You Are Overreacting

Woahwoahwoahwoah woah woahhhhhhhh. Woah. Let’s not do something we’re going to regret now, Sprint.

Let me just

fix it real quick.


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nutmeg (#1,383)

I have two bills in collections right now, but one of them is a bill the hospital sent me after I already paid the first bill they sent (they were all, “Oh, we recalculated so you owe us fifty more dollars for the four hours you spent in the ER because your insurance or something, whatever, where’s the money”) and the other is because my bank fucked something up when I had to freeze an account (TELL ME Sovereign, why you would connect a new debit card to a frozen account rather than the new account, with money in it [also tell me why, when I go in person to complain about this and tell you I don't owe you that stupid $47 in overdraft fees because bank error, you would choose to just do nothing]). So I kind of have no debts in collections, right? LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR ANYTHING SORRY

cryptolect (#1,135)

Ha! This is hilarious. The pedant in me, however, feels compelled to point out that it is spelled W-H-O-A.

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