Wait You Don’t Watch Hulu for the Commercials


I spend my commercial breaks thinking about how much more I would like the advertiser if they just … didn’t have ads. Maybe I’d even buy their product? If they were like, “Yo. We respect you. We know you just want to watch some TV on your phone. We’ll spare you watching our commercial six times. Cool.” Maybe I’d even tweet that? If it meant no ads? (Maybe not.) How can we crack this. There has to be another way. What is the other way.


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Mike Dang (#2)

Advertisers! Pay no attention to Logan—we love you! Come to us!

Slutface (#53)

Is it really that big of a deal to watch ads on Hulu? There’s two maybe three tops. That’s still a lot less than sitting through them on actual television. Not to mention, you’re watching for free (unless you have Hulu Plus of course).

AitchBee (#3,001)

Some company (although, as I can only remember them as “some company,” I suppose the strategy was of limited success) actually did this…maybe a year ago? I think the line was something like “enjoy your commercial-free video on us,” and I was like, “Thank you. I feel respected and appreciated as a consumer.”

I think you should be exempt from watching ads for products you already consume–my car insurance is through AllState, I have a Chase Freedom card, I shouldn’t have to listen to their pitches. Make it happen for me, Hulu…

@AitchBee I remember this as well, but I also can’t remember the company. I did appreciate it at the time.

Andie@twitter (#1,417)

@AitchBee Oh what would be the most kickass is if Hulu had a partnership with something like AllState or Chase Freedom – so if you’re paying for those, you sign in somehow and get certain shows without commercials. Like AllState could sponsor The Mindy Project and then we’d all be happy. People who have All State don’t have to sit through commercials and AllState gets a sponsorship position for people who don’t.

AlliNYC (#1,725)

@AitchBee My favorite episodes of anything are those with “limited commercial interruption, sponsored by BIG RICH CORPORATION.” Usually reserved for season premieres/finales on USA, but still.

bgprincipessa (#699)

Hulu ads don’t bother me too much. I appreciate what they do and they provide me with a service that I love, and they’re really not intrusive. What drives me nuts are the ads on CBS.com when you are watching a show – literally the same ad on loop 4x during the SAME break – and then it happens again with each commercial break.

Has anyone else noticed that if you mute your computer while listening to a Spotify ad, Spotify automatically pauses the commercial? Pretty damn smart.

faustbanana (#2,376)

@bgprincipessa Yup, I noticed that about Spotify, so I ponied up $4.99 a month for Unlimited. It’s not as nice as the next level (premium, I guess?) in that you can’t stream on mobile devices, but that doesn’t really apply to me. I get unlimited streaming on my laptop with no commercials. It’s pretty sweet. But I don’t connect it with my facebook… no one needs to know what goes down in my Spotify window.

littleoaks (#1,801)

Hulu’s ads used to be pretty minimal (one extra-long ad at the beginning, or maybe three scattered throughout), but they’ve really ramped it up in the last year or so, even for Hulu Plus. I liked how I used to be able to skip ahead to the last 10 minutes of the show that I fell asleep watching the night before (pretty common, let’s be real) and then maybe see one ad before watching the rest. Now you have to fast-forward through the whole show and rewatch every single ad AND get the Chase cashback song stuck in your head for the rest of your life.

bgprincipessa (#699)

@littleoaks I forgot about the ads in Hulu Plus. I had it for a while but got so fed up and canceled.

littleoaks (#1,801)

@bgprincipessa Yup. I like being able to watch every episode of a show and to stream via my TV, but if it gets much more ad-saturated, I’m gone.

I always click “this ad is relevant to me” for the ads I find entertaining and “not relevant to me” for the ones I don’t.

This is how I once got the ad for the bra-fitting show on Lifetime 5 times in a row.

readyornot (#816)

@cuminafterall were you watching Project Runway when you saw this ad?

@readyornot Nope, a k-drama. Marathoning k-dramas is also a great way to get the Toyota commercial featuring Lee Min Ho, which yowsa. Very, very relevant to me.

readyornot (#816)

@cuminafterall Ah ha. I was going to ask what you thought of the team format this season. Lee Min Ho, though, probably preferred to the bra-fitting show, whose existence I can’t even understand.

megsy (#1,565)

I don’t own a TV and stream everything I watch, generally through my iPad. Sitting through the commercials drives me insane.
I hate the show Mike & Molly. I’ve never seen it, but after watching a commercial for it dozens of times, not only can I quote the commercial but I have developed a burning hate.
The farmers at Hay West who loaded up trucks and brought hay to the west? Could have been a good story if I didn’t have to see it EIGHT MILLION TIMES. Ditto the woman whose father left Hong Kong to build a better life for them in Canada and watched hockey on Saturday nights to become a better Canadian.
The show Deception? Not only do I have the horrendous song in my head, the joy of seeing Jimmy Cooper quickly dissipated.
Or Motive, made in Canada and promising to spend an hour figuring out why the murderer killed the victim. Watching the commercial repeatedly could be motive enough!

“Yo, Hulu? This is Amalgamated Coca-Cola RJR Nabisco Pepsico Yum Ford Brands Incorporated Ltd. GmbH. Gimme, I dunno, 300 million impressions for next week. We’ve got some kind of new snack cracker or body spray or something, or maybe it’s a car, or, shit, was it a movie? Fuck if I know. Anyway, we’re gonna need those 600 million eyeballs. Huh? Targeting? Yeah, um, I dunno, humans, age 0-200. We’ll take the smarter apes too. Look it really doesn’t matter to us.

$300? Great, sounds good. Send us that invoice, we’ll try to get your check out in two or three years tops. Talk to you next week!”

readyornot (#816)

Maybe there are other ways. One would be integrated product placement, where all the kids on Gossip Girl are non-subtly using Bing all the time. And another would be premium commercial-free subscription channels. But I have a feeling none of us could stomach enough cheesily posed Coke guzzling or outrageously high monthly fees to pay for the television we now consume on the commercial model. So I guess a third way is: fewer television programs.

pearl (#153)

I don’t have Hulu Plus because i can’t stand the idea of there being commercials for something I pay for, especially movies and British shows. I couldn’t abide watching Wild Strawberries or something and having it interrupted by a 5 Hour Energy ad.

I’ve been wondering about this for a while, especially now that Netflix produced original programming without commercials. So let me get this straight, Hulu: I pay AND I have to watch ads? It’s true that Netflix doesn’t have a lot of the most recent/most popular movies and shows available for streaming, but it’s hard to see what distinguishes Hulu Plus from the OnDemand feature I already get from my cable company.

RachelG8489 (#1,297)

@swampette@twitter I don’t have cable, but I have an Apple TV. Paying $8 a month for Hulu Plus means that I get to stream everything off Hulu the day after it airs on my TV, as opposed to a week later on my laptop. It’s worth it for me because Netflix + Hulu Plus and the one-time cost of the Apple TV is a hell of a lot less expensive than cable, but I can’t imagine having Hulu Plus if I had cable with OnDemand.

Jenn@twitter (#2,325)

My biggest problem with the ads on Hulu is the repetition. I watched NY-LON (which everyone should because it’s awesome), only 7 episodes, I think I watched that Vodka commercial where they are in the future and racing greyhounds via DJs at least 30 times. I was so annoyed by the end that I’ll buy any kind of vodka EXCEPT that one.

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