, and semen, and also in lesser quantities in saliva and tears and breast milk. I don’t know what the “enormous difference” is.

EM (#1,012)

@jfruh I get your point about HIV testing being an antibody test but I was more just responding jokingly to the “that’s where your HIV is. In your gums.”

jfruh (#161)

@Michelle the enormous difference is that you can’t catch AIDS from making out with someone. As soon as the first saliva test came out, one of my relatives went on a tear of claiming “See, we were right all along, AIDS people need to be isolated from the general population.”

I got free obamacare BC for the first time this week and I SO wanted to celebrate on the internet, but it seemed like a weird thing to tweet? The Billfold seems like an audience that would appreciate this info.

(That’s really annoying and seemingly inappropriate about the gluten free bit)

shannowhamo (#845)

@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter I’d say it was innapropriate if it was totally out of no where but if she was complaining about chronic stomach problems, a weird rash or inflmmation, then it wouldn’t be totally crazy. It can cause that stuff in people.

I appreciate that you got your Obamacare BC!

@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter Me too! Congratulations to us.

@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter I was feeling all smug about picking up my free obama care BC last week, until I went to the pharm this week to pick up the antibiotic for my skin (THANKS ADULT ACNE) and the manufacturer raised the price from $6 to $75!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter Aw man, I was all excited about getting mine, but instead they are continuing to charge me $32 for generic Ortho? I think my company is too small to be covered by most of the ACA provisions. :-( We have TERRIBLE insurance, which is ironic because we are a health nonprofit…

jane lane (#281)

@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter I tweeted about mine. NO SHAME.

@bowtiesarecool I actually think I only got it for free because I am currently without insurance (just switched jobs) I was paying $10 on my old insurance, and who knows what will happen when the new stuff kicks in. BC Roulette!

“dollar value menu sexual health” – BWAHAHA.

Our NZ equivalent, Family Planning, is awesome – free up until age 22 (or was it 23?) so I’ve only recently had to start paying for appointments.

selenana (#673)

I know at my PP they have free annuals and free BC for low income folks. But even when I’ve qualified for that I usually gave a donation because PP rocks.

jfruh (#161)

Every regional PP has its own policies, but I am reasonably sure that they should all have sliding scales for most services (except abortion, obvs) based on your income if your affiliate takes gov’t money.

bgprincipessa (#699)

I just did some intensive Googling to figure out that the doctor from S1 of Girls is Linda Vasquez on House of Cards. That was really bugging me.

xxAnniexx (#1,137)

@bgprincipessa ahhh thank you for pointing that out!

sea ermine (#122)

I’ve had free std tests, free pap smears, free morning after pill and free ladyparts checkups at Planned Parenthood (mostly in NYC but also in Delaware). I’ve also had discounted versions of those things, and my boyfriend got free std/sti tests. There are sliding scales, and you can ask to talk to someone about how much you make and how much you can afford and they’ll work something out and it’s pretty easy/doesn’t take that long.

A lot of the times when you make your appointment they’ll ask if you have insurance or if you need financial assistance and you can let them know then so they can set you up with the sliding scale person before you see the doctor.

MaxBraverman (#3,273)

Why doesn’t your cousin ever have to get tested for an STD? Because kids don’t wear condoms anymore and they already have all the STDs! LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

sunflowernut (#1,638)

Ugh yeah I make enough that the sliding scale doesn’t make the exams any cheaper, because they are $90 for me too. But that doesn’t take into account the fact that I have all the student loans and therefore am still broke all the time.

Ninety bucks for a well woman checkup/STD test is still pretty darn good, especially if you’re uninsured.

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