The Future Is Going to Be Awesome and Terrifying

1. Awesome.

2. Terrifying.

That battery technology—for the bug sized ones that fly around on their own forever—is ten years away, according to this Nat Geo piece. The bigger stuff? Here, now. This dude knows what’s up: “How does one begin to work out how a world like this will function, when every operational assumption about security and privacy risk management (and thus the intellectual foundation for all our human rights) collapses almost overnight?”


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I’m sure that when, say, Cuba builds a drone and uses it to blow up an Alpha 66 member driving through downtown Miami during rush-hour, along with a few bystanders, we will suddenly discover that we were mistaken about what international law does and does not allow re: drone strikes in foreign territory.

Because right now there is literally no distinction between that scenario and what we are doing in Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere.

Fig. 1 (#632)

Good to know that balding men in white vans will still be considered a threat in 10 years.

@Fig. 1 Yeah I wasn’t sure if that guy was supposed to be an Al Qaeda member or a pedophile.

Brucewayne (#6,096)

That is indeed a terrific video. It seems like the future is certainly going to be awesome. The inevitable growth of technology is a hint to that. New technologies are surprising us every day. I can’t imagine what is it going to be in the future. signs of pregnancy !!

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