Things to Watch This Weekend

Criterion Collection is making all of their films available for free on Hulu this weekend. I asked our film pal Adam Freelander to recommend a few to watch. Here’s seven suggestions:

Foreign Correspondent (1940) – Amazing Hitchcock adventure movie that has one of the best lines in all of cinema: “If you knew how much I loved you you’d faint.”

My Dinner With Andre (1981) – A movie of two people talking for 2 hours which is actually kind of enthralling and fascinating?

Shock Corridor (1963) – One of the best and craziest movies by Sam Fuller; I think it takes place in a mental institution.

The War Room (1993) – Doc about Carville and Stephanopolous on the ’92 Clinton campaign.

Zero de Conduite (1933) – Short French film about children who rebel against their teachers? I haven’t seen this is a very long time.

Down By Law (1986) – Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Roberto Benigni.

Knife in the Water (1962) – Roman Polanski’s first feature (and the only one he made before leaving Poland). As good as Chinatown or Rosemary’s Baby.


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faustbanana (#2,376)

Also try:

Children of Paradise (1945) – a lavish production shot during the Nazi occupation of France, featuring French starlet and HBIC Arletty. She was later charged with treason for having an affair with a German officer. On this, she famously quipped “My heart is French, but my ass is international.” Good movie too.

Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) – You will cry at the end of this film about a donkey.

I was excited about this this morning, but did a bit more research to find it’s not all of the Criterion Collection. It’s all of Hulu’s selection of Criterion Collection (which is still an awesome number of movies). Was hoping to binge on some steamy dreamy Douglas Sirk this weekend. NO DICE.

Watch ‘Au Revoir Les Enfants’, though. That’s definitely on there.

From reading the Wikipedia synopsis, I can just imagine the pitch meeting for Knife in the Water “It’s like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf… on a boat!”

Marissa (#467)

Wow, I wish I didn’t have fun plans tomorrow so I could hole up in bed with Hulu all day. This is awesome! I’ll be treating myself to a marathon on Sunday.

pawnknee (#2,911)

Ha, most of these are already in my queue! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get through my entire list :(

BCarlson (#3,206)

Tunes of Glory. That is all.

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