Quite Used to It

Thom Yorke talked to Esquire, and I dig this scene a lot: “When I was a student, my bank used to cut off my credit card all the time. I could never seem to stop bouncing checks. I was always on the phone with the bank. It was a very satisfying day after I signed a big record deal, when I went to the bank and paid off all my debts. The banker came across the desk to shake my hand and I told him to fuck off. How did he react? I think he was quite used to it.”


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deepomega (#22)

Poor banker.

MaxBraverman (#3,273)

@deepomega Yeah, that’s a pretty dick move. It’s not the bank managers fault York was irresponsible with his money.

tegrr (#3,285)

Compared to banks that were preying on financially irresponsible people by constantly offering them more and more credit that would never be paid off, his bank seemed to be doing the right thing by cutting him off. Good for them.

josefinastrummer (#1,850)

This made me laugh. I don’t know about in England but there are a few bankers in the U.S. I wouldn’t mind saying this to. And I’ve never even bounced a check.

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