Where My Freelancers At

Richard Florida presents, the urban areas with the highest percentage of freelance/contract workers:

1. Riverside, Calif.: 11.6%
2. Los Angeles, Calif.: 10.1%
3. Miami, Fla.: 9.3%
4. San Francisco, Calif.: 9%
5. Sacramento, Calif.: 8.4%
6. Portland, Ore.: 8.3%
7. San Diego, Calif.: 8.1%
8. Houston, Tex.: 7.8%
9. Nashville, Tenn. 7.7%
10. Memphis, Tenn.: 7.6%

The city with the lowest percentage of freelancers is Washington, DC (5.2%). I was part of the 10.1% in LA and the 8.3% in Portland, but I was one of the 91.9% in San Diego. E TU?


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Kind of surprised about that DC number. That means I must personally know, like, 1/3 of the freelancers in the whole city!

Alternative explanation: lots of private employers classify not-really-freelance jobs as freelance to save money, which the government and related contractors aren’t allowed to do, thus artificially inflating the numbers.

deepomega (#22)

@stuffisthings Correct.

deepomega (#22)

@deepomega (That said, the way contract work is defined by the IRS is absolutely absurd)

@deepomega Now, a moment of silence for all the CA tech workers getting six figures of 1099 income for their cloud app whatevers.


OK I’m over it!

(ETA: Glad to hear on previous thread that you set aside your estimated taxes already, btw)

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